Today Sunday February 22 is the 5th annual Peter Tosh Festival at his Memorial Gardens in Westmoreland and it is simply organized with one aim which is to recognize the work of Peter Tosh and memorialize his powerful and  prolific music, the man who spoke of legalizing marijuana ever since it was even politically correct to speak about legalizing this bastardized herb.

Peter, the Bush Doctor, knew from an early age that declaring marijuana as a crime was nothing more than political hogwash forced down the throat by the imperialist US government that was intentionally designed  for its own gains. He recognized imperialism for what it was,  the political oppression and forced mental  slavery on the meek and poor, . He was the foremost preacher of equal rights and justice for all, not just for those  the oppressor felt was worthy of it. As a result of his outspoken and unapologetic words , he was not the establishment’s favorite reggae artist.

That did not stop him. His music spoke what he believed  and those that heard his message listened and knew that like his other musical colleague Bob, this man was no ordinary man.

“In the beginning there was the word. The word was Jah. The word is in I, Jah is in I. I make what is good, better, and what is better, best. I follow this in every aspect of life.”
– Peter Tosh

He followed his own words and delivered, song after song the same message: equal rights andlegalize it. Those words that meant doing the unthinkable, removing the barriers created and opening the gates of freedom. His music was not just for listening pleasure, but for most, it was their university, the only place where music became the medium and through the tutor, the man who is considered illiterate, understood and was edified.

“If I make some music to get up and it’s not intellectually exquisite enough, then people don’t put their mind to what I’m saying. They reluctantly listen because they have ears. But some people want more; they want to learn. My music has something to teach people.” Peter Tosh, 1979.

Peter was no messiah, I liken him to  John the Baptist, preaching his own gospel and setting fire to those that were the oppressors. It is interesting and somewhat symbolic that the name Peter Tosh is not officially revered in his homeland Jamaica as much as his other colleague, but it continues to speak of the character of those that hold the handle of power. Outright patronizing, granting of the OM or abject loss of memory of what Peter meant to the cultural heritage and international profile of Jamaica can only render comfort to fools. The people of Jamaica know the truth, and it will be from the people that Peter’s place in history will be cemented in perpetuity.

“I’m gonna stop singing and flash lightning and make everybody observe that who wants to criticize. Yes, everything I&I do, them just keep on criticizing, and I&I never done anything wrong.” Peter to Melody Maker, 1978

Peter has done no wrong. Like him or hate him he was special not only for Jamaica but for his people. He educated the poor man, brought life teachings for him to understand and telling the world that he, a Jamaican speaks for equal rights and justice a message that South Africa and their friends  at the time, were not comfortable to hear. Peter deserves more and he will get more. He too will stand on the exalted rock of Jah Rastafari and along with Bob and their spiritual leader, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie, they will welcome those who heard their words and lived a life of self empowerment , love and personal freedom.

“Peter would probably be very interested in the political rappers remaining in the hip-hop world, hurling their accusations at the oppressor class, but I think he would be deeply frustrated by the lack of exposure that militant artistes, such as himself, still face.” –Roger Steffens


“This man and that man
Yes, they are the same man
You taught us this just as well
That the rich man heaven is the poor man’s hell”
-Peter Tosh “Burial”

“…so I don’t count millions of papers because paper will come & paper will go but my ability & my integrity is here forever, seen. So I am more than a zillionaire.” –

Peter on self-worth, 1983.

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Quotes and pictures from Peter Tosh Facebook  Page. You can also get more information at his official website: PeterTosh 


I read this piece from ATTN media and thought I would post it. It is the continuing saga of  race relations in the USA especially the south. The judge gave eloquent remarks in the sentencing of the 3 white defendants. I have not edited any of this piece. It is concise, open and faces the issue head on. It also gives hope especially those that think Justice is blind to racial issues. The good news is it is not blind. The bad news is we still have ways to go.
There will be those that will resist the wave of change either out of ignorance or stupidity, hoping to maintain the status quo. We cannot let them. We cannot give up either as giving up means laying down in acceptance. Those that know better must do better as doing better is not only a choice, its also our only option.

Image via Jackson State University.

Last Tuesday, Deryl Dedmon, Dylan Butler and John Rice were sentenced by Federal District Court Judge Carlton Reeves regarding the 2011 assault and murder of James Craig Anderson, a black man in Jackson, Mississippi. Details of the attack show that it was brutal, disgusting, and completely unwarranted. It was, unfortunately, just one in a long and storied history of Mississippians committing violence against black people.

But perhaps more impactful than the verdict itself were the remarks from Reeves, wherein he showed how the trajectory of the state’s history of violence and excusing of its perpetrators has led to this continued violence, calling it the expression of Mississippi’s long-held “savagery.” It’s an incredibly powerful and necessary read as we continue to push for a more honest discussion about race relations in the United States.

And now, thanks to Breach of Peace, you can read the whole thing — in full — below. And you should, because facing these realities head-on is the only way we’ll move forward as a nation fractured but looking to heal.

One of my former history professors, Dennis Mitchell, recently released a history book entitled,A New History of Mississippi. “Mississippi,” he says, “is a place and a state of mind. The name evokes strong reactions from those who live here and from those who do not, but who think they know something about its people and their past.” Because of its past, as described by Anthony Walton in his book, Mississippi: An American Journey, Mississippi “can be considered one of the most prominent scars on the map” of these United States. Walton goes on to explain that “there is something different about Mississippi; something almost unspeakably primal and vicious; something savage unleashed there that has yet to come to rest.” To prove his point, he notes that, “[o]f the 40 martyrs whose names are inscribed in the national Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, AL, 19 were killed in Mississippi.” “How was it,” Walton asks, “that half who died did so in one state?” — My Mississippi, Your Mississippi and Our Mississippi.

Mississippi has expressed its savagery in a number of ways throughout its history — slavery being the cruelest example, but a close second being Mississippi’s infatuation with lynchings. Lynchings were prevalent, prominent and participatory. A lynching was a public ritual — even carnival-like — within many states in our great nation. While other States engaged in these atrocities, those in the deep south took a leadership role, especially that scar on the map of America — those 82 counties between the Tennessee line and the Gulf of Mexico and bordered by Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama.

Vivid accounts of brutal and terrifying lynchings in Mississippi are chronicled in various sources: Ralph Ginzburg’s 100 Years of Lynching and Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America, just to name two. But I note that today, the Equal Justice Initiative released Lynching in America: Confronting the Terror of of Racial Terror; apparently, it too is a must-read.

In Without Sanctuary, historian Leon Litwack writes that between 1882 and 1968 an estimated 4,742 Blacks met their deaths at the hands of lynch mobs.1 The impact this campaign of terror had on black families is impossible to explain so many years later. That number contrasts with the 1,401 prisoners who have been executed legally in the United States since 1976.2 In modern terms, that number represents more than those killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom3 and more than twice the number of American casualties in Operation Enduring Freedom4 — the Afghanistan conflict. Turning to home, this number also represents 1,700 more than who were killed on 9/11.5 Those who died at the hands of mobs, Litwack notes, some were the victims of “legal” lynchings — having been accused of a crime, subjected to a “speedy” trial and even speedier execution. Some were victims of private white violence and some were merely the victims of “Nigger hunts” — murdered by a variety of means in isolated rural sections and dumped into rivers and creeks. “Back in those days,” according to black Mississippians describing the violence of the 1930’s, “to kill a Negro wasn’t nothing. It was like killing a chicken or killing a snake. The whites would say, ‘Niggers jest supposed to die, ain’t no damn good anyway — so jest go an’ kill ’em.’ . . . They had to have a license to kill anything but a Nigger. We was always in season.”6 Said one white Mississippian, “A white man ain’t a-going to be able to live in this country if we let niggers start getting biggity.”7 And, even when lynchings had decreased in and around Oxford, one white resident told a visitor of the reaffirming quality of lynchings: “It’s about time to have another [one],” he explained, “[w]hen the niggers get so that they are afraid of being lynched, it is time to put the fear in them.”8

How could hate, fear or whatever it was that transformed genteel, God-fearing, God-loving Mississippians into mindless murderers and sadistic torturers? I ask that same question about the events which bring us together on this day. Those crimes of the past as well as these have so damaged the psyche and reputation of this great State.

Mississippi soil has been stained with the blood of folk whose names have become synonymous with the Civil Rights Movement like Emmett Till, Willie McGee, James Cheney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, Vernon Dahmer, George W. Lee, Medgar Evers and Mack Charles Parker. But the blood of the lesser-known people like Luther Holbert and his wife,9 Elmo Curl,10 Lloyd Clay,11 John Hartfield,12 Nelse Patton,13 Lamar Smith,14 Clinton Melton,15 Ben Chester White, Wharlest Jackson and countless others, saturates these 48,434 square miles of Mississippi soil. On June 26, 2011, four days short of his 49th birthday, the blood of James Anderson was added to Mississippi’s soil.

The common denominator of the deaths of these individuals was not their race. It was not that they all were engaged in freedom fighting. It was not that they had been engaged in criminal activity, trumped up or otherwise. No, the common denominator was that the last thing that each of these individuals saw was the inhumanity of racism. The last thing that each felt was the audacity and agony of hate; senseless hate: crippling, maiming them and finally taking away their lives.

Mississippi has a tortured past, and it has struggled mightily to reinvent itself and become a New Mississippi. New generations have attempted to pull Mississippi from the abyss of moral depravity in which it once so proudly floundered in. Despite much progress and the efforts of the new generations, these three defendants are before me today: Deryl Paul Dedmon, Dylan Wade Butler and John Aaron Rice. They and their coconspirators ripped off the scab of the healing scars of Mississippi . . . causing her (our Mississippi) to bleed again.

Hate comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and from this case, we know it comes in different sexes and ages. A toxic mix of alcohol, foolishness and unadulterated hatred caused these young people to resurrect the nightmarish specter of lynchings and lynch mobs from the Mississippi we long to forget. Like the marauders of ages past, these young folk conspired, planned, and coordinated a plan of attack on certain neighborhoods in the City of Jackson for the sole purpose of harassing, terrorizing, physically assaulting and causing bodily injury to black folk. They punched and kicked them about their bodies — their heads, their faces. They prowled. They came ready to hurt. They used dangerous weapons; they targeted the weak; they recruited and encouraged others to join in the coordinated chaos; and they boasted about their shameful activity. This was a 2011 version of the Nigger hunts.

Though the media and the public attention of these crimes have been focused almost exclusively on the early morning hours of June 26, 2011, the defendants’ terror campaign is not limited to this one incident. There were many scenes and many actors in this sordid tale which played out over days, weeks, and months. There are unknown victims like the John Doe at the golf course who begged for his life and the John Doe at the service station. Like a lynching, for these young folk going out to “Jafrica” was like a carnival outing. It was funny to them – – an excursion which culminated in the death of innocent, African-American James Craig Anderson. On June 26, 2011, the fun ended.

But even after Anderson’s murder, the conspiracy continued . . . And, only because of a video, which told a different story from that which had been concocted by these defendants, and the investigation of law enforcement — state and federal law enforcement working together — was the truth uncovered.

What is so disturbing . . . so shocking . . . so numbing . . . is that these Nigger hunts were perpetrated by our children . . . students who live among us . . . educated in our public schools . . . in our private academies . . . students who played football lined up on the same side of scrimmage line with black teammates . . . average students and honor students. Kids who worked during school and in the summers; kids who now had full-time jobs and some of whom were even unemployed. Some were pursuing higher education and the Court believes they each had dreams to pursue. These children were from two-parent homes and some of whom were the children of divorced parents, and yes some even raised by a single parent. No doubt, they all had loving parents and loving families.

In letters received on his behalf, Dylan Butler, whose outing on the night of June 26 was not his first, has been described as “a fine young man,” “a caring person,” “a well mannered man” who is truly remorseful and wants to move on with his life . . . a very respectful . . . a good man . . . a good person . . . a loveable, kind-hearted teddy bear who stands in front of bullies . . . and who is now ashamed of what he did. Butler’s family is a mixed-race family: for the last 15 years, it has consisted of an African-American step-father and step-sister plus his mother and two sisters. The family, according to the step-father, understandably is “saddened and heart broken.”

These were everyday students like John Aaron Rice, who got out of his truck, struck James Anderson in the face and kept him occupied until others arrived . . . . Rice was involved in multiple excursions to so-called “Jafrica”, but he, for some time, according to him and his mother, and an African-American friend shared his home address.

And, sadly, Deryl Dedmon, who straddled James Anderson and struck him repeatedly in the face and head with his closed fists. He too was a “normal” young man indistinguishable in so many ways from his peers. Not completely satisfied with the punishment to which he subjected James Anderson, he “deliberately used his vehicle to run over James Anderson – – killing him.” Dedmon now acknowledges he was filled with anger.

I asked the question earlier, but what could transform these young adults into the violent creatures their victims saw? It was nothing the victims did . . . they were not championing any cause . . . political . . . social . . . economic . . . nothing they did . . . not a wolf whistle . . . not a supposed crime . . . nothing they did. There is absolutely no doubt that in the view of the Court the victims were targeted because of their race.

The simple fact is that what turned these children into criminal defendants was their joint decision to act on racial hatred. In the eyes of these defendants (and their coconspirators) the victims were doomed at birth . . . their genetic make-up made them targets.

In the name of White Power, these young folk went to “Jafrica” to “fuck with some niggers!” – – Echos of Mississippi’s past. White Power! Nigger! According to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, that word Nigger is the “universally recognized opprobrium, stigmatizing African-Americans because of their race.”16 It’s the nuclear bomb of racial epithets – – as Farai Chideya has described the term. With their words, with their actions – – “I just ran that Nigger over” – – there is no doubt that these crimes were motivated by the race of the victims. And from his own pen, Dedmon, sadly and regretfully wrote that he did it out of “hatred and bigotry.”

The Court must respond to one letter it received from one identified as a youth leader in Dylan Butler’s church, a mentor, he says and who describes Dylan as “a good person.” The point that “[t]here are plenty of criminals that deserve to be incarcerated,” is well taken. Your point that Dylan is not one of them — not a criminal . . . is belied by the facts and the law. Dylan was an active participant in this activity, and he deserves to be incarcerated under the law. What these defendants did was ugly . . . it was painful . . . it is sad . . . and it is indeed criminal.

In the Mississippi we have tried to bury, when there was a jury verdict for those who perpetrated crimes and committed lynchings in the name of WHITE POWER . . . that verdict typically said that the victim died at the hands of persons unknown. The legal and criminal justice system operated with ruthless efficiency in upholding what these defendants would call WHITE POWER.

Today, though, the criminal justice system (state and federal) has proceeded methodically, patiently and deliberately seeking justice. Today we learned the identities of the persons unknown . . . they stand here publicly today. The sadness of this day also has an element of irony to it: each defendant was escorted into court by agents of an African-American United States Marshal; having been prosecuted by a team of lawyers which includes an African-American AUSA from an office headed by an African-American U.S. Attorney — all under the direction of an African-American Attorney General, for sentencing before a judge who is African-American, whose final act will be to turn over the care and custody of these individuals to the BOP — an agency headed by an African-American.

Today we take another step away from Mississippi’s tortured past . . . we move farther away from the abyss. Indeed, Mississippi is a place and a state of mind. And those who think they know about her people and her past will also understand that her story has not been completely written. Mississippi has a present and a future. That present and future has promise. As demonstrated by the work of the officers within these state and federal agencies — black and white; male and female, in this Mississippi, they work together to advance the rule of law. Having learned from Mississippi’s inglorious past, these officials know that in advancing the rule of law, the criminal justice system must operate without regard to race, creed or color. This is the strongest way Mississippi can reject those notions — those ideas which brought us here today.

At their guilty plea hearings, Deryl Paul Dedmon, Dylan Wade Butler and John Aaron Rice told the world exactly what their roles were . . . it is ugly . . . it is painful . . . it is sad . . . it is criminal.

The Court now sentences the defendants as follows: [The specific sentences are not part of the judge’s prepared remarks.]

The Court has considered the advisory guidelines computations and the sentencing factors under 18 U.S.C. § 3553(a). The Court has considered the defendants’ history and characteristics. The Court has also considered unusual circumstances — the extraordinary circumstances — and the peculiar seriousness and gravity of those offenses. I have paid special attention to the plea agreements and the recommendations of the United States. I have read the letters received on behalf of the defendants. I believe these sentences provide just punishment to each of these defendants and equally important, I believe they serve as adequate deterrence to others and I hope that these sentences will discourage others from heading down a similar life-altering path. I have considered the Sentencing Guidelines and the policy statements and the law. These sentences are the result of much thought and deliberation.

These sentences will not bring back James Craig Anderson nor will they restore the lives they enjoyed prior to 2011. The Court knows that James Anderson’s mother, who is now 89 years old, lived through the horrors of the Old Mississippi, and the Court hopes that she and her family can find peace in knowing that with these sentences, in the New Mississippi, Justice is truly blind. Justice, however, will not be complete unless these defendants use the remainder of their lives to learn from this experience and fully commit to making a positive difference in the New Mississippi. And, finally, the Court wishes that the defendants also can find peace.

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sexmythsRan upon this nice article and thought I would share it on my blog. It deals with the age old questions about SEX. As everyone is different some of you may not agree with a lot of the points raised. I have an issue or two with a  few but overall it is a good read.

Enjoy and leave your feedback!

LifeHack Article:

Despite living in the age of technology where the information of our race is freely available on the internet, there are still a lot of misinterpretations about sex. In this article, we’ll spend the next few minutes debunking sex myths.
1. Size matters

No, folks, size does not matter. It has been proven time and time again that size really doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s been shown that some women actually wish their partners were shorter or thinner! According to Debby Herbenick, men and women enjoy sex more when they’re psychologically into each other regardless of size.
2. Aphrodisiacs don’t exist

There is a multimillion dollar industry around selling people foods, drinks, concoctions, potions, lotions, pills, etc that claim to increase your sex drive. That multimillion dollar industry is full of it. There is no such thing as an aphrodisiac and there is no way drinking that weird, expensive smoothie is going to make your sex drive better. It’s just not happening.
3. Old people do actually have lots of sex

If you’re worried about getting it on when you’re older, don’t be. This chart (pictured above) shows that old people have sex quite a bit. Studies have also shown that more than 50% of people between the ages of 57 and 75 have engaged in oral sex at least once in the past year. Don’t worry, your golden years will be actually golden.
4. Pulling out is about as effective as condoms

I didn’t even believe this one when I first read it. According to a well publicized study, condoms have a 98% success rate when used perfectly. That same study concluded that pulling out had a 96% success rate when used perfectly. Since we are a world of humans and humans make mistakes, let’s assume they don’t get used perfectly. Pulling out drops to 82% when used imperfectly. Condoms? 83%. That means all you’re really doing when you put on that condom is preventing STDs, which means you should still totally use them.
5. The first time women have sex, it doesn’t hurt because of the hymen

This is a widely misunderstood rumor even among women. In reality, the first time being painful has nothing to do with the breaking of the hymen because, in most cases, the hymen is already broken through things like athletics, menstruation, self-exploration, and other things. There are a lot of rumors but the underlying commonality is this: when women are going through the anxiety of their first time and men are doing it wrong (which we often are thanks to the porn industry), it interferes with the woman’s ability to create natural lubrication. The resulting friction is what is actually causing pain.
6. Men are not intimidated by vibrators

Nope, not even a little bit. In fact, in most cases, men hope that you’ll pull out your toy to join in the fun. Not necessarily for use on us but for use on you. Vibrators have the advantage of being thrust by hand which takes way less effort than thrusting with a pelvis and they also vibrate. It’s like a cheat code for the female orgasm. If we can’t get it done or we’re not in the mood that night, the vibrator can be a life saver. That means it’s totally cool to pull it out and play with it. Just don’t say things like, “it feels so much better than you do.” That’s just mean spirited and cruel.
7. The g-spot does, in fact, exist

Yes, the elusive erogenous zone long thought to be a made up fairy tale is actually real. Researchers have found that the g-spot is an area of denser tissue between the vaginal wall and the urethra. The spot varies in placement from person to person but it is definitely there. We’ll leave how to find it up to the imagination.
8. Men can actually have multiple orgasms

As if our risk for death via heart attack wasn’t already high enough, it has been proven that men can actually have multiple orgasms. The key is that men often associate ejaculation with climax and that’s wrong. Men can only ejaculate once but if you come really close and back off at the right moment, you can actually get to climax without actually ejaculating. Then it’s a matter of calming down for a minute or so, then going back at it.
9. Women do, in fact, watch porn

Don’t try to deny it ladies. Researchers have proven that erotic images and video can stimulate sexual desire in women just as effectively as men so it’s just as likely that women derive enjoyment from pornography as men do.
10. Vaginal intercourse is not always the best way to bring a female to orgasm

Human sexuality is a widely unexplored concept for most people. You could have three kids and been married for 20 years and still not found what really makes you tick in the bedroom. There are fetishes, wires that get crossed (one woman out there can make herself orgasm by brushing her teeth), and various other stimuli that can affect what makes a woman truly enjoy herself. it has been widely publicized that clitoral stimulation is the best answer for what a woman really wants but even then that’s not a sure thing. Sexuality is like a fingerprint or a snowflake. Everyone has slightly different tastes and you can’t use the same moves on all women and expect them to work.

Men and women have been trying to figure out the best ways to have sex for enjoyment for thousands of years now. Thankfully, the point is to have kids so as long as you can accomplish that you’re doing sex right on a biological level. However, with a little exploring, a little research, and a little bit of adventurous spirit, you can find what works for you and your partner and everyone can, in fact, go home a winner.

From the site: LifeHack.

Featured p


Can you imagine. my good buddy Paul Brunson, leading relationships expert shares his reason why he  hates Valentine’s day. Great read.

I’m about to write the one post you would never expect a professional matchmaker to write. So, first, let me clarify that I am actually a matchmaker. Yes, that’s my “real” job and one that I love.

This time of year is the Super Bowl of my industry – lots of events, lots of media attention, lots of new client requests. You would think I should just shut my mouth and enjoy the ride. However, I can’t…because I hate Valentine’s Day.

Hate Valentine's Day

Yes, that’s how I truly feel and let me give you the 7 reasons why…

1)  You get “penalized’ if you’re not in a relationship

Let’s face it, nothing is worse than being alone on Valentine’s Day. At least, that’s what our society tells us. Several studies suggest that being alone on Valentine’s Day can cause depression in both teenagers and adults.

2)  You get “penalized” if you’re in a relationship

I’ve been married 12 years and I still feel the stress to “make something extravagant happen” on Valentine’s Day. The pressure doesn’t come from my wife, but from everyone else who asks me (and my wife gets similar questions, too), “What big surprise are you planning for your wife this year, Paul?” “How many roses is she getting this year?” “You know girls love diamonds Paul, are you giving her some?” And on and on. The second she or I hint at doing something “low-key” on Valentine’s Day, the eyes start to roll.

3)  People make wild purchases they really can’t afford

Guess when the most profitable time of year for matchmakers and online dating sites is? That’s right, Valentine’s Day. I notice with my matchmaking agency this is the time of year when inquiries for services spike.

I’ve had many clients tell me that it was so important they attempt to find a mate that they have delayed buying a car they needed or they made other significant sacrifices – which indicates that this was not a service they could truly afford. This “holiday” drives a “desperation” on the part of many. And, as a result, price is no longer important (the sad thing is corporations know this, which brings me to my next point).

4)  We all get price-gouged

When would someone in their right mind pay $500 for a couple’s dinner, or $150 for flowers, or $75 for a box of chocolates? NEVER… except on Valentine’s Day. Nearly every business inflates their prices on Valentine’s Day. The crazy thing is, we all know about this artificial inflation and STILL line up to get ripped off.

5)  It prematurely forces people in or out of relationships

The days leading up to Valentine’s Day and the days right after are some of the busiest in the romance “game.” It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that days leading up to (and on) Valentine’s Day, are the most popular for proposals and exclusive dating commitments.

Care to guess what the days following Valentine’s Day are most popular for? That’s right, break-ups. I’m not saying these are couples would not have eventually committed to each other or broken up with each other, anyway. But, the Valentine’s Day season brings about feelings of “do or die,” and ultimatums never help a relationship.

6)  Kids are indoctrinated too young

My 3-year-old is ridiculously excited about Valentine’s Day. Almost too much so. What does he know about it? You give and get gifts. That’s it. I know this is where parents need to step in, but it’s damn hard when the country wraps up the Christmas holidays, and it feels like almost immediately after, every store inundates us with Valentine’s Day promotions. I chalk this up to corporate programming at it’s best (bringing me to my next point).

7)  Inappropriate focus on gifts

Love takes on many forms. According to Dr. Gary Chapman, we actually give and receive love in 5 ways, but if you were dropped on this planet on Valentine’s Day, you would think it’s all about gifts and nothing else. Buy this, buy this, buy this, is the theme EVERYWHERE we go and that messaging impacts us psychologically. So much so, that we’re programmed to believe gifts are the single most important tool to obtain and receive love (and it’s not – quality time is significantly more important).

Let me end by saying despite all this hating on Valentine’s Day I just did, I am, ironically, a romantic. However, the commercialization (of all holidays) just ain’t working. Sure, it generates billions of dollars and I’m sure some economists can trace that back to more jobs, country security, etc., BUT we’re being negatively impacted, as well. In my opinion, the corporate takeover of Valentine’s Day is doing far more harm than good for relationships today and, more importantly, relationships tomorrow.

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?


.A good friend wrote this piece. Thought i would share it with you. Have a loving day family.

Though you are wise, knowing a lot of stuff has not brought you lasting happiness. Though you understand the signs of the times and can predict the future, this has not brought you a great joy.  Though you have overcome serious personal challenges you still feel vulnerable. Though you have given generously to those in need, and even suffered as a result, this has not brought you much fulfillment. It all has a hollow ring. But today you are growing up.

When you were young you depended on the affection of others to experience LOVE.  And when you were with your Lovers it was like looking at each other through a very dark glass. Oh how you both stumbled in the dark, finding only fleeting glimpses of LOVE!  Back then you only saw a piece at a time. And this was fine. Children learn a little at a time. Now you are grown and you can see more clearly.

Today realize that your darkened glass is really a mirror. You and LOVE are face to face! And you are the face of LOVE. LOVE has waited patiently for you and knows you as its SELF. LOVE is gentle, it is an energy as soft as a baby’s touch, yet strong and lasting enough to fuel eternity.  LOVE sees no evil and knows no differences. LOVE wants for nothing. LOVE experiences itself as everything.  It grows everything and rejoices in its creation. LOVE is invincible.  All knowledge is dated and no prediction is ever certain. But know this: LOVE will outlast all knowledge and predictions. LOVE is the only real thing.

Three great principles evolve the cycle of your LIFE. The first is HOPE: your deep desire to experience more. The second is FAITH: your ability to materialize all your desires. The third and the most important is the source of the two. It is LOVE: recognizing within your SELF the source of all LIFE.

1 Corinthians 13

by Olubode Shawn Brown


stewardess3I challenge you. If you know 5 or more of these little known facts you are a genius. Read on and be mesmerized.
  is the longest word typed with only the left hand
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
And “lollipop”  is the longest word typed with your right hand.

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 Our eyes are always the same size from birth,  but our nose and ears never stop growing.eyes
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The sentence: 
“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”  uses every letter of the alphabet.
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The words ‘racecar,’
 ‘kayak’ and ‘level’ are the same whether they are read left to right or right to left (palindromes).
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A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.
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A goldfish 
has a memory span of three seconds.
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A “jiffy” is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second.

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A snail can sleep for three years.
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Almonds are a member of the peach family.

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An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.
 (I know some people like that also)
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babyBabies are born without kneecaps.
 They don’t appear until the child reaches 2 to 6 years of age.
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February 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.

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In the last 4,000 years, no new animals have been domesticated.

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If the population of China
 walked past you, 8 abreast, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction.CHINESE
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LEONARDOLeonardo Da Vinci invented
 the scissors.
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The cruise liner, QE 2  moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns.
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The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.
 (Good thing he did that.)
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The winter of 1932 was so cold that Niagara Falls froze completely solid.Frozen Niagara Falls

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = There are more chickens than people in the world.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
CHURCHILLWinston Churchill
  was born in a ladies’ room during a dance.
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Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

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Bonus!! All the ants in Africa weigh more than ALL the Elephants!!


namaste A friend of mine wrote this little thought on her blog and I thought I would share it . It speaks of religion. Yes it is a topic a lot of people run away from discussing or even contemplating. Lets face it, from birth we grew into our parent’s religion, told to go to church on sundays, participate in the annual Christmas plays and if you are like me  in the Caribbean, the experience is extended to bible knowledge in schools. We were throughly brainwashed  to believing that growing up with some faith and religion was necessary to salvation and a passport to heaven. And oh yes, the deity we are praying to and following is white. I have no offense or prejudices, but who says Jesus was definitively white? Where was it written?

As we get older we get wiser or dumber, depending on the side of the scale you hang unto, and as adults we decide if we will continue in faith  with the “whitening of our soul” or you take the chance and dive deep into whatever you consider your religion. Its called growing up. Many of us do not.

For me religion is simple- it is within me, period. Me, my body, my whole self, the way I interact, what I do daily in the presence of others determines my religion. And yes I have an anchor that I need for reflection, enjoying the calm, listening to the voice that speaks within me. I call that anchor Father, others call him by whatever name suits them. So my religion does not need the vast temples, the need for celebratory sunday worship or the so called communion with others. Call it selfish, I call it loving and understanding me.

My friend’s thought is a reminder of this simple truth- your religion is not encased in temples or pretty frocks or sunday worship. Your religion should give you faith, should give you comfort, should give you strength and should give you peace. If it doesn’t then you are only a follower of a fad, one that will only lead you where all fads take you – nowhere!

Namaste: Paul.


“Our conscience determine our religious realities whether they reflect reality or not…” Andy Stanley. The way your religion was presented to you when you were young basically tells you your wrong and right. So if it was presented without value, without that super duper thing called love and instead with all the fanfare of sacred space and memorized verses and the bow down, thou are holy and they are sinners, then it will be kind of hard for you to build peace at any level. Most of all, it will be difficult for you to love anyone else but yourself.

If your religion doesn’t make you feel free, you are lost. The ‘temple model’ hasn’t worked for any religion, not even Christianity!

There you have it. Thing on these thoughts for a minute. Enjoy your day.


namaste 1