Vapid arguments about boycotting the equally vapid Oscars rage on with “Black Hollywood” dragging us into their tantrums. Do any of them hankering for awards ever marched on a BlackLifeMatters campaign? 
Do they ever boycott Louis Vuitton, Versace, Armani or some fat Italian geeser with a cigar in his mouth and instead, choose to promote talented unknown African designers when they flash their teeth on the red carpet? 
In 2014, “Best Supporting Actress”, a Kenyan, Lupita Nyong’o’s graced the red carpet at the Oscars. Her look was described as “GRECIAN, in a custom Prada gown, 18-karat headband by Fred Leighton”. Oh, she won an award for a re-run of “ROOTS”. White people just love congratulating us for remembering the emasculation of our kings. 
As recently as 1918, Mary Turner, a 21-year-old black woman, was lynched in Lowndes County, Georgia. The mob of several hundred white men tied her ankles, hung her upside down from a tree, doused her in gasoline and motor oil and set her on fire. While Turner was still alive, a member of the mob split her abdomen open with a knife. Her unborn child fell on the ground, where it gave a cry before it was stomped on and crushed. 
Mary’s story will never make “mainstream”. Too uncomfortable. “Mainstream” edits what it spends its money on and has become accustomed to shamelessly appropriating aspects of black culture they want. 
Elvis Presley sneaked behind the juke joints and listened to the heart-wrenching lyrics black folk were belting out and became “King of Rock and Roll.” The Beach Boys stole Chuck Berry’s lyrics. Elizabeth Taylor became Cleopatra. Our African braids became the Bo Derek Look. Now a white man will play Michael Jackson in a film. Oh yes, Joss Stone won Billboard’s reggae award. So what? WE know the truth, we do not need to watch their nonsense. 
Since 1953, only 31 from 2,947 Oscars have gone to black actors. Are these modern hangers-on so naive that they did not realise “mainstream” flashes them off its frock tails whenever it suits the society? 
Disingenuous at best. Hypocritical at worse.




Behind the ancient way of life for the Tuareg tribe of the Sahara is a culture so progressive it would even make some in liberal western cultures blush.

Women are allowed to have multiple sexual partners outside of marriage, keep all their property on divorce and are so revered by their sons-in-law that the young men wouldn’t dare eat in the same room.

What is even more surprising is that even though the tribe has embraced Islam they have firmly held onto some of the customs that would not be acceptable to the wider Muslim world.

It is the men, and not the women, who cover their faces, for example.

Photographer Henrietta Butler, who has been fascinated by the Tuareg since she first followed them through the desert in 2001, once asked why this was. The explanation was simple.

‘The women are beautiful. We would like to see their faces.’

But this is certainly not the only place the Tuareg, related to the Berbers of North Africa, differ from the Muslim world of the Middle East, and even other parts of their own continent.

Before a woman marries, she is free to take as many lovers as she wants.


These two children were pictured in December 1967. Tuareg children traditionally stay with their mothers after a divorce

‘They turn a blind eye,’ explained Butler. ‘The young girls have the same great freedoms as the boys.’

For years, the men of the Tuareg have been able to ride to a young woman’s tent, and sneak into the side entrance – while his well-trained camel stands quietly and waits.

There, they will spend the night together – while the family, who all live in the tent, politely pretend not to notice.

 Should the woman choose to welcome a different man into her tent the next day, so be it.

However, there is also a code of practice which none would dare break. Privacy is all important for this centuries old tribe of nomads, who once crossed the desert bringing dates, salt and saffron south, and slaves and gold north.


The idea of breaking the rules of courtship would be mortifying; as a result, the man is always gone before sunrise.

‘The Tuareg are utterly discreet. Everything is done with utmost discretion and respect,’ said Butler.

The relaxed customs around sexual partners has resulted in the girls getting married later than they may otherwise do, with the age of 20 not being uncommon.

Although, before then, they will have been wooed with poetry written by the men, who spend hours carefully crafting the words which they hope will win their beloved over.

But it is not a one-way street: the women are just as capable of putting pen to paper, using their own alphabet, taught to them by their mothers.

‘The women also make poetry eulogizing the men,’ says Butler. ‘There is high romance and idolatry.’


Unlike in so many other cultures, women lose none of their power once they marry either.

Many marriages end in divorce among the Tuareg. And when it happens, it is the wife who keeps both the animals and the tent. And it is she who normally decides that she’s had enough. 

His wife, meanwhile, will keep possession of everything she brought to the marriage and that includes the children.

The mother’s camp, Butler explains, is the root of the community, the home everyone returns to – and this arrangement ensures it stays that way.

And there is no shame in divorce. Families will often throw their daughters a divorce party, to let other men know they are available once more.

But this is not a matriarchal society, where the women are in charge.


Butler explains it is still the men ‘who sit and talk politics’. But even here, the women can be deferred to. They are often consulted for their views by their sons or husbands, and are quietly pulling the strings behind the scenes.  

However, Tuareg society is matri-lineal, which means the families trace their lines through the women, rather than the men, right the way back to their first queen.

So, Butler explained: ‘Traditionally, the man would belong to the woman’s group, rather than the other way around.’

The preference for the women’s line goes as far as man leaving his possessions to his sister’s son as it ‘is considered a stronger link to your family than to your own son’.

In other words, it can be guaranteed that your sister’s child belongs to your sister, rather than a man’s son, who cannot be absolutely guaranteed to share his genes.


Before young Tuareg women marry, they are allowed to take as many different lovers as they want – as long as they abide by the strict rules of privacy which govern their society.


This means the man must only arrive at her tent after dark, and leave before sunrise. Pictured: A Tuareg woman’s decorated hands.

But there is one tradition which is certainly far more unusual: it is highly rude for a man to eat in front of a woman who he cannot have sexual relations with, or any of his elders.

In front of his mother-in-law it is especially shameful.

‘I didn’t realize this until the I was having dinner with a Tuareg woman, who had brought her son-in-law as her traveling companion,’ Butler recalled.

‘We were all sitting down to dinner, and the man has his back turned. She said the poor man was completely horrified because he has to eat with his mother-in-law.’

But it is unlikely he would have ever complained about it, or felt sorry from himself. The very idea is horrendous to the Tuareg.

‘You would shame yourself. The Tuareg will go to great lengths to maintain personal dignity. They will suffer,’ said Butler.

‘If they are not offered water, they won’t ask for it – even if they are thirsty.’

Perhaps for this reason, the Tuareg welcome is legendary. They never forget to offer water, and travelers who appear on the horizon will always be ‘treated like a king’.


It means the mother’s tent is the heart of the community – although they do not eat together, and do much separately


It is the men who cover up their faces, while the women are happy to show off their faces – although they often cover their hair


The camels are of vital importance in the Sahara, and are often the only thing a man is left with when he gets divorced


A Tuareg man in a traditional indigo veil, which is likely to leave his face with a blue mark across his skin


The Tuareg’s many small groups are joined together by the same family tree – and at the top of that tree is the person who bought them all together.

And it should probably come as no surprise for a tribe which views women in such regard, that person was a queen.  

Tin Hinan is said to have traveled south from modern day Morocco to what would one day become Algeria in the fourth century, where she became the first queen of the Tuaregs.

It is from Tin Hinan – whose name translates as ‘she of the tents’ – that every noble family is said to descend.

Takamet, her handmaiden who traveled by her side, is believed to be the ancestor of the peasant caste. It is unlikely there will be any quibbling over who gets what. Pre-nuptial agreements are the norm.

In practice, this often means a man is forced to return home to his mother, possibly with just his camel and nothing else.

Now the Tuareg living in south-western Libya face a new threat – that of ISIS – while those living in Mali, Niger and northern Nigeria now have to contend with the rise of Boko Haram.


The Tuareg women, seen here arriving at the Tuareg Political Party speech in 2006, may not obviously be part of political life, but their opinion is highly valued by the men, who will likely discuss issues with their mother or wife.

Source: DailyMail UK | Henrietta Butler’s new book, Tuareg Time Re-post under Creative commons. All Rights Reserved to writer of original post and photographer.



Take a look at the scene here: Scene Great Debaters

There is a scene in the movie #GreatDebaters  with #DenzilWashington  where he was  explaining to his students who #WillieLynch was, how his method of lynching became famous and the fact that his students have technically lost their minds in preparation for their debate contest with another school.

It was a classic scene explaining the tragedy of accepting failure as an option and I thought in the midst of this #OscarSoWhite brew ha ha, I think #BlackHollywood need to see this scene as they have obviously lost their mind.

#BlackHollywood has bought into the false narrative that #WhiteHollywood is the single most important industry to which they belong and therefore have the right to equal opportunity. For years they have enjoyed the privileges extended, the champagne, the caviar, the intense spotlight and even past recognition of wining Oscars for work done by other African Americans. To them , or many of them at least, that had to be nothing but acceptance. How could this society called #Oscar, so liberal and off centered as he could be, not be inclusive?

Most actors from all denomination, color and creed have one thing in common, they tend to see the world as an open source market, one where the mantra “All For one and one for All” is the call to existence. Creativity does that to the brain at times. It makes the brain numb to reality as it carves out a world of fantasy.

Fantasy is sometimes a good thing but we must never forget to look through fantasy for reality. The reality of which we speak is this, Hollywood was created at the time when black talent neither existed, wanted or even accepted. It is certainly the oldest film industry from which many others have sprung, but to say it is the most influential is giving no respect to the other film industries from other countries around the world. Hollywood matters but so do ‘Bollywood” and “Nollywood”, “JamaicaWood” and a host of other ‘woods’.

The African American actors have lost their minds , plain and simple. Seeking acceptance from ‘Hollywood’ for their work in the form of a nomination or even better, a ‘golden statue’ is fawning to a belief that White Hollywood has accepted their color, from hair to toe, since the Civil Rights Act was passed in1964. It has not. Black actors merely became another source of people for white producers and directors to find talent that could play roles no white actor could possibly play to be believable.

The Oscars was built to shower greatness of cinematic achievements on their colleagues, it was an economic engine to create value for their colleagues and give the industry prominence by marketing this golden statue as the symbol of excellence. Through the great American marketing power, the symbol of this golden guy was the supreme emblematic symbol of acting. And Black America bought it hook, line and 24 karat worth of gold.

Saying #TheOscars is the epitome of acting does not make it so, neither does it make it right It is a gospel preached by the makers of the award, massaged by the money of the industry and accepted by the glitzy eyed dreamer who is also brainwashed to believe that Jesus Christ was also white and by extension everything that is good is also white! It is a false narrative.

No self respecting black actor in America will sit and wait on “change” in the Oscar nomination process and in that same context one can ask what change do they expect? He who has the money, calls the tune. I am sure every Black actor knows that simple truism. Black Hollywood and their audience have placed enough money in White Hollywood’s pockets for them to keep that false narrative alive and poignant. It is time they use their minds to be creative and channel their money towards their niche industry- a Black centered but not exclusive film industry.

The message going forward must be then that to take control of your life, you must move forward collectively and with a purpose. Unity amongst black actors is as rare as Hollywood nominating 9 black actors out of 10 for Best Actor in a Movie. It is a disease that apparently no one can find a cure. But if accolades and golden statues are what they seek, then I hope they do not expect Hollywood to change and suddenly become inclusive. I would suggest they collect their minds, create a solution and deal with the problem.

Boycotting is a waste of good energy. It is not an effective principle , strategy or common sense solution. it is, in this context, racist, the very same thing they are accusing White Hollywood and calling the event #OscarSoWhite.

Forget boycott. Find, take back and keep your righteous mind because obviously you have lost it.

Diversity is a disease of #WhiteHollywood. Inertia is a disease of #BlackHollywood.

Copyright © 2016 Kwesi All Rights Reserved.


Oh, cute Mr Mongoose, hard to catch. The Indian Mongoose was introduced to Jamaica in 1872 to kill the rats. But it has contributed to possible extinction of two of Jamaica’s endemic ground nesting birds – the Jamaica Petrel (Pterodroma caribbaea) and Jamaican Paruraque (Siphonorhis americana) – as well as the Giant Galliwasp (Celestrus occiduus), and a snake, the Black Racer (Alsophis ater). It is also a threat to the endemic Jamaican Iguana (Cyclura collei). OH DEAR!

The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) was introduced to Portland as tourist attractions at the Somerset Falls. Some escaped in the 1980 Allen and 1988 Gilbert hurricanes. The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park nearby contains about 923 endemic species of vascular plants and serves as an important watershed that is vital for the water supply to the eastern end of the island, including Kingston. There is anxiety that the deer do not wander in that area…
Deer have created havoc around Mount Pleasant, Shrewsbury, Content, Little Spring Garden, Swift River and Eden Wood. Farmers reported deer in their crops at dusk and dawn. But they are fighting back. Deer meat goes for about JS$400 dollars per pound. Poor Bambi!

Mr Camel recently re-entered Jamaica as tourist attraction at the Prospect Estate in St Mary. In the 1600s, camels were brought to Jamaica from the Canary Islands to carry sugar and rum to the market.
But the “ships of the desert” either rebelled against slavery or the roads were much too rocky for their hoofs and hills too steep. Seems that nature had designed them only for extensive and level sandy deserts. The poor docile animals died out then. We are yet to see whether camels on the Prospect Estate will create havoc on the island. 



If you want to know how far gossip travels, do this – take a feather pillow up on a roof, slice it open, and let the feathers fly away on the wind. Then go and find every single feather and re-stuff the pillow.
If you can imagine gossip has been the bane of human existence for centuries upon centuries , it boggles my mind that it continues to thrive all these years.
It was Barbara Walters who once said, “Show me someone who never gossips, and I’ll show you someone who isn’t interested in people”. 
She may have a point there but invariably the interest in people is  usually pointed to their destruction , the salacious details  that usually attend every story is  embellished by the fabled ‘Chinese telephone’. Gossip becomes ‘truth’ as it gathers strength like a swirling hurricane . How can it not be true, especially if so many people are ”gossiping “about it! Right?
Gossip has become a part of our human DNA and there are a few people that will fervently declare they have no part in it.  But it is difficult to turn a blind eye when the gossip is about you. Gossip is never about a scientific phenomenon or an indisputable fact of history. Indeed for the talk to be labelled ‘gossip’ it must supply ample moisture to the tongue.
Facts are never edifying enough for this to occur. For every gossip to live a long life, it must be mixed with  a sizable amount of unbelievable entertainment values.
In history there has been many ‘juicy’ gossips. Some have some truths, others sheer nonsense. But whatever the outcome it is indisputable gossip is nothing but a tax you pay for being known. The more popular you are, the more the gossip becomes news that are usually edited over cans of beer or cups of tea.
Matt Drudge, cyber columnist of the Drudge Report, says it best:  “I don’t call it journalism. I go where the stink is.”
And how stink it usually is.gossip.JPG



One of the first lessons you learn as a Man is to decide what type of Man you want to be. Do you want to be a Man of earthly Success or a Man of Value? Despite his success, Bolt continues to show everyone that he is a Man of Value.

Quotes form Bolt: On dating married Women:
“I have principle… Not even for a fling, I am not that type of person. I have been in the situation where a married woman, never used to wear her ring and I never knew until the last moment and I said ‘no I can’t do this’,”

“My thing is.. If you are married you should be happy, if you are not happy leave the person. That’s how I see it so why should I involve myself?

On Having Kids early……Bolt said:
“daddy, listen, I’m not gonna be like you.” He said this is why he is not pressured into having kids just because all his friends do. “I want to stay away from the baby mama drama. I can’t deal with it,” Bolt said as he laughed, adding “I have to have all my his three children with one woman. This is what I really want.”

Nothing on earth can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.