So you think you can pack? Not so fast. I for one hate packing but whenever I have to go on that trip, I go through the ritual of picking out, deciding if I want to take item, take out the suitcase and then go through the god awful human experience of packing. I don’t like packing. period.  As a matter of fact I know of a few people that actually like packing . Who are these people, are they from another planet?  I read this piece from the Business Insider and I thought I would share it with you. For those who are very good at it, maybe you can learn something new. And for those who like me hate it, it only opens up a whole new world of opportunities . Enjoy.

By Jennifer Polland


Space compressible plastic bags are amazing. Just put your clothing in the plastic bag and roll it up tight, pushing excess air out of the clothes. To make sure you’re really getting the most out of your space, roll clothing first, then put the rolled-up items inside the bags. Rolling clothes, rather than folding them, minimizes wrinkling and allows for more clothes to be packed.

Ziploc makes large reusable bags that are perfect for packing: you can use them for anything from clothing to toiletries. Always pack a few extras.

2. Invest in wrinkle-free clothing.

Inevitably, your suitcase will get tossed while traveling and your clothes will get crumpled. Avoid looking like a schlub and buy yourself some wrinkle-free clothing. Jos. A. Bank makes a line of wrinkle-free dress shirts, called the Traveler’s Collection, so you can still look your best while traveling out of a suitcase.

Put a rolled-up belt inside your shirt collar.


3. Put a rolled-up belt inside your shirt collar to keep it stiff.

What’s the point of having a wrinkle-free dress shirt if it doesn’t hold its shape? Keep your shirt collar stiff by placing a rolled up belt inside the neck opening of your shirt.

4. Use rolled-up socks as shoe trees.

Don’t waste the valuable space inside your shoes. Put rolled-up socks inside your shoes to help them preserve their shape inside your suitcase.

5. Cover the soles of shoes with shower caps.

Placing shower caps over the soles of dirty shoes will prevent the dirt on your shoes from touching the other items in your suitcase, keeping the inside of your bag clean.

6. Place shoes foot-to-toe in the bottom of your suitcase.

Heavy items, like shoes, should be placed near the wheels of the suitcase. This saves space and makes sure that your suitcase is properly balanced.


7. Double-bag toiletries to prevent spills.

If a bottle of lotion or shampoo spills inside your suitcase, it can be a catastrophe. Make sure that doesn’t happen by always packing liquids and gels inside their own plastic bags — and then put that plastic bag inside another plastic bag. Take it one step further and cover the bottle openings with cellophane before putting the caps back on.


8. Put a binder clip over a razor.

A large binder clip will preserve your razor blade and prevent you from getting nicked.

9. Pack empty tote bags for dirty laundry and souvenirs.

Stash an empty, lightweight tote bag inside your suitcase for souvenirs and dirty laundry. And make sure to leave room in your suitcase so that if you do bring home extras, your bag won’t be cramped for space.

10. Tackle suitcase odors with dryer sheets

Place a dryer sheet inside a pocket in your suitcase to ensure that your clean clothes don’t take on the odors of the dirty ones. Added bonus: dryer sheets can also make smelly shoes fresh.
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The Jamaican government has finally done something for the people it serves. In our backward political system the Disabilities Act has been tabled finally putting into law the end of discrimination and ensuring the civil rights and equal opportunity for people with disabilities. You can ask yourself, why has it taken so long?  But before you ask such a question you have to remember that this is Jamaica where the only thing that goes with any modicum of swiftness is a police officer writing a traffic ticket.

The history of the path to full citizenship  of the Disabled began back in  1981  when the impotent United Nations declared something called  the UN “Decade of Disabled Persons”. In 1987, a global meeting of “experts” recommended that the UN General Assembly should draft an international convention on the elimination of discrimination against persons with disabilities. The political ‘experts’ were as usual on opposing sides of the debate  as some saw the disabled as having a fair path in society while others thought otherwise. Politicians are always very good at arguing for people and issues they have no knowledge or ever experienced what the people they are debating go through.

It was not until December 2006 that the Treaty was finally ratified at the UN level, signed by the member countries except for a few,notably our big friend to the North and the Act came into effect in 2008. But individual governments had to initiate their own Act for their own country and it is to this that Jamaica had its own internal fights trying to convince the naysayers that disabled persons are people just like the able bodied people and not a sector of society that only gets help through  ad hoc charitable events. They just do things differently, through no fault of their own.

imgresJamaica, this little island in the sun has an intrinsic cultural flaw in its DNA. We laugh at anyone that looks different , speaks differently  or acts differently. I remember as a child numerous persons were ridiculed by us kids because we were ignorant. We may get some scolding but really it was not that serious. Our society, including the Government,   look down on persons with disabilities with disdain and one blatant example is look at how we design our buildings, our schools, our churches, our apartmentS, whatever. Public places were not designed to accommodate persons with disabilities. In recent years there have been some improvement but it was not a national policy and if it was it was never enforced.  Which brings me to the crux of the matter, enforcement.

Its not that we don’t have laws on the books that point to numerous inadequacies and discrimination in Jamaica. It is a fact that we do not enforce laws, period. The political experts will huff and puff and promise to blow your house down if you are caught breaking the law but is he enforcing the law? In a country that is still governed by who is who, where do you live, who are your parents, who do you know, what are your political connections,  law enforcement comes down to these questions. It is therefore a travesty to think that this law will have any effect for the people it serves.

I hate to bring the hopes and aspirations of  the disabled community to this simple fact but we have to face the brutal truth. We know the animal we are dealing with. Jamaica does not have the infrastructure in place to effectively and justifiably ensure that the disabled persons will achieve the civil rights they deserve.  It is encouraging that some business have started to make a change before the Act was even tabled and some buildings now provide coded access for the disabled. It is also encouraging  that the Combined Disabilities Association has not stopped fighting for their rights but this association has little bite in their bark and will need funds to establish an effective lobby to sustain its ideals.   But the Jamaican population needs its own lobby to understand and change the cultural perception that being different means you are an outcast and a puppet for ridicule. And this is just one piece of the pie. There are other persons and organizations whose civil rights are violated in this country so whiter them?

There is no reason for Jamaica to pull its feet in joining the rest of the civilised world in ensuring its people enjoy human and civil rights. If the reason is our culture, well that can change if we want to change. As we move from 2104  and beyond our government , teachers and businesses  must ensure the people of Jamaica  are not left lagging behind the vast knowledge of information and social rebirth. We simply cannot be an island with backward thinking people in 2020  giving ourselves a reason for our backwardness by calling it a ‘third world’ problem. We choose to be ignorant to civil rights because we want to be ignorant. We choose not to extend civil rights to other members of the society because we still live under a system of white supremacy , failing to develop our own strategies like the white man did to ensure his society move ahead as one, educated and  informed and through time and action become a so called first world nation. Our politicians are not our leaders to this promised land, this land of equality for all. We have to do it ourselves, together, with one aim, one purpose.

A reporter once asked a noted intellectual Asian to address the concerns of the Black man and his existence. Here is his response:

The INTERVIEWER: “And the Black man Mr Chin, what about his concerns?”

MR. CHANG: “He does not count into our situation. He is simply here. We do not hate the Black man. We just love the Asian man most. Real love–not cliche. We want to see Asian man happy, so we employ him. We eat together. We spend time with each other. We want his kids to be educated, so we invest in our own schools that offer our children the technical abilities to change the world’s power structure in our favor. We want to see the Asian man safe, so we purchase and organize our own communities. We want him to remain Asian, so we reduce the outside influence of others ideologies and cultures. While he fought to sniff behind the White man, the Black man has had the opportunity and every right in the world to do the same, but he chooses to indict people like me for not hiring him over my own brothers. For me to do this would be foolish and that would not be Asian love. In contrast, the Black man will fight for the right to be up under everyone else other than other Black people who he should feel the most love for. If our indifference to their situation make us racist, then what would you call the Black man’s indifference to his own situation?”



Why do I think that despite the attempt to pass this Act,  the real life of the Act will be killed by our  own bias and prejudices for the disabled? I hope I am wrong as I am not worried about the disabled. No, they have managed to ably live with little help from the government and country for years. It’s the people of Jamaica that concerns me, their stubborn and colloquial lifestyle that to this day we hide behind as our excuse for not doing the right thing. For me this attitude symbolises the true disability in a way the wheelchair does not.


In a democracy of over  1 billion people it is very easy for a group of 50,000 to get lost and even forgotten.  The Siddi tribe of Africa is not only lost in this vast country but also lost to history. Their story although documented by a few, still remains an unfinished sentence that is presently written for the history of India. They remain an invisible and forgotten people that everyone wants to forget they exist and that automatically the problem should go away.

For centuries , through no fault of their own, their forefathers were brought to till the soil, work the farms and make their owners rich. This custom has remained intact in 2014, not to the extent of the harsh treatment of their relatives, but certainly camouflaged in the modern day engineering of the world’s most  inhumane of systems known as slavery.

The Siddi story is an interesting one. You look at them externally and you see Africans, but you peer into their souls, you hear them speak and you see Indian. Living in a country so large , and in the minority,  it is easy to see how they are at a disadvantage .

A group with no political or economic power their influence is nil. It is only through the human trait of fairness and brotherly love they survive  keeping their hopes alive. That hope is to one day  be given the right to be called Indian citizens. These people ask for nothing more, nothing less. They are Indian but like a castaway child they are  left to fend for themselves.

A democracy as advanced as India has a far way to go to mend this atrocity. Forgetting that they exist is not solving the problem. What has India got to lose? In fact it has everything to gain. It will allow the Siddi’s to fully integrate in the Indian society , deepening  the existing and dynamic Indian culture, allowing integration  of the races , maybe creating a superb mixture  of Africans and Indians.

There is no such thing as purity of races. The last man to experiment with that idea life was thankfully stopped unceremoniously. The Siddi people cannot go anywhere. They are home. India is their home, not Africa. That’s their heritage. India must do the right thing. Give the Siddi their life back. Give the Sddi the opportunity their forefathers created for them. Give the Siddi their Indian wings.

 Paul Tomlinson



Tim Laman and Ed Scholes spent countless wet, uncomfortable mosquito biting hours in the jungle of New Guinea recording everything they witnessed about these fascinating and one of a kind species only found in New Guinea. Looking at this documentary it is breath-taking and the birds mesmerize you with their antics and dance. You just wished you could catch them and pet them forever.

But alas, these birds are not for domestic use or human enjoyment. Lest we forget that humans are the most destructible of the species on planet earth and the big man knows why he has these delicate offerings of life high in the mountains and valleys of New Guinea, far away that man can only sit and watch. It is a piece of the untarnished vision of God’s creation.


rohan daleyheil_hitler_1
 As the majority of Jamaica watched the remaining minutes of a very good World Cup, the viewers of local television CVM Television was subjected to an over enthusiastic and crass remark by the reporter and I quote..’ Well my team won….Heil Hitler…”

A quick reference to those who are too young to understand this phrase. During the Nazi era, 1933 -1945, it was a common shout at political rallies. When meeting someone, it was customary in Nazi Germany to give the Hitler salute and say the words “Heil Hitler!”. Hitler was the Supreme commander and engineer of atrocities against humanity, frankly speaking anyone who is NOT German was regarded as insects of the world. So the term actually means HAIL HITLER and was mandatory during his reign.

Today that phrase is a phrase that is LEFT UNSPOKEN and if one can wipe it away from the face of the lexicon dictionary one would. It is a phrase that conjures up too many suffering, too many killings, too many bloodshed, too much dominance and too much slavery of the mind. Indeed say that phrase to a German and he would not only be insulted, he would probably smack you in the face for insulting him. Yes even the Germans want NOTHING to do with Hitler. But here is our goodly reporter loudly proclaiming HAIL to the deadbeat of all political leaders…HITLER. What a donkey Rohan Daley is?

Mr Daley, to lay claim that your exuberance caused you to get excited and spill your guts is to say don’t blame me for shooting because I have a gun. Mr Daley, as a reporter you have a responsibility,no let me be more specific, you have a moral obligation to maintain your independence from what you are covering. In other words Mr Daley, your personal exuberance and personal team choice has nothing to do with the coverage neither is it any significance to the thousands of viewers. Hard as it may seem Mr. Daley it is not difficult for a professional to keep his personal comments to a level of integrity and have a sense of personal sense of ethics and responsibility. Yes Mr Daley it is to have a moral compass. Your comments were crass, careless, morose and downright RATCHET. But then you are employed to CVM TV so no wonder from a place of no standards.

Mr Daley you are the DONKEY OF THE DAY, and so too are your employers that has not done anything publicly to cover the wounds of your stupidness.


James decision has stirred up the NBA’s apple cart. Nope, wait a minute. It has not stirred it up, it has turned the entire league on its butt and everyone is scurrying to stand up.
Lebron James Nike 2010

In today’s basketball there is no loyalty to the sport much less to team. Team sports  is really how much money I can get for my team of personal needs. The sports has slowly moved away from true entertainment for the fans and has now become the personal stock exchange between the insiders , owners, and players, the buyers, with the fans selectively investing in the team that has the biggest value. Some people may call those fans waggonist. I prefer to call them investors!

The fans love it and they buy it. They lap it up like dogs hungrily drinking water from their dog bowl. How so? because they still pack the arenas and retail numbers have not fallen. So now the sport is all about economics; the investor, the buyer, the stock, the gains, the losses, the agent, the options, the offer.

Basketball Stock market is now in turmoil as suddenly you have a bull market created by the LJames decision which now affects every team’s offer and every players acceptance of that offer. Prices are astronomical. Quality of the product , untouched.

LJames is doing what is necessary in today’s basketball, peg your talent to the market. He may have a good argument for that but some other players cannot. Everyone now make their claim according to their value, perceived or real and the owners shell out millions of dollars for a talent that in reality is a dull and poor investment.

In the end  we witness the falsification of modern day basketball, falsely parading as a game when it really is the new Money Market for sports. We can only hope that somewhere in the illusion of the sports, there will be some quality and modicum of integrity and sustainability teaching the younger kids that team sports is not about perceived value of the ME, but the total value of the sum of the MEs to make one powerful and enduring total called a TEAM.

I think the Spurs has it right. Why change the chemistry by diving into a market of whores and thieves where everything sold is either fake or has no value?

The LJames decision has proven once again that he may be the best player in today’s league but certainly not the Legend he so hungrily desires.  With all the skills he possesses he has not learned one thing ,  something called LOYALTY. Money does not make a championship  team. Hard work, persistence, failure and then perfection is the DNA for every champion. In the end he may get his money but will he get another ring? Time will tell as well as the activity of the market. If you cannot win it physically then buy it by all means necessary.

Paul Tomlinson,


fans watching the game in Sao Paulo

fans watching the game in Sao Paulo

“This has never happened to me in a game of football. That a team so well-organised, so complete in every area can lose four goals in six minutes. In my 31 years I have never seen six minutes so without explanation.” Dani Alves ,Brazil defender.

The world watched as the patriarch of modern football lost in probably their biggest football game to a team they had previously beaten 2-0. In 6 minutes or 360 seconds the team stopped. They stopped thinking, playing and executing. Analysts worldwide will be studying this 6 minute collapse for years not only to make sense of what happened but also to create a lesson plan , a psychiatric blueprint if you may for teams to study and coaches to implement to save future teams from experiencing similar mental block.

Yes everyone, including Germany was shocked at the outcome but there is a deeper problem that exist in the team of samba football. Pressure, mentally and physically is a blighting factor that we all think very little of. We know what it can do and medical science has sound reference on how to deal with pressure . But frankly , a team of 11 men, with an assumed leader and no field marshall as accustomed to in training and bearing the weight of 200 million Brazilians on their backs is a daunting task that no one, including the Germans ,could handle. My only logical explanation is the 13th man, pressure, took a toll on the team. For centuries mankind has called on objects of poignant strength and alcoholic brew to deal with the madame. Unfortunately Brazil had no such luxury. Shrouded with a masks of happiness and confidence Brazil faced their fears, and blinked. Fear stood in their path and Brazil bowed, offering the only remedy they could have at that point, a total and submissive suicide.

A reporter from said it best…..
….In the time that elapsed between Miroslav Klose scoring Germany’s second of the evening and Sami Khedira their fifth, Joachim Low’s side showcased the poise and skill that made them one of the favourites for the title right from the start of the competition. Yet they were unquestionably aided in their task by a desperate Brazil side that simply collapsed from within.”…..(

Despite the apparent embarrassment Brazil has taught the world one important lesson. To deal with pressure you have to call not on external remedies or fake social partnering. Rather employ your inner peace, search deep within for your inner strength, breathe and laugh. Let it all out. Scream, open up your lungs and scream. These will be the lid on the pressure cooker of life. But without a lid you will be like Brazil, a team that exploded leaving their brains on the ceiling of Mineirazo.