New year begins but it is still a continuation
What is new about the new year?
A change in the number
Anyone can do that
A child does that in kindergarten
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

A world compartmentalized by economies, race, religion, color,
One world but so many nations
Each breathing their own air of justice and human rights
Do we live on one planet , the human planet Or is it just individual interpretations of human existence? Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

This place called Earth we come to know as our dwelling, our birthright Given to us by the Almighty to be fruitful and multiply
We have made it our individual playground
Creating Kings, Queens, Presidents and Chiefs
Wealthy , super wealthy and something called the Middle Class
Created a class of people marginalized and brainwashed to think little of themselves Thinking they are not worth of love, care, affection
The devaluation of man to create value for the wealthy
Man created these experiences
But on whose directives, on whose authority
What gives Man the right to claim land of the Almighty his personal prize Who tells him to carve out races and class To set nations above nations, people above people, First world, second world , third world what about One World?
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

Wars for land, whose name is written on it?
They fight for wealth race and religion They hang, they maim, they burn , they crucify
Whoever differs from an individual thought is killed or marginalized
The irony of human existence Man Kills to Live One half is obese and another half starving Some allowed to die so others can live Killed or be killed the human theme of life
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

Man has used his infinite graces
To master the fruits of life
Science, Transportation, Communication
Medical, Social, Musical, Theatrical. Urban
But still these fruits are selectively given and
Grudgingly received
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

Where is it written that life will be like this
One of contrast, sorrow, fair and joy?
Where is it written that some will live abundantly
And some will die horrifically?
By whose hand was man given the authority
To choose who lives and who dies
Who eat and who doesn’t
Who works and who doesn’t
Who is wealthy and who doesn’t
Which evil force decides the fate of man?
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

And yet in the silence
In every Man’s heart
There lies a voice that says to him
As rich as you are or as poor as you think are Whether gluttonous or starving
As educated as you are or as stupid as you think you can be
As religious you are or a heretic as you call yourself to be
You will return to where you came
To the world of ethereal souls
Where wealth, poverty, war, commerce
And all the trappings of human existence
Does not exist
A place where in the silence of his own existence
He speaks not, he thinks not
He sings not, he dances not
He worships not, He loves not
Floating in space,
A soul that has No nation, No color
No religion, No wealth
No hate or No feelings
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed.

Paul Tomlinson(c) 2014



Today I share the link of the New Years message of Michael Manley who was then the Opposition leader in 1972. Listening to his words now it is not only timely it is also prophetic. Every word he speaks rings true 42 years later. It is a simply truth, Jamaica has NOT moved towards a hegemonic society of oneness and collective nation building.  This Jamaican society is still in its infancy of determining who we are as a nation, despite examples of social ascendency and positive upliftment in the international arena. A nation that has led in many Caribbean thrusts and initiatives we have abandoned the leadership role to one of international beggar.

Nation building cannot be seen entirely  in terms of economic growth, or how we control our crime. It cannot only be seen as how many graduates we produce  or schools we have. It cannot be gauged by our medical , financial  or tourism industry. Our infrastructure, our communication capabilities, our sporting achievements are not the only guidelines either. True nation building happens when every Jamaican can flourish economically, socially and spiritually opening up his country to visitors to come experience what he is experiencing – a form of human utopia because as he lives, his country lives, as he survives, his country survives, as he laughs his country laughs. It is creating a Jamaica with a purpose. It is defining what it means to be a Jamaican, defining our moral and religious conscience. It is defining our own way forward and collectively believing and working towards positive upliftment for everyone – every man, woman and child that speaks our language.  It is defining  Jamaica in its human form. That is nation building. Unless we stop and begin to act like leaders and thinkers, this country will continue to see riots of economic upheaval, social disunity and collective indiscipline and backwardness on the plantation.

You can listen to the excerpt by clicking on the link or read the transcript below. Enjoy.

Opposition Leader – MICHAEL MANLEY – Jan 1, 1972. 

First of all, what sort of society are we really trying to build in Jamaica? What are the ideals that should guide us at this time?


When I think back to the time of Independence, I believe that people expected that there would be a great coming together, a great sense of everyone about to share and make a contribution to a great adventure.

But I don’t think that this has happened. Rather, I think that we find ourselves more divided now than ever in Jamaica. I think if there’s one challenge above all else that faces us right now, it is how to mobilize, how to recapture a sense of national unity, how to capture the forces that strengthen us, rather than those that divide us.

We, in Jamaica, have always suffered from a tendency to look outside for help, to look to other people, other nations for ideas about our problems. We will never build a great Jamaica this way.


The second of the great challenges that face us in Jamaica now is how to develop a sense of self-reliance, how cultivate a real national self-respect. Then again we have the problem that, over the last few years, and particularly recently, I think there’s an increasing tendency for those who lead in Jamaican affairs to lead with arrogance rather than humility. I do not believe we ever be able to mobilize the Jamaican people that way. I think that all those who claim to lead must recognise that if you are to mobilize the Jamaican people to great effort, to create a sense of a common agenda; that we have got to walk with the people, rather than ahead of the people, looking back. And there I think lies the third great challenge of the next ten years.

In recent times, our people have been under great pressure; they have suffered considerably. And I notice that we have tended to be very preoccupied with material things; we have tended to take comfort in statistics. One hears of all the great statistics of the growth of the economy, the national income and that sort of thing. I think that rather than take comfort in figures, that it is time that we begin to remember that there are many people in Jamaica who have nothing from which they can take comfort, except hope.

In the next ten years, of course we must be concerned with figures and economic growth; of course we must press on all the processes by which the economy can grow. But our efforts must be backed by a more genuine, a more real concern for people. I think that we have to remember that if the individual does not benefit from growth, then the growth is in vain and if all do not find a level at which they can share in growth, then growth is in vain.


The idea of sharing is nothing new to Jamaicans. When people are poor, for example in a yard, they survive by sharing. Those who have today, share, without thinking, without questioning. They share with those who have nothing. And those who have nothing today have a day in the future when they have something and then they do not grudge to share with those who have nothing at the time.

This kindness; this instinctive generosity; this generosity towards another human being is I think one of the greatest and most enduring and valid features of Jamaican life. I think all those who would govern Jamaica in the future, who have it in mind to govern Jamaica in the future, would do well to place their governance on the kind of instinctive principle that has made this concept of sharing the means by which the Jamaican people have endured over the last hundred years and more.

And then also we must learn to care! During the last ten years, I think that we have been far too willing to take poverty for granted, to take unemployment for granted, to take the pressure of the cost of living for granted, to take suffering for granted.

We have lived with these problems for so long that sometimes one feels that our consciences are almost beyond outrage. But we must commit ourselves to caring, we must be capable of moral outrage! We must be capable of caring; caring for the poor, the aged, the handicapped, the children, all the disadvantaged and the disinherited people of our country.

And this concern must not only be the genuine but charitable concern of a few, rather it must be the expression of the aroused conscience of a nation, of a whole society, above all, of a humane society.

For too long, I think we have been content to leave our Christian principles at the church door, at the end of the service. I think that the time has come when everybody must take their Christian principles beyond the service and out into the streets with us, as if it were the basic standard, the living standard that we apply to every political decision that we take and to every social problem that we tackle.

And so, as I speak to you… at the beginning of this New Year… I commend you to look at the past so that you may learn its lessons, but not to become over preoccupied with it. Rather, I suggest that you turn to the future, to grasp the opportunities for great achievement, even greatness itself. Because all this lies before us. Because our future can be one of great hope and ideals achieved. It can be a future, not only of material prosperity, but above all, of spiritual fulfillment, a future in which we can all share, we can all freely express our God given talents and work together for the good of the country, the welfare of our people and to bring together the true promise of Independence.

So let it be written ,so let it be done.




I read the piece and ML King would have concerns  on certain social and economic standards that exist in the Black community but the difference is he would not just be talking about it he would be leading the charge and so he did and what did he achieve – his death. That’s the difference between his leadership  and now. You see MLK knew he had a calling , he knew WHY he was born. not to be rich, not to be famous but to die for what he believed in. How many present day so-called leaders KNOW why they are here? The politicians are hopelessly corrupt, the wealthy black men that can make a difference are too busy making money at the expense of the blacks, the family unit is in shock so crime prevails and as for the religious leaders- well the least say about them the better.

How many will lead in the face of threats? We can count on one hand.  Yes there have been progress-but look at the cost. Our own people kill each other,  grudge each other, back stab each other  and that has gone on before King and certainly after King. King could not have stopped that. He would fight for the killers and back stabbers because he is a leader and leaders don’t choose who to lead.!

What does that say about our society. It is a flawed entity made from sin and no one person or thought (Christianity & other religions) will ever create the perfect society. Religion and leaders  controls some of the people some of the times.  The black man’s weakness of morals and unity among each other is his constant. What is also constant is every generation there comes a true leader that will take us further to the utopia.

So the writer , like all of us frustrated beings should be  patient and don’t use the  MLK experience to draw any comparisons. It’s the same people, but 2 different worlds, cultures and morals.

Coming generations will learn slowly but surely what MLK meant in his “I Have A Dream speech”. MLK generation had their war. So too  is our generation. We must keep marching. We must keep hoping. We must carry on.




“AKWANTU” is the documentary of a special set of Jamaicans whose triumphs have been drowned in the noise of history. The story tells of the historic victory of a set of slaves ,at the time less than 50, over the mighty British Army in Jamaica to gain their freedom. They were called the Maroons.

A British governor signed a treaty promising them 2,500 acres in two locations, because they presented a threat to the British.

Beginning in the late 17th century, Jamaican Maroons fought British colonists to a draw and eventually signed treaties in the 18th century that effectively freed them over 50 years before the abolition of the slave trade in 1807.

To this day, the Jamaican Maroons are to a significant extent autonomous and separate from Jamaican society. The physical isolation used to their advantage by their ancestors has today led to their communities remaining among the most inaccessible on the island. In their largest town, Accompong, in the parish of St. Elizabeth, the Leeward Maroons still possess a vibrant community of about 600. Tours of the village are offered to foreigners and a large festival is put on every January 6 to commemorate the signing of the peace treaty with the British after the First Maroon War.

It is a fascinating story of the Jamaican Maroons and their victory. They could only accomplish this through UNITY -nothing else. Its a pity we have not learned anything from history except that where there is no unity there is no strength.

We will keep you posted on this story but for now educate yourself on this historic group of people- the Maroons of Jamaica.

DIONNE WARWICK- a lady of Sheer Class






Today the great singer/performer Dionne Warwick made a statement on her official Facebook page joining Stevie Wonder not to perform in Florida and all other States that have the ‘Stand your Ground Laws”. I applaud Ms. Warwick for her stance as she understands that Unity is a force that can move mountains. This may look like a simple or even a won’t make a difference move but fortunately it isn’t. When there is unity, there is strength. This simple concept is never really understood by many and sometimes they learn their lessons the hard way. But if all recording artiste, and I mean ALL, take the stance and NOT perform in Florida and all those other states then you will see what UNITY can do. You will see the power of entertainment manifested by a few and channeled through the people that are most affected , the end user. If change must come. it must come from the people, the very ones that created the Stand your ground laws. It is the people that must change and gladly entertainment is still the only force that can move people to change. Unlike politics entertainment has no boundaries, no color, no class and no race. My hats off to you Ms Warwick, once again you have proven to be a lady of sheer class.  See her statement below. 


It has been a while (i know) so i will try to make up for lost time………….we are still on tour and it seems as if it will never end……… it me or is the world getting LARGER???……….all is going very well we have been to Iceland where nobody told it that it is SUMMER….it truly lives up to its name……..from there we went to Poland and again SUMMER eluded there too……….we are now in SWELTERING JAPAN but it is a welcome change and we head for Manila in the morning…………i am in the process of recording a duets cd and it has been wonderful working with my peers and a few very talented young stars……….i will keep those who participated a secret for the time being but will fill you in once all of the recording has been done………i think you will be rather surprised but very pleased when i drop the names of those on the project……i am certain most if not all of you have been bombarded with CNN and the news of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial and i must say i was stunned at the verdict of NOT GUILTY…… took a while for this to settle in my brain since Zimmerman admitted killing this youngster………my very dear friend Stevie Wonder has decided to keep his incredible talent from those states that carry the “Stand Your Ground” law here in the United States (30) of them and i am going to join him as i feel as seriously concerned as he does that we have to start caring more about each other and conversing with regard to the values we ALL should share with regards to our lives and the well being of each other………….it’s really a shame that we feel the need to have to carry a weapon to feel safe around each other………….i will miss those states that have supported my career for these past 50 years but i feel absolutely compelled to show solidarity with Stevie showing him he is not alone in feeling the way he does……….we in the entertainment world have always been the ones who looked at PEACEFUL WAYS THROUGH OUR MUSIC and again i feel the absence of our MUSIC in those places that in reality have (in my opinion) no true regard for the preservation of life, and equality for all RACES, CREEDS, RELIGIONS, AND COLORS should take a step FORWARD, not BACKWARD and realize, as i was taught, WE ARE ALL HERE FOR THE PURPOSE OF TAKING CARE OF ONE ANOTHER and not to bring DISPARE AND HARM………..please know that this is my TRUE feeling and hope we can as the song says “PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN OUR HEARTS” please continue to take good care of yourselves and know that i truly LOVE ALL OF YOU.