Zimmerman Juror Tells Anderson Cooper That Some Wanted To Convict Initially

Only the US can create such melodrama. Not even 24 hours since the verdict and the postmortems, the book deals , the movie deals are flying off the pages! It is scenes like this that puts Capitalism at its worst. Capitalism knows only one color: that color is green; all else is necessarily subservient to it, hence, race, gender and ethnicity cannot be considered within it….in the face of a death of a youngsters’ life all you here is …KA CHING!
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George Zimmerman Not Guilty: Jury Lets Trayvon Martin Killer Go

I cannot say I am surprised with the verdict. When you have a ‘Stand your Ground’ law being challenged you are going to have a hard time fighting that in court. In essence the case was not about the brutal death of TM but rather was the law broken, period. It was not according to the jury. Make no mistake about it – an innocent life was killed by a trigger happy wanna be vigilante who had very little regard for this kid. Was racism the real cause of TM death? You sure bet it was. No one will admit it because it is the wrong thing to say America. GZ had very little regard for the youngster and his bigotry dehumanized him and with the confrontation between them the perfect storm was created. TM was denied his humanity, his dignity and his personhood. That is what GZ is guilty of.
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Un-Coupling Usain Bolt & Jamaica

Un-Coupling Usain Bolt & Jamaica.

Found this article today and responded in kind. Have a read for yourself and I encourage your comments.

My Response: Shawn, you hit the nail on the head but sadly Jamaica is and will be a polarized nation with the ‘us’ and ‘them’. It is our DMZ line that stunts our growth. The political leaders are silent not because they want to but they cowardly have to. As for the church leaders they are the witches stirring the pot of hate so expect no leadership from them.The educated Jamaicans know better than to say anything at home as it may cause their possible death and/or dismay so they take to the skies and leave “them” behind to suffer because of their ignorance. So what’s left- the 60%. That 60% of the populace that clammers for anything and everything, the hustlers, the sellers, the ones that only know patios as their first language. That 60% is corrupted by the very leaders who say nothing and by the entertainers like Beenie man who changes his personal stance to save his own hide. So when will this all start to change – when the WORLD changes and begins to isolate Jamaica. A Jamaica triumphant in the sporting arena but weak in the social and human rights agenda is like a beautiful pitbull parading at a dog show but got wild and attacks the judges. You have to put it down. Weakness on both sides is as we know , the motto to all quarrels. The country is a very weak country- weak in leadership, vision, discipline and character. The actions now will affect other generations. It is them thankfully that will clean up the mess created by the present because by then the world would have passed Jamaica by and the only option Jamaica has is to change because they are no longer able to change the situation so they are challenged to change themselves.

T.E.N Launches


T.E.N officially launched into business on Saturday June 22 with their first official event which was a corporate one presented by the Pharmaceutical society of Jamaica. 

T.E.N is a community of qualified professionals whose passion for entertainment drives them to deliver on its core promise- we make it happen. Corporations or any business place for that matter invest in the pursuit of very specific business purpose. Whether they are gathering employees or customers, they expect their investment to yield tangible business results. Entertainment turbo-charges that investment.

Pulling people away from their desks to go to a meeting or gather them around a pool deck or a dinner table only guarantees the person’s physical presence in that time and place. Entertainment accelerates the process of getting your guests or employees detached from their day-to- day routine, fully engaged in the moment, and connecting with each other and to the company’s message. The bottom line: entertainment increases impact. This is where we come in- we make something happen where nothing existed.