DIONNE WARWICK- a lady of Sheer Class






Today the great singer/performer Dionne Warwick made a statement on her official Facebook page joining Stevie Wonder not to perform in Florida and all other States that have the ‘Stand your Ground Laws”. I applaud Ms. Warwick for her stance as she understands that Unity is a force that can move mountains. This may look like a simple or even a won’t make a difference move but fortunately it isn’t. When there is unity, there is strength. This simple concept is never really understood by many and sometimes they learn their lessons the hard way. But if all recording artiste, and I mean ALL, take the stance and NOT perform in Florida and all those other states then you will see what UNITY can do. You will see the power of entertainment manifested by a few and channeled through the people that are most affected , the end user. If change must come. it must come from the people, the very ones that created the Stand your ground laws. It is the people that must change and gladly entertainment is still the only force that can move people to change. Unlike politics entertainment has no boundaries, no color, no class and no race. My hats off to you Ms Warwick, once again you have proven to be a lady of sheer class.  See her statement below. 


It has been a while (i know) so i will try to make up for lost time………….we are still on tour and it seems as if it will never end………..is it me or is the world getting LARGER???……….all is going very well we have been to Iceland where nobody told it that it is SUMMER….it truly lives up to its name……..from there we went to Poland and again SUMMER eluded there too……….we are now in SWELTERING JAPAN but it is a welcome change and we head for Manila in the morning…………i am in the process of recording a duets cd and it has been wonderful working with my peers and a few very talented young stars……….i will keep those who participated a secret for the time being but will fill you in once all of the recording has been done………i think you will be rather surprised but very pleased when i drop the names of those on the project……i am certain most if not all of you have been bombarded with CNN and the news of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial and i must say i was stunned at the verdict of NOT GUILTY……..it took a while for this to settle in my brain since Zimmerman admitted killing this youngster………my very dear friend Stevie Wonder has decided to keep his incredible talent from those states that carry the “Stand Your Ground” law here in the United States (30) of them and i am going to join him as i feel as seriously concerned as he does that we have to start caring more about each other and conversing with regard to the values we ALL should share with regards to our lives and the well being of each other………….it’s really a shame that we feel the need to have to carry a weapon to feel safe around each other………….i will miss those states that have supported my career for these past 50 years but i feel absolutely compelled to show solidarity with Stevie showing him he is not alone in feeling the way he does……….we in the entertainment world have always been the ones who looked at PEACEFUL WAYS THROUGH OUR MUSIC and again i feel the absence of our MUSIC in those places that in reality have (in my opinion) no true regard for the preservation of life, and equality for all RACES, CREEDS, RELIGIONS, AND COLORS should take a step FORWARD, not BACKWARD and realize, as i was taught, WE ARE ALL HERE FOR THE PURPOSE OF TAKING CARE OF ONE ANOTHER and not to bring DISPARE AND HARM………..please know that this is my TRUE feeling and hope we can as the song says “PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN OUR HEARTS” please continue to take good care of yourselves and know that i truly LOVE ALL OF YOU.



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