Jamaican Holocaust

Jamaican Holocaust

When I read this story i could only think of one thing- the Holocaust. In this country the inhumanity is bad enough. What is deafening is the silence- silence from the authorities, from the leaders, from the churches, the community , the village. The cries and wailing from friends and loved ones on the loss of their beloved member is matching the haunting sounds of the Jews and Africans in their time of Holocaust.
Jamaicans are not free. They are not emancipated. They are not independent thinkers or doers. An independent country means just that- Independent..free to think, act, do what is right for the country and people. It means setting in place a society where all men and women enjoy a right , their common human right to live, to work, to better health care, education, transportation, communication, science, technology, economy, housing. The right to their choice of religion, politics, sexuality, marriage, That is what independence means. But when we savagely kill another for expressing his right and we remain silent, we pretend as if it didn’t happen, we think that we have solved a problem, we have lost every right to be recognized as an Independent nation.
Jamaican citizenship is not a precious commodity. When we kill our own for whatever reason then our citizenship is as baseless as the perpetrator. That is why so many Jamaicans leave this country- because their citizenship has no value, no meaning, no independence. And so we wake and face another story of death by association of sexuality.

Man’s inhumanity to man is as old as humanity itself. Some people just do evil things. Most do not. The people that read this are either saddened or thoroughly entertained and inspired. To those people who see it as tragic I can only imagine what is going through your mind. Yes it is jamaica your sweet island home. And for those who are laughing and parading signs of bravado I only have one question… is killing this youngster making you or Jamaica any more closer to answer the question..are you proud of yourself, are you proud of being a Jamaican? Because if your answer is yes, then we are better prepared to deal with the future , because how terrible and doomed the present is.



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