HUMAN WISDOM IS SUMMED UP IN 2 WORDS- WAIT and HOPE – The Harry and Meghan Saga.

I wouldn’t normally comment on this except for the fact that since the airing of this interview there seems to be a reprisal of the 1812 war between the US and Britain. Why? Well the reactions from the US and Britain is night and day , depending on the color of your skin.

Meghan spoke candidly about her experiences living with #TheFirm and she spoke, oftentimes searching for the right words to color her statements, with a lot of hurt. She described that place as dark even to the point of doing the ultimate, committing suicide. This is deep, very, very deep coming from someone who we see looking glamours everyday, smiling cheek to cheek for the cameras, creating the perfect Instagram moments, flawless and yet deep down she was a bag of mess. Looks are deceiving. Harry spun the dagger a few moments later in the interview and confirmed everything Meghan had said. Viewers watching this were steaming, depending on the color of your skin.

You will be hard pressed to find a viewer of color who does not identify with what Meghan was saying. No one needs to tell us what racism feels or looks like. We were born knowing this. A black person living in a predominantly white country will face it every day, despite the System telling you its not real, and its a figment of your imagination. This is the same narrative they told the black Africans who were dragged from their home that what they were experiencing was God’s wish and desire for them to work and be obedient to their Masters. This is the white mans agenda, to deny that what is real isn’t. And so it is no surprise to see the daggers drawn from across the pond. The Brits are still astonishingly in denial of their inherent racism so they go on the defense and attack the couple and the Americans, who are also surprisingly naive and a bit more open with their racism, are on the offensive calling out the Institution for what is appears to be, a dysfunctional family.

Dysfunction is probably a nice word used to describe as you would have thought that lessons were learned from the dark history of the Charles and Dianna soap opera , but when an Institution as old as Methuselah is called upon to right a wrong, the wrong it seems, is right and the Institution brushes it under the carpet and sit on the chair that covers the dirt. To them, the Institution of Royalty is important. Nothing else matters. Harry and Meghan attested to that. Heritage over family, time marches on. That is why Harry’s statement saying that he as well as his father and brother are “trapped”‘ rings loud as the chimes of Big Ben. Charles and William cannot remove themselves from the Institution and that may be one of the reasons why Charles played Dianna so coldly in their drama. William from all indications has bought into his role in maintaining the tradition. Harry chose not to and he did the unthinkable- he left.

The Brits have declared war. Harry is a pariah and so is his black, uppity, wife who will have a colored son , a stain that is untenable in the Institution. #TheFirm is trying very hard to erase and manage history by white washing what they can control ; the supremacy of the Firm, the White Supremacy. “Not another dark member of this family” they say. “Off with Harry’s head:” they shouted and what did they do, they cut off his finances to make him pay for his misdeeds. Try as they will to erase history, history is not a burden on the memory, rather it is an illumination of the soul. The world now knows of Queen Charlotte, wife of the English King George III (1738-1820), a negroid, mixed woman whose features were strikingly and refreshingly different from the customary features of the royal household and their immoral act of inbreeding that was a custom at the time to keep the peerage ‘pure’. It is to be noted here that the Brits only use the negroid bloodline in the present Queen’s heritage, when it suits them, to defend her position as head of the Commonwealth. After all the Queen has black blood in her DNA hence she is the legitimate Head of State for the colonies. The hypocrisy of the Brits never fail to amaze.

The battle of 1812 had a different view from Britain’s point of view to that of the US. For the latter it was their Independence, for the former it was betrayal. This is pretty much the same division in 2021 between Harry and Meghan on this side of the pond versus the Royal Family. For the former it’s their independence, for the latter its the ultimate betrayal. History is repeating itself. Harry attested to that. Both sides seem to be resolute in their conviction and thankfully will not start another war across the pond. But one thing is sure, the War may not be between countries rather it will be in the family. Battle lines are drawn. Harry, his brother and father are ‘separated’. Meghan and her father is at best, broken.

The War of 1812 was a wash between America and Britain. Both sides got their wins and losses and they ended up becoming eternal friends. I hope the same for Harry, his wife and #TheFirm. Hope however is not a conviction that something will turn out well but rather the certainly that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out. As Michelle Obama once said..” You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve all of the world’s problems at once but don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own.”

And so all human wisdom is summed up in two words, wait and hope.

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Gordon Butch Stewart Tourism ICON of the Millennium

How can I not say something.

The news hit me like a brick as much as anyone else.

How can I not say something about a Man who gave a young man, with no experience, the opportunity of a lifetime to lead his entertainment and then exposed & taught me everything I know in Tourism for over 30 years?

 How can I not say something about a Man who proved & taught me that it doesn’t take a PhD to run a business, you just need to be consistently committed to your goals & dreams.

I started missing him when I left Sandals in 2012. You see I was one of Butch’s people, one of his originals, one that bought into his dream & influenced hundreds of guests to wave at a flying plane overhead and kiss the one next to you because they are leaving Jamaica but you are still at Sandals.  Yes Butch turned a noisy, sprawling hotel at the foot of a runway into a world-class tourism hegemony and he, Jamaica and the Caribbean made their footprint as wide as Butch’s dreams.

Good is not enough to describe him.

Was he perfect? Nope. Who is?

But his heart was always in the right place. His heart was always seen in his smile and his ability to see YOU and listen to YOU, even when he was greeting many around him, you always got the feeling he was looking and speaking to YOU personally. And on days when you feel like throwing the towel and calling it quits at the unrelenting Sandals pace, that Butch smile was always the anchor to keep you going.

He helped thousands.

He helped me.

He may even have disappointed many but above it all he was real; what you see was what you get.

His legacy will go on for a long, long time.

We lost an icon, a trail blazer , an innovator, a competitor, an achiever but more importantly a kind , honorable & friendly man.

I can only say a million thanks to him for giving me unprecedented trust, guidance and most importantly that Butch smile and greeting…..”What’s Up Baby?….”

What a Man, what a Man, what a Man, what a mighty good Man.

RIP Butch. Love Forever.🙏

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Every day you wake up and most times you have no idea what the day will bring; what opportunities, what challenges, what people will you meet? Today was one of those days when you wake up and then suddenly you meet someone who falls right in line with your peace.

Meet Vitus, a young poet from Accra Ghana , who I just met through social media. I will not go into how I met him but after speaking for a little I thought I had to share his work . In the above video #Vitusspeakz addresses the incessant complains of Africans about the impact slavery had on them in this two minute spoken word masterpiece.

I urge you to go follow him. If you are looking for reminders , positive reminders, then he is your man. Here’s to promoting another black brother, dedicated to making life, your life, a place of beauty.

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If you haven’t seen this documentary on @LennoxHowell , the First Rasta in Jamaica then you are short changing yourself of some critical history. Its a fascinating Story that sadly not a lot of Jamaicans know as our history is whitewashed.

In many respects Jamaica🇯🇲 is , despite it’s so called symbolic Independence, a nation on a constant struggle to determine how can an island, stocked with different peoples from all over the World come together as a nation and find commonality in creating a successful and thriving economic life that is significantly different to what they were forcibly asked to do.

EMANCIPATION only meant the legal right of people who were SLAVES to refuse to work with the Gun placed by their head. It didn’t mean suddenly the same people were now economically on par with their former bosses _ The history of Leonard Howell, the First Rastafarian is one that opens the doors to our dramatic and sordid history of how a people, scattered and hammered in humanity is still figuring a #System that still hovers over their heads like a dark cloud. _

We have a far way to go. A leader will have to emerge and free us from the mental slavery that has never been emancipated, to allow US to see our future as ONE people with ONE mission.

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September 1, 1957.
Jamaica was still a prized colony in the assets of the British Empire. The island had profited well for the Brits. Sugar was king and the sales of the product made a lot of people millionaires at the time. The status quo was healthy for the rich and whites. It was necessary to maintain.
One of the social facilities in place at the time was the very popular railway system. It was the only mass transit system thst moved both black and white people across the island, the coaches however still maintained the status quo with white cats to the front and the black ones to the rear.
It was a Sunday and it was the big religious day. The Roman Catholic church had its role to play in the indoctrination of black people and they were successful at it. The train was over subscribed that day as there was a retreat organized by the church in Montego Bay. Black people donned their Sunday best and took the trip of a lifetime, all across to the other side of the island. As fate would have it, some of them would not return home.
On the way back to Kingston the train crashed leaving over 200 dead and hundreds injured. It was technically Jamaica’s first 9/11 except it was 9/57. Grief, shock and despair loomed over the island for days. Mass graves were made for the dead, and it took months for the investigation to be completed. In the end the investigation revealed tampered brakes to be one of the reasons as well as a bad managed train system.


For many years after that fateful day 63 years ago, whenever Jamaicans spoke about the Kendal Crash, they would repeat ghost sightings in folklore-like fashion. There were tall tales of cab drivers who had been fooled into taking a passenger to an address and waiting outside for the fare, only to be told by a relative that no one had entered the house.
Today we remember the tragedy and the lives lost. It is a painful reminder of the road we have to travel as captured people from Africa, sent to an island far away, stripped of our humanity and told to start new life, a life of uncertainty, a life of hardships , a life we had no choice but to accept.

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“Politicians can’t manage. All they do is talk.” – Donald Trump

I am no fan of #The Donald. He doesn’t come close to being a leader in my view but at times in his many diatribes and profuse word salads, he spits out some gems. The quote above is one of those rare gems he said that I actually agree with. Politicians can’t manage. They CAN however, talk, talk, talk.

I have been listening to the #ElectoralDebates, my first as a returning resident, and between nodding off from total boredom to switching the channel to ESPN, I was once again disappointed in the performance of my country in this critical demonstration of our democracy. The idea to have a ‘Debate’ is clearly not a novel idea. It obviously came from the direct copy of the US political agenda. But here’s my problem with our political event; it is nothing but the creation of a political ring for the fighters to enter and give jabs and punches , hoping for a knockout.

My question is WHY? Why does it have to be a debate? Why does it have to have the format of a debate where sides are controlled by minutes to present themselves.? In everything truth surpasses the imitation and copy, and it seems the learned gentlemen and gentlewomen have copied what they saw and with no desire to be different or ingenious, presented a formal ‘debate” with both sides arguing on the moot topic- Jamaica Elections. The moderator was as predicted, the horrible school teacher. “Your time is up Mss This” or ” You now have 45 seconds to respond Mr That.”

Why? Why is it when we copy we don’t copy to improve, rather we copy to imitate and without even knowing, we copy the mistakes. This is a National discussion between the two parties that have presented their candidates for leadership of this tough country. There are many issues that need serious discussion. Here’s an idea, devote 5 minutes to each topic and fire up the discussion between the speakers. The questions presented were juvenile and seems to have a “gotcha’ theme. A minute and a half to drive your party’s achievement and a 45 seconds to rebut. What is that? This is not a contest? This is the elections, a far more serious discussion that the people need to hear and have to make a wise decision. Trying to pack in so many questions getting so little or empty answers have left some members of the public, like myself, demotivated to go and risk their health to stand in line and place an X.


Here’s a plan. Devote 5 minutes to each topic of which there are plenty important ones to choose. After each 15 minute segment give your sponsors the opportunity to show how civic minded they are. Frankly I really do not see why anyone would want to make money from a political discussion on the future of the country, but I understand. There was very little or no discussion on the key engines to our economy – Agriculture, Tourism, the Police, Private Sector, Public Sector, The Environment, Foreign Investment, the big bad boy in the room Crime, Education and now Covid. There are so many topics that were not discuss All we got were cute sound bites from both parties, hoping that their leadership would rub them down on the sidelines and cheer them on, keep going! In this proposed format you would still have time for the random, moderated questions from the public making the entire event one of substance, giving the public a clear view of what both parties would do to take the country forward into the 21st century.

C’mon man. Wake Up Jamaica. Ditch the school debate format. Have a decent time for fertile discussion. Tell each side to desist from name calling , it doesn’t advance their argument. The aim is what’s in it for the People, not the Parties.

Let me tell you a little story. 58 years ago, two cousins saw an opportunity to make their family names immortal in the history of the country. They both came from the fair skinned class at the time so their claims would be legitimate, as opposed to another claim from another Jamaican whose skin color was much darker and was not considered trustworthy. The cousins made their case, one took the side of the thousands of freed black people, the other took to the side of the intellectual and elite. They battled for the trust of the people they were courting.

They adopted colors, Green for one , Orange for the other to further differentiate their differences. Lines were drawn and the country became a two colored lizard hunting to devour what their leaders were offering. Over time the parties suddenly changed focus and who was for the elite took on the pains of the poor while the other side championed the side of the elite. The parties have remained at ideological odds since and we the people have not recovered for this political chicken they both lay at our table.

Have you noticed? After each debate the public saw no demonstration of unity with the common purpose of leading this country. No handshake between the ‘debaters’ , as far as I saw on TV, and this simple but important gesture was missing from the copy cat version of the US political system. More of the same. If our leaders cannot even shale hands in public how can we expect to solve our collective problems as Jamaicans?

The United States have a decision to make between a man called Biden who projects himself as the stable, moderate Daddy or from Trump seen by most as a buffoon, tyrant or tribune. Jamaicans also have a decision to make. Do we hire the PNP, the socialist saint of the poor or do we extend the contract for the JLP, the intellectual capitalist? Thats our choice. We are asked to put our chips on the square we prefer but history has some interesting facts to keep in mind. In both elections voter turn out has been abysmal and low turnout favors the GOP in the US and the JLP in Jamaica. Both countries are conducting an elections in the new Covid dimension. Both countries are seeing spikes in the infection rates. Both countries are asking is this the best we have to choose? The long and short answer to this question is Yes, for now.

When we copy we copy the mistakes.

There is the good and the bad, the great and the low, the just and the unjust. I swear to you that all that will never change. And when we vote, the little that will vote, will decide who runs this country for another 5 years for the good and the bad, the great and the low, the just and the unjust. I swear to you, all that will never change.

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The World has this habit of dedicating a single day of the year and paint some theme over it to make it significant. The idea is purely economic .
But beyond the consumerism is the fact that #Fatherhood is as rare as finding peace in the World. So to all the Dad’s and Fathers , the true brothers that don’t just donate sperm… Here are the 10 PILLARS to fatherhood .
1. This day is just a reminder for you to uphold your responsibility
2. A reminder your life changed when your little one was born into this world
3. A reminder that there is no family without a Father
4. Yes there are days you will be dragged, but remember your little ones are looking at how you recover and respond
5. Don’t EVER think your little one is too young to know what is happening. Babies are silent for a reason. Watch their eyes.
6. Humility is the greatest lesson you can teach your little one
7. Your responsibility never ends, its just becomes a reference as you and your child goes older
8. It takes 2 to make a child. It takes a village to raise a child . You are the chief of that village
9. Material wealth is nothing compared to LOVE. When you love your family , you feed them naturally
10. If you think YOU growing up was difficult, wait until you have YOUR child.

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Produced By Ainsley “Notnice” Morris Featuring: Romain Virgo, Jah Cure, Tarrus Riley, Tessanne Chin, Richie Stephens, Nordia Mothersille, Julian Marley, Sanchez, Jah Vinci, Etana, Jesse Royal, Richie Spice, Maxi Priest, Wayne Marshall, Khalia

So this morning I woke up and was blessed with this song on my Whats App. I listened and the lyrics were uplifting, inspirational, powerful and a reminder that WE are stronger and braver than what we have been told for decades .

The song features a treasure cove of JAMAICAN artistes…Romain Virgo, Jah Cure, Tarrus Riley, Tessanne Chin, Richie Stephens, Nordia Mothersille, Julian Marley, Sanchez, Jah Vinci, Etana, Jesse Royal, Richie Spice, Maxi Priest, Wayne Marshall, Khalia and produced by @notnicerecords – go check their Instagram page.

The producer said on his page he made the song to inspire and uplift in these tragic and remarkable times. Well I think he accomplished that. I was having a discussion with a friend recently and out of the discussion was the role of artiste in times of crisis. Well this is what tall artiste are called to do Through their work and talent of poetic clarity , artiste are here not to just entertain us but to:

1. Inspire

2. Motivate

3. Push us further

4. Ignite the flames within us

5. Remind us of the importance of the world and unity and finally

6. Give us HOPE in the face of darkness

Salute go every Jack Man and Woman that gave immeasurable time to accomplishing this effort. A true artist is always out of his time. They are never made to shut up. On the contrary. They have to be true to who they are…. and then write that way. 💪💪

Go stream and purchase the song on all platforms. Proceeds go to #RiseFoundation to purchase mask, PPE and life supplies for people in the Inner Cities.👍 It is music like this, in times like these, that give us hope and continued love for our blessed, beautiful and often conflicted country.

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Yesterday I had reason to leave my home and venture into the #QuantumZone. That’s the new name I give to anywhere outside my home. Getting dressed for the Zone is different these days, it used to be a choice between shoes or slippers, now its which #FaceMask do I wear. As I was driving watching the cars sped by fewer cars were evident. Yes, this is always good but today was a Friday and nothing ever is good on a Friday.

I arrived at my destination, the supermarket, and stopped for a minute to take in what has become a #NewNormal; people everywhere in face masks, including the soldiers, armed and ready for an impromptu disturbance. People , as different as they are, so too were their mask; some medical, some designer made, some sterile and others, well lets just say they tied a cloth around their nose, mouth exposed nonetheless. Protection? what protection?

Everywhere life had changed. I felt I was living in the movie “Contagion”. Everyone, including myself, looked liked aliens. You know people are talking as you hear vocal sounds but their voices were muffled. Bumping elbows became the greeting mode. Its unusual you go to the supermarket and not acknowledged by someone but the mask had its benefits as you could hide in plain sight, walking past your friend or creditor conspicuously hidden. It was about 2pm on the clock , curfew begins at 6pm and I couldn’t help thinking that everyone there was probably wondering my thoughts, why didn’t I come earlier to avoid the lines?

Look at what we were reduced to! Humans wearing mask, forced to be silent, told to stand 6 feet apart, accepting squirts of whatever it is they say it is on your hands, get in your car, hit the gas and go home. Its like living on a Hollywood movie set, this time its real. I know nothing except to know I am ignorant proclaimed Socrates and today I can quote those words. What do we know except to know nothing. The more information is circulated, the more we know very little. What we can do is THINK as we go and as we understand a question thrown in the melee of this #CovidCrisis, that is half the answer.

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Zozibini Tunzi Miss Universe 2019/ Miss South Africa 2019

I don’t know about you but I am suffering from an overdose of beauty contest. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a killjoy. I totally understand the benefits of these contest, blah blah blah, but it is the easiest thing I find promoters or organizations turn to when they want to ‘motivate’ or positively influence’ young ladies so after a show of hands they usually turn to beauty contest as the only option.

I wonder who had the first ‘beauty contest? Whose grand idea was that? Legend has it, and I really mean Google, says that the first international beauty contest  was done way back in 1888 in Belgium. Modern contest are said to be traceable to the Miss America Beauty Pageant, which was first held in Atlantic City in 1921, so these contests have a bit of history. But like everything else it has evolved to every thing  imaginable so you have contests for humans, cars, men, even dogs have their contest. You see why I’ve been  beautified out of these contest.

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-10 at 12.22.36 PM

Miss Iceland Universe 2019 Birta Abiba

But a funny thing happened last Sunday at Tyler Perry’s studio . For some strange reason I was compelled to watch the latest version of the Miss Universe contest and I think it was because across my IG timeline, I saw a bit of black girls in the contestant mix. For that reason alone I wanted to watch to see what surprises would be in store after all Miss USA was black, of course Jamaica, the Caribbean and the African countries with Miss Ivory Coast serving you a dose of dark chocolate with luscious thick lips, the kind they pay for in Hollywood  but get this Miss Iceland was black, yes BLACK. What happened ? Oh the controversy! So this contest was inadvertently set up to be a squeaker.


The contest had its usual pitches to dark skin people as Steve Harvey was there as the host, looking like a dressed up house – , well let me not go there. Lets just say Steve was Steve. At least he read the teleprompter correctly. When the top 20 was called and I saw Miss South Africa with her boy’s faded cut, her so called ‘nappy’ hair, all black and beautiful, refusing to wear purchased wigs from China or Brazil in order to look like the ‘standard’ of beauty this contest upholds, I said to myself sis, I wish you luck but these people ain’t ready for your look. And then she opened her mouth and I was sold. This girl was going to be heard tonight.

Well heard she was as the ‘selection committee’ , not judges mark you, selected Zozibini Tunzi, Miss South Africa 2019, the slim, slightly bow legged, dark skinned, wearing a boy’s fade, nappy hair beauty as the top woman of the night.  I had already made my choices but I was waiting to see, as they usually do, if they would elevate the whiter contestants over the dark skinned girls, but this time they couldn’t. It was too obvious, she was way ahead of the field in her response and her mission was directly in collusion with the organization’s standard of beauty and she took it head on.

” I grew up in a world where women that look like me with my kind of skin and my kind of hair, was never considered to be beautiful and I think that is is time that it stops today. i want children to look at me and see my face, and I want them to see their faces reflected in mine, thank you” – Zozibini Tunzi. MissUniverse2019

That response awakened every  dark skinned person and every white skinned person who has a heart,  to stand up and pay attention. What is beauty? Who defines beauty? Zozibini just redefined it in front of millions watching. It was no longer what the MU organization defined it, rather it was standing in front of you, confident, radiant, unapologetic and reminding the diaspora to stop drinking the koolaid served by organizations like MU about beauty.

Zozibini placed the standard of beauty at the feet of all those melanated people that are still seeking affirmation from the Vogues, Victoria Secrets and all the organizations that sell beauty as their product. Our people, and thankfully not all, still want their natural hair to look like Beyonce with her straight, long wigs and perm. Some are still bleaching, some are scraping their eyebrows to smithereens, some even thinning their lips all under the cover of fashion and the tacit acceptance of European and American  standard of beauty.

You see this every day on social media or  just walking around town, girls with green hair, orange hair, grey hair, hair that falls to the ground, nails that look like weapons of mass destruction, cherry red Eva Gabor’s lips, brows like Medusa. The masks are everywhere. The girls, and some men too, are changing and  shaping their looks  to be  accepted in the fairyland world of social media, governed these days by the Kardashians of the world. Zozibini said it should stop. I agree with her but sadly it wont. Some of our people are too drunk drinking that koolaid.


Miss Jamaica in her National Costume

Which brings me to Miss Jamaica and her ‘national costume’.  Her handlers choose to represent Jamaica with the Annie Palmer costume, all white , sparkling and glittery announcing to the world that Jamaica’s wicked ‘witch’ is something we are proud to be associated with and is what moves us as a people. Really now? Annie Palmer?

The story is at best an excellent marketing ploy  for Rose hall developments and at worst a horrible reminder of the atrocities dark skinned people had to endure during that horrible colonial  past , but somehow no one seemed to have seen the big picture of choosing that costume. That’s what happens when corporate greed becomes a virtue to organizers strapped for cash as the only thing that affects reasoning in this case is cash and cash won. Greed suffocates all reasoning and historical sensitivities for cheap promotion of a product that is laying dead as Annie Palmer herself.

Taking on corporate greed is a mammoth task and I choose my battles well. I choose to kiss it and leave it and let the people devour the rich guy in the room. But thanks to Zozibini every little girl with their unprocessed hair can say I. AM. BEAUTIFUL. Already the hashtag #MissUniverseLooksLikeMe is trending , a sign that her message is being heard. But it is one thing to hear a message and another to act on the message.

Black beauty is not a horse. It was a horse when Hollywood said so and the horse was owned by a white girl. That message has to stop. BLACK has always been the foundation of beauty , the first people on the planet were nubians, there is nothing to be ashamed of. When you go to an art museum, the thing you’re least likely to encounter is a picture of a black person. When it comes to ideas about art and about beauty, the black figure is absent. Zozibini said that has to stop. And I am with her.

Beauty has always come from black people. Make your beauty space in  this world. Zozibini has shown you how to make space. Take her lead. Stop being a compliant negro. Natural hair? Wear it well. Big lips? Moisturize it well. Lashes and brows to heavy? Groom them well. Define what it is to be Black. Don’t ever let Babylon’s definition defines you. Her win and her natural looks only reinforces what we have already known  and that is Black. Is. Eternally. Beautiful.

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