About the Blog

I rarely have time to blog. Not because i do not have an opinion on certain topics. More like never had the time to do it. And so after managing my time a little better i have started a new hobby , blogging.

I blog on things that matter to me- entertainment. It’s everywhere. It is what we eat, what we read, what we see, what we hear and what we do to each other. Entertainment is like air- we cannot live without it.

That being said I decided to write a daily blog as well as to make this discipline my meat and potatoes for the second half of my blessed life.

So read on. You might not agree with me but it is an opinion and you are welcome to make yours. I promise to make it informative and interesting and if by chance we agree with each other then we would have begun to entertain each other.

3 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Please read this story i find it really brings out the true colors of the discusting society we live in today :
    PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!
    I usually wouldn’t share something so vulgar but she asked to spread the story so I am informing you guys just to take precaution and be safe. Here’s the story of Kristina and Marcus Fox. The others are mentioned in the story:
    On the morning of Saturday, May 30, 2015, my little brother, Marcus Fox, my daughter’s father, Darrius Walton, and myself were sitting in Taylor Lauridsen Parkconversing with 3 Caucasian people we had just met (Courtney, Kevin, and Jodie). Everyone was having a nice time. Approximately 7-9 more Caucasian people arrived in the park. My little brother being the social butterfly he is introduced himself and began chatting with the new arrivals. After about 30 minutes, one of the guys out of the group we initially met and another from the group that arrived later got into a verbal altercation with each other. My little brother tried to calm things down but this soon escalated as everyone began jumping on him. It was at this point things turned for the worse as he and I fought this massive group of Caucasians consisting of both men and women. They were throwing glass bottles, crutches, bricks, and anything else they could find at us. As we continued to fight through this crowd of assailants to get away, more Caucasians came from out of nowhere and joined in brutally attacking us delivering closed fist blows and kicks to our bodies and head. We began the fight of our lives. This MOB of around 20 Caucasians beat us until we were unable to move and left us laying in the park. My brother & I sustained multiple injuries. I was stabbed eleven times, eight times in the back & right shoulder, twice in the face & once in the head (which the knife was left lodged by one of the perpetrators). My brother was stabbed nine times, along his back, right side with one of the wounds causing him to have a punctured lung. NO ARRESTS have been made and the only publicity this received was an irresponsibly written 97 word article in the Chicago Sun-Times riddled with incorrect information. If the roles were reversed and had this been a mob of African Americans attacking two Caucasians this would have garnered immediate attention and been plastered EVERYWHERE. We have contacted news stations & have not heard back from anyone. This further proves that America believes- BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER. Please HELP US GET JUSTICE for this hate crime! Please help us show that OUR BLACK LIVES MATTER! ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ Please help us share our story.


  2. Please remove Caribbean & Co.’s content from your site. You do not have permission to reprint in full and this is an infringement on our copyright. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


    • Good day:
      It was not our intention to infringe on your rights. We thought the piece interesting enough and wanted to share your work with readers who found it interesting as well. All links were directed back to your site , with full recognition and ownership given to your work. I cannot see where we violated any copyright infringement as we took no credit for your work.

      Whilst I understand many writers are selective on where their work is published it is also the unwritten objective that most writers want their work read and shared to as many readers as possible. After all that is why we write, to inform, to entertain, to inspire and finally to share the world over.

      We apologize for our lack of judgement and we have deleted your piece from our blog. We have no hidden agenda neither do we crave recognition for work done by others. Copyright is a bit over-rated in our present open world and I hope you continue to find over the vast internet where your rights are infringed. I don’t abuse copyright, instead I respect it and uphold it. But whenever I write I always remember what Voltaire said:

      Originality is nothing but judicious imitation. The most original writers borrowed one from another. Voltaire.


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