The World has this habit of dedicating a single day of the year and paint some theme over it to make it significant. The idea is purely economic .
But beyond the consumerism is the fact that #Fatherhood is as rare as finding peace in the World. So to all the Dad’s and Fathers , the true brothers that don’t just donate sperm‚Ķ Here are the 10 PILLARS to fatherhood .
1. This day is just a reminder for you to uphold your responsibility
2. A reminder your life changed when your little one was born into this world
3. A reminder that there is no family without a Father
4. Yes there are days you will be dragged, but remember your little ones are looking at how you recover and respond
5. Don’t EVER think your little one is too young to know what is happening. Babies are silent for a reason. Watch their eyes.
6. Humility is the greatest lesson you can teach your little one
7. Your responsibility never ends, its just becomes a reference as you and your child goes older
8. It takes 2 to make a child. It takes a village to raise a child . You are the chief of that village
9. Material wealth is nothing compared to LOVE. When you love your family , you feed them naturally
10. If you think YOU growing up was difficult, wait until you have YOUR child.

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Produced By Ainsley “Notnice” Morris Featuring: Romain Virgo, Jah Cure, Tarrus Riley, Tessanne Chin, Richie Stephens, Nordia Mothersille, Julian Marley, Sanchez, Jah Vinci, Etana, Jesse Royal, Richie Spice, Maxi Priest, Wayne Marshall, Khalia

So this morning I woke up and was blessed with this song on my Whats App. I listened and the lyrics were uplifting, inspirational, powerful and a reminder that WE are stronger and braver than what we have been told for decades .

The song features a treasure cove of JAMAICAN artistes…Romain Virgo, Jah Cure, Tarrus Riley, Tessanne Chin, Richie Stephens, Nordia Mothersille, Julian Marley, Sanchez, Jah Vinci, Etana, Jesse Royal, Richie Spice, Maxi Priest, Wayne Marshall, Khalia and produced by @notnicerecords – go check their Instagram page.

The producer said on his page he made the song to inspire and uplift in these tragic and remarkable times. Well I think he accomplished that. I was having a discussion with a friend recently and out of the discussion was the role of artiste in times of crisis. Well this is what tall artiste are called to do Through their work and talent of poetic clarity , artiste are here not to just entertain us but to:

1. Inspire

2. Motivate

3. Push us further

4. Ignite the flames within us

5. Remind us of the importance of the world and unity and finally

6. Give us HOPE in the face of darkness

Salute go every Jack Man and Woman that gave immeasurable time to accomplishing this effort. A true artist is always out of his time. They are never made to shut up. On the contrary. They have to be true to who they are…. and then write that way. ūüí™ūüí™

Go stream and purchase the song on all platforms. Proceeds go to #RiseFoundation to purchase mask, PPE and life supplies for people in the Inner Cities.ūüĎć It is music like this, in times like these, that give us hope and continued love for our blessed, beautiful and often conflicted country.

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Yesterday I had reason to leave my home and venture into the #QuantumZone. That’s the new name I give to anywhere outside my home. Getting dressed for the Zone is different these days, it used to be a choice between shoes or slippers, now its which #FaceMask do I wear. As I was driving watching the cars sped by fewer cars were evident. Yes, this is always good but today was a Friday and nothing ever is good on a Friday.

I arrived at my destination, the supermarket, and stopped for a minute to take in what has become a #NewNormal; people everywhere in face masks, including the soldiers, armed and ready for an impromptu disturbance. People , as different as they are, so too were their mask; some medical, some designer made, some sterile and others, well lets just say they tied a cloth around their nose, mouth exposed nonetheless. Protection? what protection?

Everywhere life had changed. I felt I was living in the movie “Contagion”. Everyone, including myself, looked liked aliens. You know people are talking as you hear vocal sounds but their voices were muffled. Bumping elbows became the greeting mode. Its unusual you go to the supermarket and not acknowledged by someone but the mask had its benefits as you could hide in plain sight, walking past your friend or creditor conspicuously hidden. It was about 2pm on the clock , curfew begins at 6pm and I couldn‚Äôt help thinking that everyone there was probably wondering my thoughts, why didn‚Äôt I come earlier to avoid the lines?

Look at what we were reduced to! Humans wearing mask, forced to be silent, told to stand 6 feet apart, accepting squirts of whatever it is they say it is on your hands, get in your car, hit the gas and go home. Its like living on a Hollywood movie set, this time its real. I know nothing except to know I am ignorant proclaimed Socrates and today I can quote those words. What do we know except to know nothing. The more information is circulated, the more we know very little. What we can do is THINK as we go and as we understand a question thrown in the melee of this #CovidCrisis, that is half the answer.

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Zozibini Tunzi Miss Universe 2019/ Miss South Africa 2019

I don’t know about you but I am suffering from an overdose of beauty contest. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a killjoy. I totally understand the benefits of these contest, blah blah blah, but it is the easiest thing I find promoters or organizations turn to when they want to ‘motivate’ or positively influence’ young ladies so after a show of hands they usually turn to beauty contest as the only option.

I wonder who had the first ‘beauty contest? Whose grand idea was that? Legend has it, and I really mean Google, says that the first international beauty contest¬† was done way back in 1888 in Belgium. Modern contest are said to be traceable to the Miss America Beauty Pageant, which was first held in Atlantic City in 1921, so these contests have a bit of history. But like everything else it has evolved to every thing¬† imaginable so you have contests for humans, cars, men, even dogs have their contest. You see why I’ve been¬† beautified out of these contest.

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-10 at 12.22.36 PM

Miss Iceland Universe 2019 Birta Abiba

But a funny thing happened last Sunday at Tyler Perry’s studio . For some strange reason I was compelled to watch the latest version of the Miss Universe contest and I think it was because across my IG timeline, I saw a bit of black girls in the contestant mix. For that reason alone I wanted to watch to see what surprises would be in store after all Miss USA was black, of course Jamaica, the Caribbean and the African countries with Miss Ivory Coast serving you a dose of dark chocolate with luscious thick lips, the kind they pay for in Hollywood¬† but get this Miss Iceland was black, yes BLACK. What happened ? Oh the controversy! So this contest was inadvertently set up to be a squeaker.


The contest had its usual pitches to dark skin people as Steve Harvey was there as the host, looking like a dressed up house – , well let me not go there. Lets just say Steve was Steve. At least he read the teleprompter correctly. When the top 20 was called and I saw Miss South Africa with her boy’s faded cut, her so called ‘nappy’ hair, all black and beautiful, refusing to wear purchased wigs from China or Brazil in order to look like the ‘standard’ of beauty this contest upholds, I said to myself sis, I wish you luck but these people ain’t ready for your look. And then she opened her mouth and I was sold. This girl was going to be heard tonight.

Well heard she was as the ‘selection committee’ , not judges mark you, selected Zozibini Tunzi, Miss South Africa 2019, the slim, slightly bow legged, dark skinned, wearing a boy’s fade, nappy hair beauty as the top woman of the night.¬† I had already made my choices but I was waiting to see, as they usually do, if they would elevate the whiter contestants over the dark skinned girls, but this time they couldn’t. It was too obvious, she was way ahead of the field in her response and her mission was directly in collusion with the organization’s standard of beauty and she took it head on.

” I grew up in a world where women that look like me with my kind of skin and my kind of hair, was never considered to be beautiful and I think that is is time that it stops today. i want children to look at me and see my face, and I want them to see their faces reflected in mine, thank you” – Zozibini Tunzi. MissUniverse2019

That response awakened every  dark skinned person and every white skinned person who has a heart,  to stand up and pay attention. What is beauty? Who defines beauty? Zozibini just redefined it in front of millions watching. It was no longer what the MU organization defined it, rather it was standing in front of you, confident, radiant, unapologetic and reminding the diaspora to stop drinking the koolaid served by organizations like MU about beauty.

Zozibini placed the standard of beauty at the feet of all those melanated people that are still seeking affirmation from the Vogues, Victoria Secrets and all the organizations that sell beauty as their product. Our people, and thankfully not all, still want their natural hair to look like Beyonce with her straight, long wigs and perm. Some are still bleaching, some are scraping their eyebrows to smithereens, some even thinning their lips all under the cover of fashion and the tacit acceptance of European and American  standard of beauty.

You see this every day on social media or¬† just walking around town, girls with green hair, orange hair, grey hair, hair that falls to the ground, nails that look like weapons of mass destruction, cherry red Eva Gabor’s lips, brows like Medusa. The masks are everywhere. The girls, and some men too, are changing and¬† shaping their looks¬† to be¬† accepted in the fairyland world of social media, governed these days by the Kardashians of the world. Zozibini said it should stop. I agree with her but sadly it wont. Some of our people are too drunk drinking that koolaid.


Miss Jamaica in her National Costume

Which brings me to Miss Jamaica and her ‘national costume’.¬† Her handlers choose to represent Jamaica with the Annie Palmer costume, all white , sparkling and glittery announcing to the world that Jamaica’s wicked ‘witch’ is something we are proud to be associated with and is what moves us as a people. Really now? Annie Palmer?

The story is at best an excellent marketing ploy¬† for Rose hall developments and at worst a horrible reminder of the atrocities dark skinned people had to endure during that horrible colonial¬† past , but somehow no one seemed to have seen the big picture of choosing that costume. That’s what happens when corporate greed becomes a virtue to organizers strapped for cash as the only thing that affects reasoning in this case is cash and cash won. Greed suffocates all reasoning and historical sensitivities for cheap promotion of a product that is laying dead as Annie Palmer herself.

Taking on corporate greed is a mammoth task and I choose my battles well. I choose to kiss it and leave it and let the people devour the rich guy in the room. But thanks to Zozibini every little girl with their unprocessed hair can say I. AM. BEAUTIFUL. Already the hashtag #MissUniverseLooksLikeMe is trending , a sign that her message is being heard. But it is one thing to hear a message and another to act on the message.

Black beauty is not a horse. It was a horse when Hollywood said so and the horse was owned by a white girl. That message has to stop. BLACK has always been the foundation of beauty , the first people on the planet were nubians, there is nothing to be ashamed of. When you go to an art museum, the thing you’re least likely to encounter is a picture of a black person. When it comes to ideas about art and about beauty, the black figure is absent. Zozibini said that has to stop. And I am with her.

Beauty has always come from black people. Make your beauty space in¬† this world. Zozibini has shown you how to make space. Take her lead. Stop being a compliant negro. Natural hair? Wear it well. Big lips? Moisturize it well. Lashes and brows to heavy? Groom them well. Define what it is to be Black. Don’t ever let Babylon’s definition defines you. Her win and her natural looks only reinforces what we have already known¬† and that is Black. Is. Eternally. Beautiful.

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T.I, a popular rapper of US fame, recently said he goes with his 18 year old daughter‚Äôs to her medical exam with her doctor, to check to see if her ‚Äėhymen‚Äô is still in tact. According to him he said and I quote .. ‘I’m willing to go above and beyond to protect mine‚Äô.


His comments sparked a forest like burn all over social media causing his daughter to delete her social media page. The heat got so intense he went on Jada Smith’s Red Table Talk show to try and cover the burn with his wife on hand and to clear up any misconception.

So the Negro goes on a celebrity friendly show, whose host is living on the other side of freak and who raises her kids on the other side of extreme, and goes on to tell the listeners that he was joking, that he was not literally in the examination room, blah blah blah blah blah. Of course the interviewers were so shallow, friendly and so inept on the ramifications of his careless comments, a lot of important issues deriving from the topic slid through the discussion net. Cannot say I am too surprised. This is what you have when entitled ‚Äėcelebrities’ decide to do a Talk Show out of boredom with very little content and important learning lessons, filled with celebrity gossip and nothing but an insight of their boring and baseless lives.

T.I a word of advice…STFU…JUST STOP.

The horse has already left the barn yard galloping wildly and you cant stop it. T.I has already fed the gross psychopaths in this world to either go abuse and rape other young females or they are just waiting to ambush his daughter somewhere to be the first to break that coveted, cherished hymen.

What the fuck’s wrong with these ‘celebrities’ ? Does it pay that much to talk fuckery all the time? Is it the way to keep them current on the lips of nothing to do, Goo Goo Ga Ga, easily impressed, low self esteemed teenagers?

Oh the ills of capitalism. Everything becomes a commodity, including in this case T.I’s daughter.

The go to mea culpa these days it seems to be to declare I didn’t Mean what I said,

Well maybe its my age but if you said something, you actually meant to say it unless your brain does not have a close relationship with your mouth, in which case people like that are classified as idiots or even worse, insane.

T.I. what you said, whether its jest or otherwise, is what people in other cultures do as the norm and women in those cultures are nothing but commodities. They have to pass virginity test, In Afghanistan , Indonesia, Tanzania, Sweden yes Sweden, Egypt , Malawi , India, South Africa, Turkey, the masters of virginity tests where failure can lead to death, Jamaica and even the USA, these ‘test’ occur and as unscientific as they are, many lives are dependent on passing these two finger wiggle in the female genitalia. How ironic and hypocritical it is that female purity is sacrosanct whilst for men its a problem to be a virgin. I wonder if these ‘test’ happen in the animal world? I doubt it very much as certainly many dogs would fail that test. But then maybe that’s why men are compared to dogs. Dogs see another dog and just hump.

Look , the world as we know it is burdened with localized customs all under the cover of religious beliefs that make us as different as the language we speak. We don’t need to look far to see the true problem that plagues us as a society and that is our women are seen as commodities and treated differently in every culture and country. T.I was just doing what most men would like to believe of their daughters, that they are pure , virginal, oh so clean paragon of virtues that shows how ‘good’ they are in raising their daughters. Meanwhile the sons are let loose to find T.H.O.T to break their ‘virginity’ as part of their growing up to be a man.

What a tangled mess of double standards we weave. It is women who have traditionally and historically been given non-human roles, perceived as simply the daughters of Eve or as either Madonna or whore. Female emancipation is a far way off albeit impossible to equate to the men’s sexual revolution. I almost want to equate it to the Civil Rights Movement; it is something that is desired but far from desirable.

The sexual revolution is still being defined. Sexuality surrounds us like a dangerous aura. The same reverence that is given to the spirit is not given to the flesh. We have had a sexual revolution, but the sexual revolution only has made sex more pervasive. It has segregated and classify women, unhinge the men and created in many ways sexual dictatorship that breaks down, a system devised to preserve compulsive moralistic values in the individual in the interest of authoritarian marriage and family.

What a mirage we have and why even talk about it when calling a mirage a mirage is a good way to end a career, loose a job or even see you dead.

What are your thoughts? Please share and comment.

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SIGH…..sometimes you should just sit back and watch the bulldog try and catch its own tail.

Recently the #NBA is in the news with  super power #China over a tweet from the General manager of  the #HoustonRockets. The tweet touched a Chinese nerve as he dared to take sides with #HongKong in the ongoing spate with big bully, sorry I meant BROTHER, China. In a series of dramatic soap opera misgivings, the NBA has made statements trying to deflect and contort themselves into pretzels not to offend their Chinese host.

Yes the NBA has 2 pre-season games in China at the very same time as #twitter-gate. China, the wealthy bully with millions of dollars invested in the NBA instructed the NBA not to speak to any reporters and also to tell their players to just Shut Up and Dribble. The NBA, with their tail behind their legs did just that and made another statement that this was ‘unprecedented’ and felt their players should not be pulled into this Geo-political brouhaha so NO STATEMENTS to anyone , total blackout to the media.

Capitalism was defeated by Socialism. What a striking turn of events. It was #FidelCastro who once asked where is the success of Capitalism when all the talk was about the failure of Socialism.  I now put the same question to the NBA , where is the success of Capitalism? Where is your much hyped #FreedomOfSpeech for all Americans?

Capitalism knows only one color: that color is green and everything  else is  subservient to it, hence, race, gender and ethnicity cannot be considered within it.

China ,whose political belief by definition is the opposite of Capitalism knows this and has stuffed it in the face of the NBA. China knows The NBA loves money , it WANTS money and only sees green, hence they use them like pawns, controlling their narrative AND telling the salivating, hungry NBA puppy dog they cannot speak. What the Chinese have done is they took the¬† much ballyhooed American First Amendment Rights and stuffed it up their derriere..and that’s putting it nicely!

The power of money is brute force. It is the power of the bludgeon and the bayonet. The NBA is by no means the compass of which you measure the overall system of Capitalism but in truth this is what politics looks like. Politics always looks the other way when those that are affected are not the ones paying the bill.

It is enough that the NBA knows that China is a market with immense opportunities so to avoid losing they turn around and bend over.

The people who has the product  decide nothing.

The people who is paying for the product decide everything.


Kwesi: October 2019. Copyright .All Rights Reserved




There is an African proverb that says….He that beats the drum for the Madman to dance is no better than the Madman himself.

These images are viral coming out of the verdict of #AmberGuyer the policewoman that shot #JeanBotham , a young Lucian in his home as she said she thought he was in HER apartment when in fact Jean was at home in HIS apartment.

The case sparked racial tensions in an already racial hotbed in the United States. White police officer kills black man, no surprises there, and the guilty verdict was in itself a surprise, no , not a surprise, more like a cultural shock as it is rare police officers , especially white police officers, are  convicted of any thing when clothed in their hallowed Police Blue.

The image of Jean Botham’s brother embracing Ms.Guyer rubbed many people the wrong way. At first it disturbed me as well but I remembered something that Dr King said about forgiveness.

He said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

RIP Dr. King. We haven’t seen anyone like you since they took you away from this World.

Lets face it.
Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound suffered to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness. Let me stress this again.

There is no peace without forgiveness.

Jean Botham’s brother act of embrace is another powerful reminder of how you forgive in order to find your peace. It is difficult but in this case forgiveness is not really for her as is it more for him. I hope he finds peace. His mother, on the other hand, said she has not reached that place as yet. No kumbaya for her.

What is confusing however are the actions of the judge, who is colored and a police officer in court, who also happens to be colored. Why are they displaying such empathy to the Ms.Guyer? When these two officers of the law openly display empathy it makes you question the System they have sworn to uphold.

The keystone to justice is the belief that the legal system treats all fairly but we know Justice is broken and weighed heavily against people of color in the US #JusticeSystem so it boggles the mind when we see this outward embrace of emotional support. Is this support outreach designed for the institution she represents or for her personally?

In either case this was inappropriate and frankly demoralizing as the optics glaring in the face of witnesses is that #WhiteSupremacy reigns despite the guilty verdict. White supremacy is not just a social arrangement, it is a race-based faith.

Any self-respecting institution should seek to have its officers display impartiality especially in the execution of The Law. That embrace of the judge and the gentle touch of the officer will have consequences that will continue to support and prop up an already broken System. In the execution of this judgement the System seems to breed a Rat. No self respecting black person can ever embrace a Rat after catching it in its filthy hole.

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Firstly let me just say I have been away from my blog for too long.

Long story short- I was distracted doing other things and I totally disregarded my blog  which is  my outlet to vent, share, educate and just entertain my followers. For this I apologize and you will see regular topics on this blog henceforth.

I wanted to start with this topic that is scurrying to get into the headlines  and that is the  #NoiseAbatementAct that is being amended in Jamaica. On my #Instagram account @or_ren_da (go follow for some inspiring topics which is a shameless plug)  I came across a post and I had to put my two cents in. Trust me, this is not the end of this discussion. More will come I am sure from this blog and others on this topic.

So this entertainer , I think his name is @WalshyFire ( that’s his Instagram handle)  was being interviewed on an overseas  talk show, @seanibremix ( that’s his Instagram handle) and the question was presented to him as a stakeholder in the matter of #noise. As an entertainer one would think he should have some interesting comments but frankly I was disappointed.

Every country in the world evolves and so too its people. Life is all about evolution. We do. We learn. We change. We evolve. We are human. Evolution is all about looking forward. Since our so called Independence we have made some strides in moving our people forward and one such instance is the formulation of the Noise Abatement Act which in summary attempts to control environmental noise caused by the producers and enablers of sound in a private or public setting. It controls decibel levels in urban vicinity and areas that are populated.

Part of our Jamaican culture is the popular gratification of self, ingratiating ourselves with decibel levels that literally hit you in the chest. Indeed some stand in front of sound speakers just to feel the full effect. Whilst the intended audience is committing this suicide, other people cannot rest nor even hear themselves. Why must we all drink this koolaid? This is where #walshyfire and I respectfully disagree. His argument in short is in the name of #Culture and in the name of #tourism, let noise be free.

The careless export of our culture with very little or no control of residual and copyright wealth is in itself a problem of its own, but I digress,  but to liken our people as an island of noise loving people in total abandonment of any civility is frankly slapping Jamaica in the face of any progress made in its 57 years of so called Independence. And when has “tourism”and in particular #EntertainmentTourism benefited from the coins of visiting tourist?

He mentioned the amount of people benefiting from the music industry. Yes I agree but they are benefiting from their creativity, not loud music. Loud music has never put wealth in anyone’s pockets so again I was disappointed in his arguments and frankly the  interviewer was there doing his usual big Ups and nodding his head like a head bobbing cattle, Moo Moo Moo!, no push back, no follow up questions, no through discussion.

If someone wants to play their music loud, be my guest. I love my music loud as well but LOUD is subjective. The Act is just simply stating what is acceptable. Turning up the music louder and louder does not make an event successful. Persons in #WhiteRiver does not need to be reminded that there is an event in #OchoRios from noise pollution some 2 miles away. Its called moderation. Its called control. Its called #civility.

57 years and counting,  Jamaica is evolving. We are more than an island of people basking under a coconut tree with headphones strapped to our heads sipping on rum and coconut water. We are an emerging nation with immense talent. We just need to work together, visionary leaders and decide who we are as Jamaicans and make Jamaica Great, borrowing a term current in today’s politics,  for generations to generations.

As I said this is not the end of this discussion but only a start. Let me hear your comments. What are your views on this matter? Do you agree with what I had to say? Thanks again  and yes you will hear more from me starting today September 29, 2019.

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Before I go to sleep I usually like a good dose of inspiring talk from a talk show on the radio. It’s my anesthesia and calms me down especially if I have had a busy day. Usually, I listen to the sports talk shows but this time it was a soothing voice of a young lady called #CaleenDiedrick and her show #Life&LoveUnleashed. Her topic- Oral Sex in the Jamaican society.

I knew this was going to be exciting. Sex is a topic that sets up the grenade in any discussion and oral sex is the detonator to light the fuse.

Her voice was captivating, almost angelic. I started to create my own profile of the face behind that sultry voice. Yes, this was going to be good. She had her opening statement, gave a few instances of sexual anecdotes and then proceeded to accept her callers. It was at that point my night became a changing emotion of comedy and tragedy listening to the voices of the ignorant, the joker, the religious, the conservative and those having not a clue.


Oral sex in Jamaica, and not surprisingly so internationally, is a topic culturally diverse as there are people in the world. Like most things within a modern society, oral sex has evolved over the centuries. It can be argued that society’s thinking on oral sex is shaped by cultural norms and traditions that are themselves shaped by religious norms and traditions.

Indeed in every society, the norms as it relates to sex is different, some governed by strict rules. India, for example, regarded as one of the birthplaces of the sexual revolution has its norms. As a youngster, I grew up reveling in the famous literary work of Karma Sutra outlining the different positions of sexual intercourse. The sexual thought that arose from reading that work had some effect on people in Jamaica, I being one of them.

But to say India alone is responsible for this sexual revolution is not correct. Western sexual proclivities have evolved and exported in the form of porn ably carried in the stream of social media. When watching porn for me was an activity reserved only for adults growing up in a puritanical society, I cannot say the same today. Porn is everywhere and on every device. It is a new religion and the younger generation are dutifully converted.

It, therefore, stands to reason that if sex is so widespread and available to everyone, can it be deduced the society is more adventurous in their sexual encounters despite very vocal shouts from mouths to the contrary? We have no scientific way of knowing as our democracy is technically still not one that dictates what happens in the bedroom.

But knowing human nature as we all do, we can say it is. Yes, there are people in this country that are experimenting with oral sex, hands down. And there are some that are not. There are people that enjoy exploring the different sexual avenues with their partners and there are others that stick to the traditional role play of slam bam thank you, ma’am! Yes, Jamaica we are no different from anyone else in the world.

Caleen was trying her best and did so successfully to express a similar thought in her discussion careful not subjecting anyone to her arguments but specifically asking those who think otherwise of oral sex to explain WHY they were against this revolution. This was the tragedy of the night. All of the naysayers could not express WHY they were against oral sex, except for one lady that said her vagina was made to pee and it is dirty down there and she told her children not to engage in oral sex as it is dirty. Nope, that was not me paraphrasing. Those were her actual words.

The surprise to me of the night was a fairly young gentleman, around 38 who said he had 3 kids with his wife, married for 15 years and they do not engage in oral sex because…. because, well because….and he could not find a ‘because’. Don’t be surprised, most men and women are at the same moment in sexual time. They don’t do it and they cannot express why they don’t indulge.

In this day and age of information, one would ask how come? Surely one should be able to express themselves. Was it for religious, health, social or other reasons? The one lady that was on the program did so crudely but those gentlemen against it all had problems expressing themselves. Some men are just mentally marginalized still grasping with their answers of their role as a man in a society that is trending towards matriarchal dominance.

Let us be honest and accept that women are becoming the more dominant partner in most sexual roles taking the sexual revolution to another realm of pleasure. Women are increasingly heeding the need to be pleasured and now insist on it. Some men on the other hand also feel empowered and are now expressing their desire to the pleasures of oral sex on THEM!


The act of sex is far more than a slam bam, thank you, ma’am. Caleen expressed that. Many of her callers agreed with her, some of the freaks, and I use that word liberally, went far more to the left expressing the want for golden showers and anal wash. Oh yes, the revolution has blown out of your wildest imaginations.

Jamaican entertainer #Ishawana created a social eclipse when she dared to sing about this sexual explosion. Within that circle of cultural diversity, many of the male voices shouted No Way, dem not bowing!

Beware of those that shout the loudest. My inclination is if all persons who went down there were to suddenly become green, Jamaica would be a rain-forest.

The fact is no one really cares who is bending down, kneel at the altar, have a bikini burger, have a box lunch, have an egg McMuff or a fur burger! We are all human beings doing the same thing differently. Some are more exploratory than others, some cautious and some, well are just mentally and socially different. We are a product of the village where we grew up!

The lesson is if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it! As generations come we are more educated on human norms and we get better at the things previous generations took for granted. Who knows pretty soon physical sex will become taboo and virtual sex will be the new rage of society. In fact, it has already started. Soon women will no longer need the use of men for sexual pleasures and they will experience phenomenal orgasms void of husband, boyfriend or pastor!

Men and women beware.

Hugh Hefner, RIP, once said the major civilizing force in the world is not religion. It is Sex! Do you agree? I certainly do. But we should accept sex for what it is.

When sex becomes a production or performance that is when it loses its value. Be mutual. Be loud. Be clumsy. Make noises. Be quiet. Make a damn mess!

Bite. Scratch. Push. Pull. Hold. Trust. Love the moment. Remove pressures. Embrace. Enjoy your body and your partner’s body.

Produce sweat. Be natural. Give into pleasure. Bump heads. Miss when you kiss. Speak words. Speak with your body. Touch your skins. Kiss your goosebumps. Play with their hair. Scream. Beg. Whimper.. Sigh. Let your toes curl. Keep the lights on so that you can look into their eyes when they explode.

Save expectations. Mess up your hair. Rid your masculinity and lose your ego. Detonate together. Collapse together and melt into each other’s arms.

Now, That’s SEX!

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Jamaica suffered a cardiac arrest on Saturday afternoon. Bolt lost the M100m at the #LondonWorldChampionships2017.  It was the anti-climax to the biggest farewell party, over 2 years in the planning, for an athlete that has single handed mesmerized the world with human speed.

The social ripples were far reaching. The economic even worse. Downing strong cues of #Wray&NephewAppletonRum, the nation tried to recover turning their attention to their new sprint queen #ElaineThompson who for sure would save face and restore the shine of the sprint power on the right feet. The King suffered a major set back on the left. We have a Queen. No worries. The name of honour is more important than death.


Men’s 100m final at the IAAF World Championships London 2017 (Getty Images)

Sunday, August 6. Jamaica’s Independence Day, 55 years old. Jamaica suffered another cardiac arrest. Elaine Thompson fizzled in the W100m final and came 5th, not even earning a medal. ¬†The silence across the nation was deafening. I stood in Montego Bay and felt the silence as far as Kingston. ¬†Exactly 9 years after the coronation of the nation in Beijing as the #sprintfactory, ¬†the King and Queen was now dead. And technically, so did the Jamaican track and field program.

What happened?.

in 2008 after years of US dominance, the atmosphere putrid by swirls of drug incensed clouds in the US camp, Jamaica tipped the balance of power in their favour, led by #Bolt The King, and his cadre of team members and #Shelly-Ann Fraser, the newly crowned queen of track and field. The politics of power in athletics is like the global political game of present players, the US and the others. The US commands enormous political power in athletics. Amidst accusations of nefarious circumstances, their athletes are usually given the benefit of the doubt by their governing US body. And even if found guilty of using substances, deals are broken with the convicted, names are shamed, persons outed, suspensions reduced and voila, the athlete is back on the circuit in lesser time than other athletes of other countries that usually suffer stiffer penalties, including life bans.

Such was the case of the man who beat Bolt at the Championships, #JustinGatlin. His story is chronicled and followers of track and field have openly expressed their displeasure with him, including Bolt. So it was not at all surprising when the stadium. full of some 50,000 persons booed when he was declared the winner of the race. Why HIM? Anyone else would be easier to swallow, but not HIM!


Justin Gatlin of the USA reacts after winning the men’s 100m final at the London 2017 IAAF World Championships in London, Britain, 05 August 2017. (Getty Images)

Fresh wounds were open. The cheat won. The bastard of Athletics beats the boy wonder. A Russian journalist intimated in her question later at the presser with Bolt and Gatlin and Bolt surprisingly defended Gatlin. If you were watching this warm and fuzzy BBF moment between the two, you would have wondered when since these two were such close buddies?

In the geopolitical arena, Russia is no friend of the US. In the politics of athletics, the US is no friend of Jamaica. Can we say nice things to each other? Yes, we can. But Bolt was attempting to cross that sensitive line and incorrectly thought the journalist was casting doubt on his performances. Bolt should have known better. Each man should have spoken for himself when that ugly topic was raised. Gatlin basked in Bolt’s answer clearly happy that he didn’t have to relive and retry that case of his drug conviction and suspension.

Bolt did not do himself any favours then as he didn’t do any earlier on the track. For the first time in his long and storied career, Bolt was embarrassed. Genuinely embarrassed. His personal motto is ‘Anything is possible. I don’t think limits“. As a pro, he knows that possibilities are erased to certainty when hard work is put in the mix.

Bolt did not put in the hard work and it showed. Hard work was not mixed with need. Bolt did not ‘need’ this anymore. His lust for athletics died in Rio and through agonising pressure, he went on his final preparation but it was without energy, drive or feelings. His friend died as well, not having heard about it but was physically there when it happened. Bolt was mentally out of it. Bolt was not hungry but the champion that he is, performing with confidence is not his weakness. And so he appeared in London with his panache, ¬†knowing he had no clothes.

Bolt was half the man he was in 2008. Quarter the man he was in 2012 and not himself in 2017. #ElaineThompson, however, is still a shocker. Only she knows the answers and we hope her coach and her will have a come to Jesus moment in the next few days. Her sponsors certainly will. Losing is one thing for the country. It’s a totally different thing for a sponsor. Like any job, athletics has its stresses.

Athletics is a business. Period.

Athletes are paid to run and to be successful. ¬†Elaine lost thousands of dollars for her unexpected loss. Her coach will certainly have an answer but you can expect sponsors will be watching Frano’s camp closely as well as the Mills camp. Money goes¬†where champions are bred.

Behind the glamour and spectacle lies a business and at this #WorldChampionships Jamaica has damaged itself. By not meeting their own standards The US has gladly taken the reigns once again and can now hang their banner reading ¬†“Sprint King & Queen”. The King is dead. ¬†There is no one to replace him. The Queen is dead. There is no one to replace her.Like a falling star, Jamaica tumbles into the abyss once again waiting for young talent to emerge. ¬†The effects will be devastating but nothing we can’t handle.

Soon, athletes will have to make hard decisions. Coaches too.  The Governing body has to do a post mortem. and rid itself of the politics that strangles common sense decision making. Jamaica Athletics has been sitting on its lofty post for 9 years unaware that the World was coming after them.  The US never stopped hating. Now we have South Africa, Botswana. Kenya. Bahamas. China and even Japan knocking at the gates. We cannot afford to mismanage this opportunity. Our economy is too fragile for carelessness.

This industry is too new for bad management and too fragile for mediocrity. Whenever our athletes put their feet on the world stage it has to be perfect. No errors. No excuses.

Bolt was asked at the presser what was it he is looking forward to when this is over. He replied, “..for me, it is just to live normal. To have no training. To do whatever I want. To travel whenever I want. I don’t know where my career will go or what I will do but I look forward to it and the person that I am I will do it at my best.”

He was confident when he said those words.

If only Jamaica’s athletics was as confident to say otherwise.

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