The music video of Bob’s One Love being sung in one of the most unexpected places illustrates the man’s universal appeal.

When I visited Egypt around 2000, they had no idea where Jamaica was until I mentioned Bob Marley and they all shouted Oh Yes..Bob Marley, One Love- stamp, stamp and I was off in Cairo.

All of this is to say that, as a result of the current government’s recent political maneuver to ensure their supreme leader’s immortal presence in the day-to-day operations of Jamaica, they etched his face alongside Comrade Manley’s as well as grouped the others to show parity.

When asked if Bob was deserving of hero status, I recall a government official saying that Bob’s case was “complicated.”Well, he has locks so I guess that’s complicated. Secondly, he was A-Political so that’s also complicated. He was nonconformist and anti-establishment so that’s complicated and he smoked weed so I guess that’s MAJOR complicated. Meanwhile, while we continue to argue about locks, weed, and who is which P, the world continues to portray Jamaica as a puny, little, backward island that cannot even recognize the magnitude of one of her sons whose music continues to unite all race, religion, creed, and yes, even despots with his simple words- One Love.

And so Jamaica continues to try to breathe from the foot of her new enslavers!

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The world has become a prisoner of OPEC’s oil oligarchs. However, demand and supply dynamics are not at work in this case. The game is being played by the corrupt minds of small men.

It is ironic that, as globally connected as we claim to be, we become more morally disconnected with each passing day. Here’s a bold statement: there is NO shortage of oil in the world, only short men with corrupt minds.

Let us not forget that the pandemic disrupted the daily flow of coins into the oil oligarchs’ piggy banks. 2020/21 were not good years, but they all managed to stay afloat. We are now in Act 2 of As the World Turns, and the players are squeezing the jugular of humanity by inflicting pain on those who need the resources the most. If Covid did not kill you, the price of oil will.

So the real and big question isn’t the predictable behavior of the worthless few, but why does the World bequeath its vital resources to a few who hold it hostage for its own survival?

Andrew Vachss, the writer, summed up the greed of corporate oligarchs perfectly when he said, ” In my world, people are always plotting. You have no idea of all the crimes people in business commit every day. Like it was nothing. Or there’s a set of special rules for them. Remember when Bush made that whole speech about ‘corporate ethics’ last year? What a fraud. You think stuff like Enron or WorldCom is an aberration? It’s only the tip. Business is a religion. Probably the only one practiced all over the world.”

How truthful is that?

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It was only a matter of time before the chains of war began to unravel and old mother Russia dared to reprimand Ukraine, her abandoned husband, for failing to return to her open arms as he had previously. For some time now, these two characters had been at each other’s throats. Russia, enabled by their master puppeteer Putin, is enraged; he is enraged at the Ukrainian people, at their elected leader, at Europe for courting Ukraine, and at the West for facilitating Ukraine’s romance with NATO. Ukraine, on the other hand, is unflinching. He wishes to move on, and he has, but Russia, like an obstinate and disgraced lover, has decided to seize Ukraine by the throat, literally seizing him by force. The conflict has begun, and the world has formed alliances.

Tom Freidman, a columnist for the New York Times, expresses one such allegiance. He asserted that while this is a war fought by Putin, it is also a war fought by America and NATO. He stated his reasons and observations and concluded that, while the situation is more complicated than the famous Capulet and Montaque analogy, this quarrel dates all the way back to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the eventual collapse of the hegemony into small Tsarinas, Ukraine being one of them.

When you read Tom Friedman’s piece in the New York Times, you’ll notice that his interpretation is somewhere in the middle, not trying to upset the apple cart. The problem is that the cart has broken and the apples have fallen to the floor. Putin is holding a gun over the apples, daring the onlookers, Europe and the hog USA, to pick them up.

Freidman failed to mention that NATO’s expansion is purely political in nature, as these “new” countries needed some form of security to protect them from Russia, which they know will retaliate against their independence sooner or later. That is why Ukraine wanted to be a part of it. Why? Because they have witnessed and learned from World War II and the likes of Hitler. What is the point of NATO if it begins to pick and choose who can and cannot enter this illustrious club?

Putin, like Hitler, is a man stuck in the 1990s. He’s an anathema, and like Hitler, he wants to rewrite history solely to reclaim the dominance of OLD RUSSIA, the Russia that has long since vanished since Gorbachev abdicated to the winds of change, and I use that word deliberately.

Putin understands, just as he understands he is a failed leader, that NATO is no longer a threat to Ukraine in the same way that Russia is a threat to Ukraine. dreaming of the days when Ukraine was so in bed with Russia that it bore Russia. But, like any good strategist, he needs an EXCUSE to meddle. He’s been working on this excuse for years, and as expected, the US and EU guys, like Chamberlain, ate the bait, with the exception of Orange fellow. He was a Putin supporter with Russian motives, so he was Putin’s agent in the West. In exchange, it appears that Orange Guy would receive economic benefits in Russia, similar to Russian oligarchs who have tentacles all over the world.

The bottom line, as far as I can tell, is that NATO has failed Democracy yet again, playing pussyfoot with people’s lives while despots disguised as leaders decide how people should live and to whom they must answer. Putin is following in the footsteps of old boy Hitler, and China is waiting in the wings to stage Scene 2 of this Nazism. The white boys are back, and this time everyone is armed with a nuclear device in their back pockets and a hard-on for conflict in the front of their pants.

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She has been waging a fight for survival, as evidenced by the folds in her face. She gathers her wares and prepares her meal alone in the dark, cobwebbed, and fortified great house. Dinner is rice and peas, she stated with a smile that is not defined by her bubbly cheeks, but rather with the sparkle in her eyes.

Her hair is messy, and her eyes mirror the hard years she has experienced in the life she has indeed been handed. She is from Kingston, her daughter has migrated, and despite the absence of loving relatives, she perseveres because her life is at stake.

She works on the reimagined plantation owing to her limited options. She is another of those left behind by the modern economy’s violent and strangling hands because she lacks sufficient talent to enter the circle of wealth, that is so tight and exclusive that it is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a pin than for her to enter that decadent space.

As a consequence, she lives and picks her fortunes using the four-leaf clover, which really only she can see. She is a strong woman. She is self-sufficient. She is a child of her forefathers and mother. She is Africa’s Caribbean symbol. Barbara is a Jamaican woman.

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There was always the odd one
The one who smiled the broadest
Laughed the loudest
Bowed the deepest
And jumped to do every task
The Massa ordered….

There was always one of them
Who pushed and shoved his enslaved
Brothers and Sisters
Helping Massa keep them in line
And the first to tell Massa
Who stepped out of place

We called him Uncle Tom
Tom the fool
Tom the clown
As he made sure to dress like Massa
To signal to his fellow brothers and sisters
That he was in charge
That he was Massa to them
That he was Massa’ favorite

Favored enough to sleep in the Outhouse
The Outhouse where Massa
Took his slaves virginity
Man or Woman
He didn’t care.
The Outhouse was the
House of tyranny
The house of sodomy
The house of suffering
And Uncle Tom delighted himself
To lay his head
And closed his eyes
Forgetting what happened there

The Outhouse of destruction
The Outhouse of Sodom
The Outhouse of decadent power
Stands alone in the cane fields
Anchored in time
And the stench of morbid slavery
Whipped by the ever-flowing winds of change.

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“Why Women Are Attracted To Bum Niggas” by @Bdell1014

Saw this post and thought I would reblog it for my audience to see. Interesting read. Love to hear your thoughts.


ImageThis blog entry is going to break the barriers that constrict the social boundaries of why dumb hoes settle for lames, bums, and ain’t shit niggas. Beautiful, smart, ambitious women settle for mediocre men because compared to the others he’s a step up. Too many women know how they want to feel, but settle for anything just so that they can feel something. All emotion, and no logic. Based off my skewed opinions and observations, I’ve come to a realization on why the vast majority of women in this generation will choose a nigga with no priorities over a guy that does and I’ll decode that in the following paragraphs.

Bum niggas stay winning because too many women are content with mediocrity. Dumb bitches will turn a bum into a saint by accepting the lie that she’s suddenly special and he’s going to get his shit together. Denial is a hell of a drug. Insecure ass women cant accept any guy being more successful…

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Saturday, July 31, 2021, Tokyo, Japan. At 7.50 a.m eight women lined up for the start of the 100m women’s final in the Tokyo Olympic stadium. Three Jamaicans, 2 Swiss, 1 American, 1 from the Ivory Coast, and 1 from Great Britain were successful in their rounds leading up to this moment. The moment was to decide the fastest woman in the world at the 32nd Olympiad. 10.61 seconds later, Elaine Thompson-Herah from Jamaica was the last woman standing. The wait was over, the world has a new champion.

To call this Olympics anything other than the strangest event in the world is not an exaggeration. The 2020 event was being held in July 2021. The biggest sporting event in the world is being hosted by the city of Tokyo under strict pandemic quarantine. The only spectators allowed in the event spaces were athletes and officials, and the 60, 000 seat stadium that hosts the athletic events has less than a thousand people at any given time. Japan had eagerly coveted the honor to host the event when it was announced in 2013, but 8 years later, one virus managed to change an entire nation’s hopes into fears. 80% of the 13 million people in Tokyo wanted out of the Olympics, but it was too late. Japan’s propensity for harmony had to be found in the staging of the games. It was no surprise that the nation rallied together as the world descended on their City, to be the gracious hosts they are known to be.

Getty Image

On July 23, 2021, Japan donned their kimonos and went into their famous ‘Konnichiwa’ (こんにちは) mode. The Olympics was on. The quest to go higher, faster, stronger began with a simple but beautiful opening ceremony, devoid of the usual overproduced spectaculars that accompany these over-budgeted events. Watching the ceremonies you could not help but admire the resilience of the Japanese people. The world was at their doorstep and so too was a virus; the IOC had a multi-billion noose around their necks and so too were major sponsors. Patrons who had bought tickets had their hands out for their refund because they decided to cancel all attendees. Japan was cornered but still, they rise. The Japanese exquisite, efficient machinery made the ‘silent Olympics’ seemed full of character and excitement in the massive sepulchers built to host the games. But the unusual thing about this vast event called the Olympics is that nothing gets going until the track and field stadium lights are turned on. On Saturday, July 31, the lights were on full blast.

Track and field is the highlight of the Olympics. No disrespect to the other athletes, the first week is seen as a warm-up for the theatrics of the Olympic theater in the main stadium. The first event was the finals of women’s 100m. In 1988 Seoul, Korea, the world watched the W 100m mark set at 10.62 by the American Flo Jo. The world also saw the WR lowered for the women’s 100 & 200 m – 10.49/ 21.34 respectively, by the same Flo Jo. Those times were etched into the history books and have stared many athletes in their faces as a daunting task to even think about breaking them. Records were made to be broken, but not these. For 33 years these times were like the knees on the neck of every athlete that worked hard to set new markers, until today.

Today, Jamaica rewrote the history books and showed the world it is possible to accomplish what seemed to be impossible. Elaine Thompson-Herah blazed the fast track in the Olympic stadium and scorched a sizzling 10.61 seconds over the distance to rewrite what most people considered a fake record. Flo Jo, the American whose name is accredited as the holder of the record, blasted 10.61 at the Seoul 1988 Olympics. She also set a new marker of 21.34 seconds over the 200 m in the same Olympics in Seoul. Whilst her accomplishments were admirable they were also questionable and here’s why. Flo Jo smashed the records of both the 100 m and 200 m like a drunken person handling eggs. She smashed the 200m twice in the same Olympics. She smashed the 100m record prior to arriving in Seoul, to 10.49 seconds. And then Flo Jo quit. She announced her ‘retirement ‘ in 1989 interestingly at the time when random out-of-competition drug testing was announced. The story of Flo Jo didn’t end there. Unfortunately, she died suddenly, from an epileptic seizure in her sleep, at the age of 38 in 1998.

These questionable markers have been a burden on the modern athlete, especially the females who train consistently under the threat of random drug tests. Flo Jo and Marita Koch from East Germany whose 400m world record of 47.60, set in 1985, did not face these tests and there is no reason not to believe that scientists were not busy baking cocktails for athletes in various sports to ‘help’ them along the way and gain glory for their country. Flo Jo and Koch both denied any ‘help’ for their hard work but, and there’s always a but, East Germany was revealed in 1985 to have been operating a state-sponsored doping program. Koch’s time was therefore questionable. Lance Armstrong, the famous American cyclist, had pulled the wool over the world’s eyes for years until he was caught for his use of steroids. He was disgraced, fell like humpty dumpty, and America hid their shame. A new Netflix documentary was produced to document his rise and fall in one of the biggest doping scandals of the 20th century.

It is by no mean measure ,therefore, to see Elaine’s victory as a game-changer. Under the claustrophobic veil of the AIU ( Athlete’s Integrity Unit) modern athletes can no longer post times that seem far-fetched from the generation it was accomplished. It took 33 years to erase Flo Jo’s Olympic record, and that knee was finally lifted and athletes can now breathe. Modern athletes are heavily tested and there is no reason to doubt super fast times. Usain Bolt, one of the most tested athletes in modern times, can attest to that. Bolt was reportedly tested every day at the 2008 Olympics when he set the world records in the M 100 and 200 m. Today, Thompson-Herah did her version of the ‘Bolt’ and flashed a hand while she crossed the finish line. The clock stopped at 10.61, a new Olympic record for women in the 100m. The impossible was done. We can all breathe. This run is finally cleaning the tainted history held by someone whose claim was only magnified by the flag beside her name. This run gave other athletes a reason to hope that the impossible can be accomplished. Today Jamaica continues to reign on top of the sprinting world and has set a new mark for sprinting excellence. For this, we are all proud of this little nation. The next target is the 10.49.marker. Be patient, it is coming. Our athletes got this.

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HUMAN WISDOM IS SUMMED UP IN 2 WORDS- WAIT and HOPE – The Harry and Meghan Saga.

I wouldn’t normally comment on this except for the fact that since the airing of this interview there seems to be a reprisal of the 1812 war between the US and Britain. Why? Well the reactions from the US and Britain is night and day , depending on the color of your skin.

Meghan spoke candidly about her experiences living with #TheFirm and she spoke, oftentimes searching for the right words to color her statements, with a lot of hurt. She described that place as dark even to the point of doing the ultimate, committing suicide. This is deep, very, very deep coming from someone who we see looking glamours everyday, smiling cheek to cheek for the cameras, creating the perfect Instagram moments, flawless and yet deep down she was a bag of mess. Looks are deceiving. Harry spun the dagger a few moments later in the interview and confirmed everything Meghan had said. Viewers watching this were steaming, depending on the color of your skin.

You will be hard pressed to find a viewer of color who does not identify with what Meghan was saying. No one needs to tell us what racism feels or looks like. We were born knowing this. A black person living in a predominantly white country will face it every day, despite the System telling you its not real, and its a figment of your imagination. This is the same narrative they told the black Africans who were dragged from their home that what they were experiencing was God’s wish and desire for them to work and be obedient to their Masters. This is the white mans agenda, to deny that what is real isn’t. And so it is no surprise to see the daggers drawn from across the pond. The Brits are still astonishingly in denial of their inherent racism so they go on the defense and attack the couple and the Americans, who are also surprisingly naive and a bit more open with their racism, are on the offensive calling out the Institution for what is appears to be, a dysfunctional family.

Dysfunction is probably a nice word used to describe as you would have thought that lessons were learned from the dark history of the Charles and Dianna soap opera , but when an Institution as old as Methuselah is called upon to right a wrong, the wrong it seems, is right and the Institution brushes it under the carpet and sit on the chair that covers the dirt. To them, the Institution of Royalty is important. Nothing else matters. Harry and Meghan attested to that. Heritage over family, time marches on. That is why Harry’s statement saying that he as well as his father and brother are “trapped”‘ rings loud as the chimes of Big Ben. Charles and William cannot remove themselves from the Institution and that may be one of the reasons why Charles played Dianna so coldly in their drama. William from all indications has bought into his role in maintaining the tradition. Harry chose not to and he did the unthinkable- he left.

The Brits have declared war. Harry is a pariah and so is his black, uppity, wife who will have a colored son , a stain that is untenable in the Institution. #TheFirm is trying very hard to erase and manage history by white washing what they can control ; the supremacy of the Firm, the White Supremacy. “Not another dark member of this family” they say. “Off with Harry’s head:” they shouted and what did they do, they cut off his finances to make him pay for his misdeeds. Try as they will to erase history, history is not a burden on the memory, rather it is an illumination of the soul. The world now knows of Queen Charlotte, wife of the English King George III (1738-1820), a negroid, mixed woman whose features were strikingly and refreshingly different from the customary features of the royal household and their immoral act of inbreeding that was a custom at the time to keep the peerage ‘pure’. It is to be noted here that the Brits only use the negroid bloodline in the present Queen’s heritage, when it suits them, to defend her position as head of the Commonwealth. After all the Queen has black blood in her DNA hence she is the legitimate Head of State for the colonies. The hypocrisy of the Brits never fail to amaze.

The battle of 1812 had a different view from Britain’s point of view to that of the US. For the latter it was their Independence, for the former it was betrayal. This is pretty much the same division in 2021 between Harry and Meghan on this side of the pond versus the Royal Family. For the former it’s their independence, for the latter its the ultimate betrayal. History is repeating itself. Harry attested to that. Both sides seem to be resolute in their conviction and thankfully will not start another war across the pond. But one thing is sure, the War may not be between countries rather it will be in the family. Battle lines are drawn. Harry, his brother and father are ‘separated’. Meghan and her father is at best, broken.

The War of 1812 was a wash between America and Britain. Both sides got their wins and losses and they ended up becoming eternal friends. I hope the same for Harry, his wife and #TheFirm. Hope however is not a conviction that something will turn out well but rather the certainly that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out. As Michelle Obama once said..” You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve all of the world’s problems at once but don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own.”

And so all human wisdom is summed up in two words, wait and hope.

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Gordon Butch Stewart Tourism ICON of the Millennium

How can I not say something.

The news hit me like a brick as much as anyone else.

How can I not say something about a Man who gave a young man, with no experience, the opportunity of a lifetime to lead his entertainment and then exposed & taught me everything I know in Tourism for over 30 years?

 How can I not say something about a Man who proved & taught me that it doesn’t take a PhD to run a business, you just need to be consistently committed to your goals & dreams.

I started missing him when I left Sandals in 2012. You see I was one of Butch’s people, one of his originals, one that bought into his dream & influenced hundreds of guests to wave at a flying plane overhead and kiss the one next to you because they are leaving Jamaica but you are still at Sandals.  Yes Butch turned a noisy, sprawling hotel at the foot of a runway into a world-class tourism hegemony and he, Jamaica and the Caribbean made their footprint as wide as Butch’s dreams.

Good is not enough to describe him.

Was he perfect? Nope. Who is?

But his heart was always in the right place. His heart was always seen in his smile and his ability to see YOU and listen to YOU, even when he was greeting many around him, you always got the feeling he was looking and speaking to YOU personally. And on days when you feel like throwing the towel and calling it quits at the unrelenting Sandals pace, that Butch smile was always the anchor to keep you going.

He helped thousands.

He helped me.

He may even have disappointed many but above it all he was real; what you see was what you get.

His legacy will go on for a long, long time.

We lost an icon, a trail blazer , an innovator, a competitor, an achiever but more importantly a kind , honorable & friendly man.

I can only say a million thanks to him for giving me unprecedented trust, guidance and most importantly that Butch smile and greeting…..”What’s Up Baby?….”

What a Man, what a Man, what a Man, what a mighty good Man.

RIP Butch. Love Forever.🙏

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Kwesi. 2021. All Rights Reserved.


Every day you wake up and most times you have no idea what the day will bring; what opportunities, what challenges, what people will you meet? Today was one of those days when you wake up and then suddenly you meet someone who falls right in line with your peace.

Meet Vitus, a young poet from Accra Ghana , who I just met through social media. I will not go into how I met him but after speaking for a little I thought I had to share his work . In the above video #Vitusspeakz addresses the incessant complains of Africans about the impact slavery had on them in this two minute spoken word masterpiece.

I urge you to go follow him. If you are looking for reminders , positive reminders, then he is your man. Here’s to promoting another black brother, dedicated to making life, your life, a place of beauty.

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