The little movie that could -Taken 2

If most of you had seen Taken last year you would probably wonder like me why this movie did not make it to the big screen. The movie was a hit. It made so much money and got so many good responses  that the producers decided to do a sequel. The good news is the sequel is here .

Former CIA man Bryan Mills finds his family under threat once again from another posse of Albanian kidnappers… and this time, it’s extremely personal.

Rade Serbedzija plays the father of one of the goons offed by Mills in the first Taken film, and it’s he who orchestrates the attack on his family. This time, it’s his wife (Famke Janssen) they snatch, and Mills is every bit as angry as he was last time.

Fortunately his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) manages to evade the kidnappers, but she still ends up in the firing line when Mills enlists her to help him save her mother.

The action is set in historic and beautiful Istanbul and judging from the trailer Taken 2 promises to be another smasher. The movie is scheduled to open in October in the UK and certainly in the US as well.

Taken 2 Movie Trailer

Quick Thoughts: The reporters’ interruption of President Obama

Ok most people don’t know this but from kindergarten you were taught to NOT INTERRUPT someone when they are speaking. I know this is very foreign to some people but it is social manners 101. Where I come from the Caribbean you get a whooping whenever you do that in front of your parents. Tucker Carlson, this spoilt brat cannot and will not throw his employee under the bus as they are both alike – uncouth! So sadly it is what it is and the fact that the President is also african american makes it even more exciting for him to put him in his place.
There is a saying in Jamaica – “Cack mout kill cack.” MEANING – One should never boast, nor should one speak out of turn. We should choose our words with care, lest we, by our own tactlessness, cause ourselves unhappiness.

Wind beneath their Wings- Jamaica vs the USA

I have no problem with Bob or his talented children including Cedella who is now a designer  in her own right. Thank God she is not singing. Cedella has been designing her urban wear for her market and has been doing very well for her clothing inspired by her father’s message through his songs.

She was invited to design the clothing for the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London for the celebrated Jamaica team who is suddenly the toast of all London. The team is a super star and will be treated as such. Thanks to the sprinting machine they have propelled the team to the only little nation that can embarrass the big bad USA. The little engine that could actually did it . They gave the USA a whooping in 2008 that the USA has never gotten over  and has spent the last 4 years planning how they are going to come back and whoop this little nation back into its place. The plan – well as only money would have it , is to design a running suit like any other suit that will give their boys and girls wings. Like the product Red Bull  the new unies will give the athletes wings this year with some superior ‘golf’ ball design’ quality in the fabric. If we can’t beat them fairly lets beat them where they don’t have it and that is money and technology . So the battle lines have been drawn.

Top shows Jamaica team in their Marley inspired uniforms and below the USA star trek uniforms.


Say what you want to say about the Americans they mean business this year. They will not go through another Olympics embarrased by this little nation again. Jamaica on the other hand is content with their new urban unies. The question is will the IOC address what is now becoming the new ‘drug’ in the sport of athletics.

Anything that enhances the athletes ability to go faster other than natural strength and ability is considered a drug. These unies are designed to give these athletes an edge by taking 0.13 seconds of their running times. That to me sounds like a drug. Why is the USA getting away with this? What if Cedella had the same technology  and give the Jamaican team the same edge the USA would have cried foul and the IOC would have come down like a ton of bricks on the Jamaican team design and ordered the team not to wear them to the Olympics. That is the double standard and cronyism that has become a part of the IOC that makes that organization the biggest farce and hypocrite in organized sports. But that is another story.

Jamaica is  celebrating 50 years of independence and what could be another record setting year for the team  in sprints at the  Olympics despite the USA’s tactics. The new Jamaican uniforms are at best a nice  urban wear that any young person would wear.  Fancy the over 50 wearing the Marley shirt in the opening ceremonies . No I don’t want to imagine that . But what the USA needs to remember you can put wings on anyone and tell them to fly. Its the wind beneath the wings that make them go faster and higher. Technology will be up against heart and talent. I like Jamaica’s chances. Their heart is willing and their flesh is even stronger.

Quick thought – Orlando Magic and prima donna Dwight Howard


We have been hearing for a while now the indecisiveness of the Orlando Magic and their all-star player Dwight Howard. Is he in or is he out? No no ones what the outcome will be. Howard gave his followers some bull shit argument that yes he is not leaving and want to retire in a Orlando jersey. This morning the VP of operations was there lamenting that Howard has to decide on what he wants to do and they are willing to sign him for the long haul indicating that there is still no decision.

For a man who is not even close to Jordan in skills or leadership Howard is one prima donna. Memo to Howard. Dude you are not indispensible. You can go if you want to . When big boy Shaq was there he had a handful of skilled players with him to effect a championship. The problem is you do not. You have a bunch of “B” rated players that have no desire in their minds to win a championship so you have a decision to make. Do what King James did and jump ship, not necessarily in that fashion , or stay and LEAD your team to a championship. Instead of getting rid of the coach get rid of some of those lame players on the team, yea the ones that do not produce and only warm the bench every night of play. The coach is not the only problem , the rest of the lazy bunch is. Get yourself a TEAM. Work with your GM and  beg, borrow or steal quality players and LEAD. Take your example from MJ. He never ran away. He led his team to 6 rings! Yea 6 Dwight something that you dream of every day. That is your decision to make. Am I going to lead or am I going to run and take the easy way out?  At the end of the day it is your legacy that is at stake. Now make your decision and stop putting the Orlando faithful in an emotional mess!


Quick Thought – Instant replay for Umpires

I am watching the EURO2012  soccer tournament between Croatia vs. Italy and the referee gave an Italian player a yellow card for a bad play. The viewers instantly got an instant relay of the tackle and clearly it was not a yellow card offense. If we can get the instant replay of the game on a fly then certainly the referee can get that as well. A 4.5 led screen attached to his wrist in the form of a stop watch where he can at a touch off the screen  see the same replay as we did allowing him to make a correct call. I am sure this technology is coming to allow referees to make correct calls not only for soccer but for all the games that need instant replay.

The unusual eyes of Africa

Vanessa Bristow photo Boy with Sapphire eyes

I came across this unusual picture of this little boy from Africa with the most amazing eyes. When  I saw it I said to myself that this is a nice photograph but how unusual . I continued to read the article and I understood how people would associate the photograph with photo editing. The photographer explained in her own terms that it is not photoshopped.  Here are her comments:

To all of you DOUBTING THOMAS’S out there who distrust the originality of this photograph: It is NOT Photoshopped. I was in the local communal lands looking for my lost Dalmatian dog, and I stopped to ask his mother if she had seen it. While I was talking to her, her son, who was playing with his siblings and friends nearby, caught my eye. I asked her if I could photograph him, and this is the first picture that I took of him – it was possibly his first interaction up close with a white person, and his fascination in me, or in the camera, is plainly evident. I took a few photos of him at the time, and a few more later on a follow-up. An ophthalmologist friend had this to say about his unusual eyes:

“The picture of the little boy with the blue eyes and dark skin probably represents Ocular Albinism or Nettleship-Falls albinism, or Juvenile uveitis. Both conditions cause the pigment of the iris to be less dense.”

Ms Brislow took another photo of this little boy and you can see where he was a little more relaxed and the resulting shot is evident of his new-found love of the camera.

Vanessa Brislow photo of the little boy in Africa

So I went to work to find out more of this unusual phenomenon as just today I ran across another photo of these beautiful eyes . Not sure who to credit for the work but  here  is the picture.

From Facebook

The word “albinism” refers to a group of inherited conditions. People with albinism have little or no pigment in their eyes, skin, or hair. They have inherited altered genes that do not make the usual amounts of a pigment called melanin. One person in 17,000 in the U.S.A. has some type of albinism. Albinism affects people from all races. Most children with albinism are born to parents who have normal hair and eye color for their ethnic backgrounds. Sometimes people do not recognize that they have albinism. A common myth is that people with albinism have red eyes. In fact there are different types of albinism and the amount of pigment in the eyes varies. Although some individuals with albinism have reddish or violet eyes, most have blue eyes. Some have hazel or brown eyes. However, all forms of albinism are associated with vision problems. Read more at the website:

This medical condition is real and it is reported to affect 1 in 60, 000 male born per year even lesser females. If you do the math there are a few people in the world with that condition. Whilst we are fascinated with the beautiful colors of the person’s eyes the fact is those that have it are going through living hell by people’s misconception. Like everything in the world those that are different are ridiculed from birth, sometimes ostracized by family members and friends and they come to accept a world that is harsh to their realties.  Let us hope this little boy gets to live a normal life or as close to normal  can be. For us that are now educated on the matter  spread the word  and educate one person at a time. More reading at the website below.