Jamaican Holocaust

Jamaican Holocaust

When I read this story i could only think of one thing- the Holocaust. In this country the inhumanity is bad enough. What is deafening is the silence- silence from the authorities, from the leaders, from the churches, the community , the village. The cries and wailing from friends and loved ones on the loss of their beloved member is matching the haunting sounds of the Jews and Africans in their time of Holocaust.
Jamaicans are not free. They are not emancipated. They are not independent thinkers or doers. An independent country means just that- Independent..free to think, act, do what is right for the country and people. It means setting in place a society where all men and women enjoy a right , their common human right to live, to work, to better health care, education, transportation, communication, science, technology, economy, housing. The right to their choice of religion, politics, sexuality, marriage, That is what independence means. But when we savagely kill another for expressing his right and we remain silent, we pretend as if it didn’t happen, we think that we have solved a problem, we have lost every right to be recognized as an Independent nation.
Jamaican citizenship is not a precious commodity. When we kill our own for whatever reason then our citizenship is as baseless as the perpetrator. That is why so many Jamaicans leave this country- because their citizenship has no value, no meaning, no independence. And so we wake and face another story of death by association of sexuality.

Man’s inhumanity to man is as old as humanity itself. Some people just do evil things. Most do not. The people that read this are either saddened or thoroughly entertained and inspired. To those people who see it as tragic I can only imagine what is going through your mind. Yes it is jamaica your sweet island home. And for those who are laughing and parading signs of bravado I only have one question… is killing this youngster making you or Jamaica any more closer to answer the question..are you proud of yourself, are you proud of being a Jamaican? Because if your answer is yes, then we are better prepared to deal with the future , because how terrible and doomed the present is.



DIONNE WARWICK- a lady of Sheer Class






Today the great singer/performer Dionne Warwick made a statement on her official Facebook page joining Stevie Wonder not to perform in Florida and all other States that have the ‘Stand your Ground Laws”. I applaud Ms. Warwick for her stance as she understands that Unity is a force that can move mountains. This may look like a simple or even a won’t make a difference move but fortunately it isn’t. When there is unity, there is strength. This simple concept is never really understood by many and sometimes they learn their lessons the hard way. But if all recording artiste, and I mean ALL, take the stance and NOT perform in Florida and all those other states then you will see what UNITY can do. You will see the power of entertainment manifested by a few and channeled through the people that are most affected , the end user. If change must come. it must come from the people, the very ones that created the Stand your ground laws. It is the people that must change and gladly entertainment is still the only force that can move people to change. Unlike politics entertainment has no boundaries, no color, no class and no race. My hats off to you Ms Warwick, once again you have proven to be a lady of sheer class.  See her statement below. 


It has been a while (i know) so i will try to make up for lost time………….we are still on tour and it seems as if it will never end………..is it me or is the world getting LARGER???……….all is going very well we have been to Iceland where nobody told it that it is SUMMER….it truly lives up to its name……..from there we went to Poland and again SUMMER eluded there too……….we are now in SWELTERING JAPAN but it is a welcome change and we head for Manila in the morning…………i am in the process of recording a duets cd and it has been wonderful working with my peers and a few very talented young stars……….i will keep those who participated a secret for the time being but will fill you in once all of the recording has been done………i think you will be rather surprised but very pleased when i drop the names of those on the project……i am certain most if not all of you have been bombarded with CNN and the news of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial and i must say i was stunned at the verdict of NOT GUILTY……..it took a while for this to settle in my brain since Zimmerman admitted killing this youngster………my very dear friend Stevie Wonder has decided to keep his incredible talent from those states that carry the “Stand Your Ground” law here in the United States (30) of them and i am going to join him as i feel as seriously concerned as he does that we have to start caring more about each other and conversing with regard to the values we ALL should share with regards to our lives and the well being of each other………….it’s really a shame that we feel the need to have to carry a weapon to feel safe around each other………….i will miss those states that have supported my career for these past 50 years but i feel absolutely compelled to show solidarity with Stevie showing him he is not alone in feeling the way he does……….we in the entertainment world have always been the ones who looked at PEACEFUL WAYS THROUGH OUR MUSIC and again i feel the absence of our MUSIC in those places that in reality have (in my opinion) no true regard for the preservation of life, and equality for all RACES, CREEDS, RELIGIONS, AND COLORS should take a step FORWARD, not BACKWARD and realize, as i was taught, WE ARE ALL HERE FOR THE PURPOSE OF TAKING CARE OF ONE ANOTHER and not to bring DISPARE AND HARM………..please know that this is my TRUE feeling and hope we can as the song says “PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN OUR HEARTS” please continue to take good care of yourselves and know that i truly LOVE ALL OF YOU.



If you care..then you must read this and share

I am on an awareness campaign today. My good friend has Renal failure and needs a kidney fast. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have. Please share this on your timeline. If its the only thing you do today. Please share this!


Hello everyone – My name is Richard Nixon (no, seriously; that is my name 🙂 ) And I have End Renal Failure. Please take a minute or two to visit my blog and watch my petition video.

I am raising awareness on how early detection can prevent kidney failure for you and your loved ones. Please visit the kidney foundation website for early detection tips and recommended diets, the living organ donor database, and If you never heard about the Matching Donors program, visit their website and check them out.

End Renal Failure has changed my life completely, I was a very active young man; played soccer, went to the gym and did track and field, but, all that is physically impossible for me now. I have found out that the most needed quality for success is having the right attitude to your illness- not letting it get the best of you, never give up, do what you can to stay busy and always think positive. Even though I am waiting on a kidney transplant, I try my very best to be a mentor to my fellow dialysis buddies: I volunteer at the hospital, participate in the kidney walks and organized a support group that meets once a week to discuss what each of us is going through in our lives.

I know that if I can get a kidney, I could do so much more!Image

much love,

MY IMPRESSIONS OF CUDDY’Z SPORTS BAR- ummm more work needed!


It was 6:30pm. We were sitting in the New Kingston shopping plaza for an hour and wanted a drink. One of the participants sand we should go down to Cuddyz . I was surprised and said ‘of course let’s go” . I did not know Cuddyz’ was so close and  I am an admirer of Courtney Walsh. 

On reaching the place I realized that i had actually passed the place several times but had no inclination to venture in as you could not tell it was a sports bar. Of course the nice glass decal was eye catching, an oversized pic of a football stadium but it could have been an artistic glass cover for a renovation of sorts. Tonight I looked up and saw the word ..in small font..cuddyz! I was not impressed.

We opened the door and an elderly gentleman opened the door from the inside and then closed it behind us. Maybe my expectations were too high but I would have preferred a smiling beautiful VERY ATTRACTIVE young lady as opposed to daddy! No problems with Dad, just a preference.

We waited , and waited no one to greet the party of 5. Finally after some 5 minutes, a young lady came over with menus in hand. 5 minutes waiting for service is like an hour waiting on a train to show up. Maybe she was busy attending to other customers but the acknowledgment that we came in was not there.  We told her we wanted just drinks and she politely showed us to the bar. 

The bartender, casually dressed with shirt out of pants , a button down shirt so he actually looks undressed, came over and asked for our order but we wanted to take in the place first- feel the vibe and look at the selections so we opted to wait.

The bar was nicely stocked. Beers were visible and so too was the premium top shelf liquor. The bartender didn’t offer us a bar menu as I guess there was one placed on the bar top so if you did not see it you were on your own. The room had a dining area, there was another entrance to the bar on the far side with another door handler.

Now there are some things that you must find in a sports bar. They are like the Holy Grail of the sports bar business. One of the most important prop in a sports bar is the “man toy” you offer for the sports junkies that come to the bar. What are these man toys? LARGE and I mean LARGE screen TV all around the room offering different games so a guy can revel in the bar like a kid in a candy shop. TVs were present, some with bad reception and a projector that should have been off as the projection was so poor you wondered why did they take it from Noah’s arc? Cricket was the main feature on most of the TV’s with one showing the American Baseball all star game and another a football game. TV must be right in a sports bar. The patron is in his virtual stadium. He IS there at the game. So if nothing else is working, make sure all your TVs are working and giving HD reception.

Table games- maybe a snooker table somewhere or some small felt table to play table games, in other words have some BAR GAMES. It gives the sports buffer whose team is loosing something to take his mind off the game. Did not see and we did not bother to ask.

Another necessity is GOOD SOUND- we saw some ugly boxes in the roof somewhere but they were off! no vibes, no energy, nothing to make your blood pump and this is a sports bar! You don’t want to walk into a sports bar and the noise you hear is the tinker and clatter of plates of other patrons eating the food. We have enough of those types. You want to hear good noise. noise from the TV channels and from the crowd that is gathered. And as for music….well let’s just say it was like it seemed like they did not want to wake the baby!

Speaking of food that was good- good choices and clever names. Service was a bit slow but they redeemed themselves in that area.

Comfortable seating is a must in any sports bar unless you want to get your patrons out and you put in dreadful seats. But sports bar patrons are not your average 45 minute customer. He is there for at least 2  hours so make him comfortable. The bar stools were a 5 out of 10.

Finally I asked to go to the mens room. If you want to know if a place is classy, check out the rest rooms. Well it was clean, well appointed with modern fixtures. The smell could have been better but overall I gave it a 7 out of 10.

My first time to Cuddyz but hopefully not my last. Maybe it was a bad night – a Monday night what can you expect? Well let me tell you what to expect – you should expect the same upbeat vibe and energy if not created by the crowd certainly by the staff. This was not so. Seems like we walked into a restaurant, any restaurant. The difference between this and a morgue is that this one had  liquor. 

Cuddyz is located at the New Kingston Shopping Center. Check it out if you are ever in the city. You may get a better first time experience than I did. 






Zimmerman Juror Tells Anderson Cooper That Some Wanted To Convict Initially

Only the US can create such melodrama. Not even 24 hours since the verdict and the postmortems, the book deals , the movie deals are flying off the pages! It is scenes like this that puts Capitalism at its worst. Capitalism knows only one color: that color is green; all else is necessarily subservient to it, hence, race, gender and ethnicity cannot be considered within it….in the face of a death of a youngsters’ life all you here is …KA CHING!
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George Zimmerman Not Guilty: Jury Lets Trayvon Martin Killer Go

I cannot say I am surprised with the verdict. When you have a ‘Stand your Ground’ law being challenged you are going to have a hard time fighting that in court. In essence the case was not about the brutal death of TM but rather was the law broken, period. It was not according to the jury. Make no mistake about it – an innocent life was killed by a trigger happy wanna be vigilante who had very little regard for this kid. Was racism the real cause of TM death? You sure bet it was. No one will admit it because it is the wrong thing to say America. GZ had very little regard for the youngster and his bigotry dehumanized him and with the confrontation between them the perfect storm was created. TM was denied his humanity, his dignity and his personhood. That is what GZ is guilty of.
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