I usually only write about what matters to me. There are so many good and bad events in this world that no writing can cover everything. So I have always lived by the simple truth and that is you cannot change the world. You can however shed light on the dark side of humanity by just simply putting fingers to keyboard and then press send. I recently found a new media to get another view of world events, Aljazeera, and this morning I watched a documentary called ‘Miners Shot Down” . It was the story of the 2012 massacre of about 28 miners ,employed to the Lonkin Maracana Mines. The plot is simply this; Miners are unsatisfied with pay, employers do not hold miners grievances seriously, miners strike, employers call the police, police enforce their authority, miners were shot. I said to myself this could be Jamaica. As a matter of fact in many ways circumstances and situations this is  just like Jamaica. May 2010 the Police and Army Tivoli Gardens, the US Govt. & Coke Matter and Black Friday in 1963 when Rastafarians were killed in a major Government crackdown on the brethren in western Jamaica.

” We want to end this illegal activity…’  South African Police Chief.

This bothered me to the point I had to blog my thoughts. The statement above made by the chief of police is my starting point. Staff and management conflicts are not unusual.   It is part of the human DNA. There will always be conflicts. In this case miners sold their expertise to their employers and felt their labor was not adequately compensated. Management not listening to their workers complaint forced the workers to communicate the way they felt will get management’s attention. They stopped  working. One party is communicating, the other is not. One party stops working, the other is upset. What is illegal about that ‘activity’? What crime was broken? Who died? What laws were thrown in the police’s face? Labor disputes demand the greatest effort to listen and the equally greatest effort to compromise and if there is no desire on both sides to communicate then both parties have just struck the match.  Management’s refusal to take the noise of the  staff seriously is like driving a car on a low tank of gas. Eventually the car will stop. This is not illegal Madam Chief of Police, it is virtuous, it is innocent, it is just. It is self defense.

“The Perfect Storm”

The art of modern management in this globalized world is constantly changing. The changing dynamics require management to be not only an employer and provider but must also now be a muse, a muse of labor. Management now has to be someone who has such an influence on their workers that he or she becomes the focus and inspiration for their creative work  The incidents leading to the days of the massacre saw a continuing decline in respect for not the workers, but a declining respect for humanity. And this was not a black and white apartheid as the evidence showed some of the leaders against the workers were also black. It was more us and them , us the holders of wealth, them the beneficiary of that wealth. Us the rich, them the poor, us the educated, them the uneducated. Two opposing poles electrically charged creating the perfect storm. The ensuing struggle between the parties resulted in deaths with both parties justifying the results. It is always the best tool for management to protect and avoid the floating clouds of rain and lighting to avoid the onslaught of a downpour of anarchy. It is not good for business, it is not good for trust. Trust abandons faith.

” The police has nothing to apologise for..” Police Chief

The odious statement made by Madame Chief of Police does not help management. In fact it transforms them into the mummy they so vividly played in this horrific play. In other words, the message is, the death of the workers leave the police and management cold. Given the social and economic circumstances of the world, the elite still do not get it.  The lack of management’s’ capacity to feel what their workers feel is graphically showing why workers worldwide, approximately 50% of the 200 million labor force each year, have social protest with regards to the state of governance , levels of corruption and lack of service delivery. There is a total disconnect. Wages are low, workers live in almost abominable conditions and the so called “servants of the people’ is nothing but management masquerading as a bigot and literally raises the question is management , government or the police really concerned about the people they serve? Is management serially inept? This tragedy at Maracana is not unusual. It happens globally in different pockets , in small and large countries, in small and large companies. The symptoms are different but it all ends the same, the workers are the ones that are seen as inept and the management, leaders and governments collectively hypnotize the gentiles that their actions are fair, just and for the good of all. The police chief was quoted as saying to the police,

” you all did what you had to do. You took a chance with your life to stop the threat of violence to protect yourself and to save the South African people..”

My one question to the police chief is the people that died and the workers that are disenfranchised, are they not people, are they not South Africans too? After years of managing and  leading, management is still very inept of understanding this trusim- all people are people. Management , governments and leaders will only have a team when they make their team feel exactly how management want to feel.

Global relations between management, government and labor is destined to change. It is inconceivable that it wont. Unions have to transform themselves and become a leader of innovation and education of its members if it hopes to remain viable. It seems like a cart dragging the horse with members driving union’s response to correcting labor relation problems. I am not a union buster but unions are becoming slowly redundant all because of one thing. technology,  Unions cannot remain oblivious to reality , thinking that technology will have no part of replacing labor. If unions do not change, labor will become redundant. If unions don’t change, then labor will remain mediocre. Education is their only hope. Members must be seen as assets, not a human liability of  minimum value.

Similarly management, businesses  and governments must transform their vision of not seeing the end results as “money first, at any cost”. Management’s role is to drive the global village creating wealth, employment and a greater social livelihood. Eradicate poverty, poverty of resources, mind and spirit. Management must change. Like the workers management’s load is carried by the horse pulling the cart, but its an empty cart. Management cannot exist without labor even with the onslaught of technology. It is becoming  a reality that  management will have employers all over the globe and universities , unions and governments must begin to see how they can manage that global resource and not focus on labor relations dealing with soon to be old fashioned business etiquettes.

Management must pollinate its resources it cannot kill the bees that spreads wealth. In South Africa the bees were killed. South Africa represents the world of labor relations gone amuck. The world must learn from this to prevent this from happening to humanity. Know your people, speak to them as people, do not miscalculate and treat them like the enemy. The police fired on the people and the people acted in self defense. Intelligently they fell to the ground with their hands in the air. Who amongst the players were the most intelligent? Who was it that raped the workers of justice?

“There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.” . Mahatma Ghandi

Paul Tomlinson




One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

He said; My son, the battle is between two “wolves” inside of us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, forgiveness, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf wins?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

Have a blessed day friends.



Thought i would share this with followers of the blog. Written by a pastor he states clearly why he thinks the church is losing its members. In essence the church has not changed . It still excludes those that are poor, dirty, hungry, forgotten, the homeless, the criminals, the ungodly, those sexually different, the drug users. In other words everyone the bible said Jesus hang out with, the exclude.

It is never easy to ask Man to be like Christ. It is too much a burden to bear. Man, that being of complexities tries and fails everyday in their quest to be like the big man. Meeting every sabbath is an attempt to muster up the faith to be like him but there are those that see this church going as a show, a big show that only the faithful are convinced that showing up weekly will somehow change them to be like Christ , while the unbelievers laugh at the comedy of errors, choosing to live their faith without the hypocrites of the good word. Interesting read. I invite your comments.





The symbol above is the one I choose to represent the subject matter of my blog post today. This particular symbol represents the many thousands of men, black, white, young, old, Jews and Gentiles that have died as they come to the end of their rope. This rope represents strength as well as the end and you wonder why those that use it for their end did not find the strength to hang on a bit longer , to use the rope as their compass to lead them through the dark tunnel they traverse , all alone,  to the light flickering ever so slightly to refill their battered soul?

The recent death of actor Robin Williams ironically and hypocritically brings the issue to the forefront again. When there are approximately over 700,000 suicide so far this year , it took one man for the Western world to stop and pay hypocritical notice. I have always maintained that the art of suicide is the final act a performer can act on life’s stage. It is his swansong. It is done after his deepest internal soliloquy to an audience that choose not to see his pains or his triumphs. The actor has gone through powerful internal turbulences and sometimes calm. They know they are ready and it will be their personal act they leave for those behind,  that they choose to go to the next scene of their life’s journey without the noise and distractions that accompany  life. Quietly, personally and with supreme confidence they execute and pull on that rope, the rope of strength.  

I respect those actors of suicide. We may see it as shameful, crazy, selfish and even accept it in shock. But just think. The person committing suicide is stronger than all of us. They are in control of their life as they accept that their life is theirs and only theirs. It is not attached to anything or anyone so deemed by a society that lacks openness and love. To them life is as simple as being born and being dead or  being happy or being sad. With all the trappings surrounding life , to them life is just choosing to breath in the stench and live or to exhale and move on. 

Klyde Brooks, noted poet from Jamaica , from the early age of 10 witnessed an actor delivering his final soliloquy. The scene remained with him for years and he wrote a poem on the event. Call it a memoriam, a report or even his vision  it is what it is. I prefer to see it as his inner voice speaking out for the actor that reached the end of his rope, whose voice was never heard but now beautiful expressed representing the beautiful soul that pulled his rope. 

Paul Tomlinson


Branch of hanging tree
Swinging lifelessly
Pendant on a rope
Strung out beyond hope
Puppet of the wind
Ungrounded feet
Treading air
Drooping head
Blank eyes bulging
Breathless nose
Wordless lips
Steeped in silence
In frozen
Neck slack
Grasp of noose
Limp arms loose
No more music in those
Stiffened fingers and toes
Rhythms of rigor mortis
Post-mortem poem

They called it suicide
But perhaps he had already died
Killed from the inside

©KBroox 2014

Published by permission.



Have you been on the social media sites lately? Its funny but all you can see these days is the bucket challenge that has the highest to the lowest dunking a bucket of water over their head or thrown in their face or some just gone ridiculously wrong,  all in the name of ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.  I first saw this craze when the US royal family of politics the Kennedys collectively took the challenge and then challenged the US President  who respectfully declined.

What a smart move Mr President. You have enough problems of your own to throw a bucket of ice water over your head. He donated to the foundation and that was the end of that.  Now some 12 days later it seems like the entire Western world including Jamaica has taken on this ‘challenge’. 

Its a hot trending topic on twitter and why not?  This bandwagon looks like fun so why not join in and be a part of the incrowd to bring awareness to ALS? The funny thing is a lot of these ‘awareness dunkers’ have no idea what ALS is and even why they use ice? Here are the facts: There are about 30,000 people in the USA that have ALS and the ice is used to give the dunker a similar effect of what the ALS patient experience.  Very effective isn’t it? They managed to raise over US$23 million at the time of writing this piece. It has worked. Millions now remember  the disease and are more aware. Bravo.  But whiter Jamaica in all of this? What are the figures if any raised for a similar charity?. Up to the point of writing this article there were no figures published.

When you look at the image below you have to stop and think?  Is the act of awareness worth throwing away scarce resources? People live with the ALS disease, good news, at least for a good while. On the contrary, no one can live without water. And here we are throwing it away, for awareness! There are districts in Jamaica with no piped water to their homes! There are people in Jamaica with water 2 days out of 7. There are people in Jamaica starving for water and food. We need a new awareness of how valuable water is. Just look at the image. They would give anything to get a bucket or two of good clean water!


In Jamaica there is a water crisis. What  else is new? Every year for the past umpteenth years, Jamaicans know we have a dry spell of low rainfall. This is not news, it is tradition. Yet every year we go through the same dramatic no news sequel of no water in the corporate area and certain parishes . You would think Jamaicans would be more aware of the value of water but no, we suffer from a more lethal disease,  the DGAS ( Don’t give a Shit Disease) so its none of our business.

There are many fire hydrants without water, the farmers have no water for production, there are schools without water, schools in Jamaica without a toilet, the NWC have regular shut off of water to the point it is now a tradition,  there are burst pipes with water flowing in the street going to waste,homeless people without a bottle of water but hey, we have a chronic DGAS disease, so its none of our business.  

Jamaicans love anything foreign so the latest trend is just too cool to give up. We are going to throw water anywhere possible even in our stately government office but thats’ none of my business. When the cost t odry the office including any repairs to equipment then it becomes MY business. Where is the money coming from?

Statistics for the ALS disease in Jamaica is literally unknown but there are brain related disease that hardly get any notice much less funds in Jamaica. There are organizations in Jamaica that do an excellent job of trying to get the meagre coins for their cause and I salute them. But who will take up the real cause in Jamaica? We need help for our national disease , the dreaded DGAS disease.This disease only affects Jamaicans so we have to find a National cure and find it fast. 

This disease is worse than ALS if one can equate the two. This disease causes a neurological problem that cases Jamaicans  not to acknowledge reality. The reality is this:

1 We have a NJS – No Job Sclerosis that needs awareness

2. We have a SWTS – Schools Without Toilet Sclerosis  that needs awareness

3. We have a JRAS – Justice For All Sclerosis that needs awareness

4. We have a HERS – High Energy Rate Sclerosis that needs awareness

5. We have a HCS- Health Care Sclerosis that needs awareness

6. We have a PBS – Police Brutality Sclerosis that needs awareness

7. We have a ECS – Education Cost Sclerosis that needs awareness  

8. We have a PCS – Price Control Sclerosis that needs awareness

This list is only a start but the awareness is plenty.  When do we start to bring awareness to these diseases? We have gotten our priorities mixed up Jamaica. We follow American traditions, borrow their money and yet we cannot fix our own problems. Stop this nonsense . America is solving its own problem. How about us starting to solve our own. 




It took me 5 days to put pen to paper for this piece. 5 days of thinking, wondering should I just get it out of my system. It was very easy to reach my conclusion. Yes I had to get it off my chest as I was taught if you want  to see change, say something and let the chips  fall where they may.

I follow the PM’s lead. I usually don’t  watch the local media houses as their pathetic attempt to deliver what is considered the ‘national ‘ news is watching 2 presenters sit and read boring scripts or gossiping at worst. But every now and then I check in to see what scene the clowns are acting out  on the   stage and sure enough it was a continuing comedy of errors , from the continuing Michael Dean saga to the daily bushfires and water  problems. It is incessant. We cannot seem to solve our simplest problems.

Over the past 5 days I have come to the conclusion that this comedy  started 52 years ago when our  statesmen  Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley took the country on the road to independence from the English tyrant . Some may not want to acknowledge or admit it , but Bustamante and Norman Manley failed to initiate a plan. Subsequent leaders had their own ideas, based on their political perspective  of where this country should be headed. There was no collective gathering of the greatest minds in Jamaica to map out a plan that we all can agree ,  establishing a definition of the Jamaican  Dream, that ideal that every Jamaican can buy into and work towards.

A country that fails to plan, plans to fail.   Jamaicans, all  1.6 million of them , were preoccupied with political warfare and skullduggery moving  from the brink of communism to the other extreme of outright capitalism. Our leaders were fighting each other, poisoning Jamaicans to take sides. The classic black man internal trust and struggle prevailed and who suffered, the people without wealth. And so we struggled, struggled to make the right choices: what type of government, what type of infrastructure, what  type of economy, health care, social systems, security, education and most importantly we struggled to create a Bill of Rights that every Jamaican can enjoy and use as their guiding light towards social and economic upliftment. The Jamaican Dream turned a nightmare and now the dream is to get a visa and enjoy every other country’s dream.

Through trial and error we worked, we strived, we laughed, we cried, we mourned, we fell 52 times and we stood up 53 times,  such is the resilience of Jamaica and its people. But there are only a few things in this world that irks me and turn me into a giant squid and that is when our present  leaders,  on both sides of the isle , pretend to show leadership and resilience. Collectively  they make  the actors of Laff it Off look like amateurs. Our leaders are still clueless on the path this country should take and are presently at the steering wheel seemingly heading over a precipice. It is as if we are still walking on the plantation digging and searching for a pot of Gold.

In 52 years we still cannot fix a leaking pipe that spills water for months , yet we talk about conserving water. 52 years and we still have not figured out the difference between religion and politics that never the 2 shall meet in the forum. We still have not figured out the type of education that educate our people or  the one  that turns them into collective zombies. 52 years later we have no clue of the economic engine needed to run this country  and if we do have a clue no plan to get that engine firing on all 8 cylinders. . We still have no clue of creating a country of Justice for all where the poorest of the poor know their rights.   The list is vast but the basic necessities of life is a luxury for many . in Jamaica the most popular word in all sectors is NO.  It is as if the Jamaican people are always doing something wrong to put them at odds with any government agency or local business for that matter.

What we have managed to be very good at is  expressing most vocally that we are a christian nation, whatever that means . In a country of many  religious practices some  government officials are  proclaiming Jamaicans are ‘backsliding’  hence our country is suffering because we have turned from God, I am paraphrasing here. The recent pronouncements of the junior Minister for Entertainment and Culture actually chided  Jamaicans, admonishing them to turn back to God and when a Jamaican speaks Anti- God that makes him suddenly un-Jamaican.

……..”I said that being atheist and agnostic is Un-Jamaican. I also said that it has become fashionable to make anti-God pronouncements, and those doing so should stop. I stand firmly by both statements….”  Damion Crawford.

Really Mr Minister?  a statement like that is fashioned by the people that control your mind. God , as you know him Mr Minister is a completely different person to someone else, no definition is exclusive.  When a politician speaks  like that it reminds me of another guy called Hitler whose pronouncements created the worlds first tyrant because he wanted things HIS way. In this case if you are not a Christian,  like the minister and do not recognise God ,  then  a pox on your house.

Mr Minister  when  some of us left the plantation we left behind all vestiges of manipulation and mental corruption and started to think for ourselves and guess what  Mr Minister, we are Jamaicans, free thinking  Jamaicans. I define a country of the sum of parts living homogeneously sharing a common heritage and culture, each man individually adding their own flavor to the human mix, while creating his own karma maintaining peace in the society. Your definition of a country is:

……the majority accepted norms to form a country. Jamaica is a Christian country full stop. We have Rastafarians, Jews, Muslims etc, but the accepted norm is Christianity. In the same way that some countries are defined as bi-lingual because of the high representation of secondary languages while others are simply defined as Spanish speaking or English Speaking etc because their isn’t a material number of other languages represented. …”  Damion Crawford

That’s where we differ on interpretation. You are an educated man, Think for yourself, leave your books written by those who care to brainwash you and think objectively. Jamaica has a religious heritage . It is not a christian country. There I said it. Unfortunately for you I am still very much a Jamaican.  In this country   there are many norms.  The accepted norm for you   is the norm accepted by the new oligarchy, the ones that determine what  Jamaicans think. Yes Mr Minister it suits the government  to brainwash people to think they live in a Christian country. I am not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance. Jamaica belongs to Jamaicans, not any leader, religious or political aspirant. If your navel string plant here, you belong here, whether you call God  God, Allah, Jah , El Shaddai, Ohm, whatever!

For you to say not paying homage to our slave owner’s contribution to our human development by implanting in our psyche what God is while he lashes our skin with whips and chains,  is frankly showing us that your mind is still a slave to the system. The learned gentleman has gone mad.  Sometimes I wonder if this country is run by smart people or by religious or bellicose  noises who really mean what they say. The effects of slavery is still evident. Mr Minister we need a plan  to really abolish slavery once and for all.


It irks me every day. Learned, seemingly intelligent people cannot get their act together. So I have listed 20 things that I believe Jamaicans don’t want to know, pretending that ignoring them they will suddenly go away.

1.Leaders:  Jamaicans are suffering from a serious disease called Leader Madness Disease. We do not have a present leader that knows the way, walks the way and shows us the way. Along with this  there is a cacophony of jokers called Ministers of government from both side of the isle. The Jamaican  dies in the hands of politicians from political skullduggery and strangling bureaucracy. Instead of fighting to excel , the Jamaican fight daily to survive the obstacles and hurdles  placed before him. It is a constant battle.

2. History: We never learn from history . History has shown us that when we work together we strive together. This simple equation is still incomprehensible to the Jamaican. The effects of the plantation is evident here.

3. False Belief: We believe that politicians can change. How many times have they shown us their colors and true self and yet we continue to elect  them  as if the carousel of politics is  a rotating Wheel of Fortune?

4. Religion:  We believe God will help us if we follow our pastor and pray and when you are done praying , leave your collection. Ghandi said      “ Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics don’t know what religion is.”  It is as if unless we go to church daily and pay our tithes then we will forever be doomed.  The problem is while the people  are praying they  are stealing from their pocket books. Religion starts wars. Pastors preach hate. Beware of the false prophet. Even demons can cry out Praise the Lord.

5. Matriarch: We are a matriarchal society with a strong affinity to work overseas and send money believing being away from the problem is not your problem. Living in Switzerland or having the famous green card does not suddenly not make you Jamaican. Open you mouth and your identity defines you. The frequent words “I love my country” is as empty as the lips that utters them. Long distance love in any relationship will only work when there is plan to cut the distance.

6. Crime: Jamaicans are psychologically just as bad as the cops they resent.. Jamaicans kill Jamaicans for the same reason the police kills Jamaicans. We do not value each other.

7. Society: There are 2 societies in this country- the society of wealth who are the new slave owners and the society of workers that pander to the wealthy. Within those 2 societies, we don’t trust each other.  We have created successfully the Haves and the Have Nots.

8. Money Machine: For some people , namely the working class , no matter what your accomplishment, your home, your car or your education you are still a money machine for the government to squeeze every last bit of penny in the name of providing services for the sole purpose of financing pork barrel politics to the people they pander to for votes at election time.

9. Backwardness: We are virtually still in the year 1962 but physically in 2014,  a majority of Jamaicans are still struggling to catch up to the world’s technology and education. We feed our mind with the excuse that we are a small island so our actions make it right. The real problem is technology replaces unskilled workers. We are so behind  the Internet revolution when will we catch up?

10. Dirty State: Our reference to Jamaica as Yard is exactly equal to how a chicken lives in a yard…dirty!  This country is dirty and we claim to be a tourist  destination.

11.Values:  We claim to be a christian country and yet the least of our brothers still go hungry and homeless. We have no moral authority to call this country  a christian country any more than Israel have a right to  call Palestine their home.

12. Economy:The reason why we are in an economic problem is because suddenly we got up and hated who we are amd decided to be someone else. We stopped producing from the soil and started importing to live like Americans and now we are paying the price. The IMF one size fits all package will continue to put this country in turmoil if there is not a parallel economic performance of export, export, export.

13. Stress: A majority of Jamaicans are living with stress.  Jamaicans are so accustomed to no miracles  that any chance of celebrating an  event or person that shines in sports or otherwise provides the necessary release .

14. Police: The  Jamaica police is here to protect and serve the people of Jamaica. In  reality they have decided  to fight the Enemy of the State. That enemy is the people of Jamaica.  Justice is weighed according to the size of your pocket.

15. Trust: We don’t trust each other. As Jamaicans and emancipated blacks coming out of slavery we have never really learned to trust anyone, and our leaders have done nothing but lip service to correct this.

16. Children: Our children are lead astray and it’s our fault, no one else.

17.Weapon: The Church is the politician and the wealthy’s  greatest weapon against society.

18. Help: We are quick to call on somebody to come and help Jamaica, China, the IMF whoever is willing to hand out,  not realizing that the “somebody’ is Us, Me, You!

19 Politicians:  Our politicians , the leaders we elect to move us forward  are so passive and clueless it is easy for them to rely on the IMF  or the Jamaican people  to blame them  for their failure. No politician will lay down his life for any Jamaican. Those days of chivalry died 52 years ago.

20. Changing: Jamaica is a changing society  yet the government’ does not recognise this. The government  is as static as a conservative trying to move one leg forward. Government’s best effort is to strong arm the people they lead  that are poor mentally and physically. The PM is in love with the poor as much as the poor is in love with her but they do not communicate with each other. They smile, they hug they even  sip cocoa tea under the coconut tree but  the government sees poor people as problems well before they are seen as people. It is in the politicians interest to keep poor people poor, after all in the Jamaica wealth is something to aspire to and the poor  is something the PM loves.

Paul Tomlinson

August 18 2014





Montego Bay is hurting. No , let me be more specific, A poor family from one of the popular communities in Montego bay has lost a son, a brother, a father. You  see this young man left his house with the intention of having a good time with his friends, maybe have a bit of social drinking and fun and then return home. But who would have thought that when he left his home, it would have been his last.

Let me digress  for a minute. Have you ever thought how  your last day on earth will manifest itself? Will it be sudden or horrific, long and painful? Will it be a happy ending? The Master knew best when he created Man. He made sure no Man, no matter how rich  or poor , no man can stop or prevent his last day on planet Earth? Even those that think they can cheat by telling God he quits,  have no control as his demise was also written in his final chapter.  Its one of the balancing acts of life. Death has no friends. It has no twitter account of Facebook page to notify you. Man can only live his life hoping that when his time is called he is ready and answerable to whomever his spirit meets on his journey.

But the hardest death Man can never  understand  is the death caused  by another man, deliberately taken through anger, malice, greed, ignorance and avarice. This kind of death makes you question the Big Man. You have to ask is this the ending Father? Can you take this cup from me? Write me a better ending but not this.  Young Dean may have asked those questions  in his final moments and whilst he may have gotten a reply soul to father, the rest of us mortals will never know the answer given. It leaves us lowly beings to ask why? Why him, why now, Why Dean?

Here is the plot:

A young man is killed in the custody of the law for having a item similar to a cigarette. This ‘cigarette’ is made from a so called ‘illegal’ substance, determined illegal by  the same greed, malice and avarice of one race of men against another. Jamaica had no option but to bend low at the feet of that race and embrace the validity of this hypocritical illegal proclamation. Its one of the disadvantage of being a former colony as well as being an island with no influence to the world other than being an island in the sun for the same race to  bask and smile at the friendly natives.

For years we have lived the Big LIe, bowing and accepting to Massa declaration. The irony of this drama we are witnessing is that Massa has  long decided that this lie cannot stand on its own legs anymore. Massa is changing the Law . Jamaica,  being a good ole faithful servant, is still struggling with Massa’s big move to legitimize marijuana. We are still debating, researching, understanding and enforcing the biggest social lie bestowed  on mankind. Jamaica has decided to continue to inflict the fullest extent of the law, until the Big Man himself tells us..

It  is ok, the weed I put on this earth is ok. I  never make a mistake.”

Scene 1.Man taken into custody for possession of a ganja spliff. ( Note, man is being LOCKED UP for  possession, not selling or even exporting , adding a petty offense to an already overcrowded jail system. Our penal system does not provide for petty offenses. Everyone is thrown in the cesspit harbouring all evils. ) 

Scene 2. Man was offered BAIL but it is alleged Man and his Surety was uncooperative with officers so Man was denied bail until the officer decides when bail will be granted.. It is also reported that the attending police officer described as a female officer, decided to take on the role of judge,jury and executioner and not give the accused bail as it is alleged the officer was upset of what was said to or about her.  ( Note: A police offended by an accused words is like saying a doctor is upset blood spills on his nice white jacket during an emergency. It comes with the territory. Somehow this officer has not learned  that despite personal attacks she must exercise the accrued rights. Rights, that word that is often spoken but newer understood in Jamaica. Denying Me Dean’s  of his persona rights is denying him of his humanity.)

Scene 3: Apparent struggle between Man and other inmates occurred. ( Note, no one, not the police on duty or around the cell heard any raucous noise from cell. How many officers were on duty? One, two, three?  The first duty of any officer  is to protect the accused in the cell. Anywhere, anytime,  any country that calls itself a democracy the choice is the same, democracy not tyranny, protection not dictatorship, the rule of law, not the rule of who is on duty Protect and Serve, protect and serve.

Scene 4, Montego Bay police said ‘prisoners called to their attention the Man alleged was hurt . Police subsequently took Man to hospital. Police reportedly told doctors Man fell from bunk.(Note Man had severe head injury as well as facial lacerations and his head was swollen disproportionately. We have 40 million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse. It is statements like this that make people declare..

I do not have a drug problem, neither do I have a personal problem . i have a police problem.

Scene 4. Police High Command denied police had anything to do with Man’s beating but assessed that Man was beaten by inmates. (Note: Command making statements  based on what their people tell them. We have no reports that  Indecom, that puppy police corruption and PR agency created to obviously fool the people, had immediately taken over the police post at Barnett Street, removed and suspended all officers without pay until further investigation is carried out and placed all prisoners  in confinement for questioning ). 

Scene 5: Accrued dies in hospital.This case is a public defender’s  dream and a prosecutors nightmare . Accused man dies in police custody? ( Notte: Dreams of made of cases like these. No word from defender. All the words spoken are from esteemed Minister of Justice. I am shocked that this public defender is on the side of see no evil, speak no evil, apparently on the side of abstinence. 

Scene 6. Minister of Justice quote” saddened ” by Man’s death. Minister calls for swift action for passage of Bill to reform law on petty crime like possession of spliff. In the meantime, Golding says he Bunting, are in discussions with the Attorney General to see whether a policy direction can be implemented to prevent a repeat of the circumstances that led to Dean’s death. They want to see whether the law allows for the police to proceed by way of summons rather than by way of arrest and detention when someone is held with small quantities of ganja. ( Note: Mr Minister no sir, you get it wrong.. A man is dead in the custody of your officers under your direct responsibility. That takes precedence , not the impending law for repeal, not the Act that is to change. Mr Deans life is valuable Mr Minister just like your friends from St Andrew Hills and their sons life or your fellow police officers life. Your callous disregard and lack of urgency is disheartening.  No mention in your statement of investigation of the death,  or the questioning of inmates or  officers on duty. The people whom you serve needs to know their Minister of Justice is on their side, that he is feeling their pain, that he understands the place where this Mom is grieving as her son is ripped from her life. Mr Minister you lack a basic human trait for your position, a heart. )

Scene 7. Bunting also said Deane’s death was quote “unnecessary”. Meanwhile, he has requested that the Acting Police Commissioner Glenmore Hinds immediately examine the arrangements for supervising detainees, to ensure their safety. ( Note: Mr Minister that is already established in the law. The protection of all prisoners is the direct responsibility of the Police. Why is the Minister ‘examining” anything? Mr Minister may I suggest you get up out of your air conditioned office and do some work for a change? Have you been to Montego Bay’s command as yet? Where is your daily statement on the development of finding the people that took Mr Deans life? The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. )

When you look at this bundling comedy of errors you cannot help but conclude:

1. Justice in Jamaica is for the rich, not the poor. If it was the son of a politician or a prominent person he would NOT have been locked up.  And if he was locked up he would have been grated bail with no personal decision taken by the misguided police officer.

2. Possession of a spliff is such a major offense in Jamaica that you are locked up with the worst of the worse, you are not separated and confined according to your crime. Why are we still locking up persons for a possession of a spliff? We neither have the accommodation, resources, man power to remand these petty crime.. We also know of the intention to change  the law so why not have a provision to  issue tickets, if you must,  to those accused for these minor offenses?  The answer to that question is that will be too simple. Police is here to intimidate, oppress and forcibly push the laws, unjust or not , down citizens throat.

3. Neither the Minister, High Command or the Police cares that this particular young man lost his life. Frankly the prediction is nothing will come of the investigations. Jamaica does not beleive in accountability. it is something politicians stay away from. Accountability breeds responsibility. Politicians fear this like the plague.

All this happens when we are celebrating 52 years of independence, proving once again we are no further ready for independence  as we are ready to send a rocket to the moon. Haile Selassie said:

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.

52 years and we still have not gotten that basic truth, that all men are born equal and have human rights that is to be protected by all means necessary.


I am always the first to criticise Jamaica for the shortcomings and our willingness to accept mediocrity as an excuse for not applying the knowledge of nation building and the preservation of our culture but I will also be the first to say WELL DONE to all the uniformed forces that participated in the solemn occasion of the State Funeral of Sir Howard. Once again a feeling of pride for this country flew high above the winds of turmoil and chaos that churn below.

Excellently executed, the performance once again proved that we are better than what we present to ourselves and to the world. All it takes is discipline, a vision, collective empowerment and national determination based on the vision to move forward. We have to stop thinking we have time so we can lay under the proverbial coconut tree. The world is moving Jamaica. We cannot be left behind. Sir Howard’s passing brought out the best of Jamaica. We buried that great Jamaican. Let us not bury our greatness as well.

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“Whatever the past has been, you have a spotless future.” 

I came across this quote today. I thought to myself. How appropriate that on Jamaica’s independence such  poignant quote  would be posted in rotation. I thought about the quote and i reflected on home, sweet home Jamaica. 

It has been 52 years since we were handed the keys and told …drive. Bustamante and Manley were the appointed drivers at the time.  Piling a nation of over 1.7 million at the time they took to the unpaved and rocky road and drove,  We fell in the potholes, had mechanical problems along the way,  but still we drove, still we rise. 

Along the road upheavals, celebrations, sadness, bewilderment, catastrophes, failures, success flogged and whipped our collective bodies , the nation crying out to the drivers to drive slower or faster as the outstretched branches of the trees of reality  that stood in the journey were hitting hard. But still we drove, still we rise.

Today August 6′ we have reached another milestone along independence road, stopping to refuel , putting air in our tires to continue our journey. The people pile out of the truck, some sitting under a tree just catching  their breath while other head to a nearby well that springs riches that our owners had left behind as a compensation for independence. Some are seen  washing the dirt from their bodies, some bundling their loads they carry on the journey, some eating a healthy grub, some thirsty waiting to get to the well just to taste, others preaching and singing , feeding their spiritual need, some dancing to music they carried along the way. The unscrupulous is also there, moving around the passengers pillaging and stealing giving those appointed protectors enough work to keep them from drinking water from the well.

The well of which we speak is too small to feed a hungry nation. The  crowd is thick, the noise level rises, there is commotion, but there is also merriment. The atmosphere is confusing, It is  chaotic. Honk honk, the driver is ready. No one is moving. Honk, honk, honk, honk. Lets go, all aboard. Some passengers are loading to go on the truck, others decide to stay as tensions created creates broken relationships. A few decide to take a different route and traverse the oceans , they refuse to go back on the truck. The road is too bumpy , the branches of reality serve a harsh sting and some of the passengers are offensive. They seek another land.

We are now on our way without a few but the  majority still on the truck. The journey is independence circle, the place where we are destined to go, it is to be our promised land. Bang bang, into the potholes we drive. Ah…… there is a smooth pavement now, the drive is a bit smoother but still potholes are ahead. Along the way the atmosphere has settled. We are looking ahead, the branches still hit our bodies but we learn to duck as we pass. Suddenly someone sings a tone of hope, the words hopeful and powerful. The voices grew louder and louder, the truck was transformed into a choir of believers  and the pilgrimage was like Moses who took a similar journey to the promised land and  never looked back. 

The people were singing, the pains of the journey felt easier to bear….the voices sang ……

” This land is mine, God gave this land to me

This brave and ancient land to me  

And when the morning sun

Reveals her hills and plains,

Then I see a land 

Where children can run free…..

So take my hand

And walk this land with me

And walk this lovely land with me

And though I’m just a man

When you are by my side

With the help of God

I know I can be strong…

The attention of the crowd grew stronger, the singing was now lustful and spiritual. The promised land suddenly seem reachable..they continued to sing., standing, holding hands, bearing all the hits of the outstretched branches. The future was spotless…whatever the past, it was spotless. And the crowd smiled and continued to sing louder as the driver drove the rocky road….

” So take my hand, And walk this land with me 

And walk this golden land with me ….

And though I’m just a man

When you are by my side

With the help of God

I know I can be strong

To make this land our home

If I must fight

I’ll fight to make this land our own

Until we die

This land is mine…….

(Exodus, Lyric by Pat Boone)

We may not live to see the promised land, but like Moses we move on , we plod on. This land is home,  Home Sweet Home. 

© Paul Tomlinson August 6, 2014



Growing up the Commonwealth Games was like the first cousin to the Olympics. Every 4 years we looked forward to just us, the Commonwealth, coming together and putting on a show for our people. It was special and we looked forward to our Jamaican athletes representing our country. One of the lasting memories of the Games was to see Donald Quarrie , our national sprint hero in the 70s , decimated the field to get his 3 gold medals. Yes, those were good times, memorable and inspired a young aspiring athlete at the time to dig deeper to accomplish his dreams.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the Games. Every 4 years games were held at various countries, but somehow you never felt the significance or its presence in the world of track and field. The lustre of the games was losing its shine. Fast forward to 1986 Edinburgh. Scotland. That year 32 nations, mostly from Africa and the Caribbean, boycotted the games over England’s apartheid policy. To say that we should keep politics away from sports is like wishing  the Caribbean had no sun. The two are inseparable and as strange a bedfellow they make, politics plays an important role in sports. It may be fair to say that since 1986, maybe as a direct result of this boycott, the participation, credence  and world wide celebration of these games dwindled.  The games were held out of formality but the heart of the people was not there.

Fast forward to 2010, Delhi India. The 19 Commonwealth games held 3-14 October was like putting a dough in an oven to bake a big bread but somehow it comes out flat. If there were headlines on the games, it certainly missed this writer. Jamaica only sent a 48 member team , achieving only 7 medals. , 2 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze. Yes there was the worldwide economic problems that affected countries like Jamaica , but to send only 48 people to represent the country showed this writer that the country did not feel the importance of the games to the extent of using the games as a necessary national adrenalin boost for the people who  were suffering economically. When all is doom and gloom, sports heals a nation. Churchill said it best…”what are we fighting for’ when told that the country’s budget for Arts would have to be cut during the War. Similarly we can ask what are we suffering for if we cannot see out athletes shine in the Commonwealth? The games died then and was only fluttering.

Fast forward to 2014. The world is now in the Bolt generation and the 2014 Glasgow games was itself a maybe on many sports stars calendar, including Bolt. As the only major worldwide Championship for the year, the games should be able to draw its top calibre athletes from the Commonwealth due to less competition and interference. Glasgow, known for its bad weather but friendly people had very little chance of having a high profile event when 2014 came around and it was not until late July that the games were rewarded with the confirmed presence of Bolt to give the games the boost it needed. Other top flight athletes also confirmed, Fraser -Pryce as the top commonwealth female sprinter as well as the African nations with their hosts of stars. The exception was Mo Farah, unavoidably absent due to illness. But the games were getting famous once again, no politics involved despite worldwide drama. Glasgow 2014 was therefore the rebirth of the Games and the city did an excellent job showing why we have the games in the first place- to celebrate our uniqueness, our similarities and our differences.


Glasgow 2014 will be remembered for putting the mojo in an old and tired event that seemed destined for disaster. Excellent organization, superb facilities, excellent worldwide coverage, global outreach on social media, the constant display of the culture and heritage of the Scottish people and finally the people itself made the games the most memorable since 1970. Jamaica sent over 100 athletes to the game and earned 21 medals 10 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze.  Bolt was not even a major participant. Maybe the date had something to do with the success but the Olympics had nothing over these games. At these games the spread of winners was more far reaching and you heard the anthem of countries you never have the opportunity in the Olympics.

Jamaica will go through its post mortem on the games and so too will Glasgow. From the eyes of the public the games won! 100%. Glasgow can place itself as one of the top destination for global sports. Is there something I would change? No, not even the weather. Perfect conditions make an athlete achieve what does not exist. The weather allowed the athletes to strive for improvements against all odds, not perfection.  It  allowed them to dig deeper, putting perfection in their work. The weather was a miracle, and so too was Glasgow.


Is is fair to say Glasgow surpassed the Olympics? On many levels it may not be fair but there is one level that yes Glasgow completely passes the Olympics and that is people power. Somehow on the way to Glasgow the people got their power back. The crowds were present, the cheers were rich and raucous, the various venues and the stadium of 45 ,000 people was a big party, people singing irish songs and Bolt being the showman, dancing and bringing smiles to the millions watching. Yes Glasgow was like Rio to the World Cup. It proved to be the only place in the world that could bring color despite gloomy clouds, smiles despite cold temperatures, laughter amongst fierce competitors and joy amongst adoring fans. Glasgow 2014 rocks. It showcased a nation and it saved a Commonwealth.