Desperate man clings to a straw…The Paul Ryan speech

A brief pause to comment on the recent GOP Vice President’s remarks . It is said his speech was “A speech about big ideas,l.”. Really ? I see a desperate liar making a desperate “A speech about big ideas,l.”. Really ? I see a desperate liar making a desperate case for a desperate party under desperate means! Desperation is a creative way of making something out of nothing. It makes the person feel useful. Desperation is also a sign of worthlessness. There are no desperate times only desperate people. Desperate affairs require desperate measures. So you have a VP candidate mimicking and parading false facts to an audience who desperately need to feel they have a good reason to vote GOP and are Romseptic!


Big boys playing cowboys and crook


A  verdict  was finally reached in the Apple-Samsung law suit on who took whose ‘patent’ and made billions from the copy. Apple is crying that Samsung used at least 10 patent in their phone and tablet technology and Samsung counter claiming that Apple stole one or two of theirs. Seems like 2 spoilt kids at each other’s throat and we the consumer is in the middle trying to keep these two from hitting each other . As parents we know all too well this scenario.

I for one appreciate and respect a patent and for a company that spends millions of dollars developing patent I can understand their hound dog attitude. However patent is also the symbol of the capitalist to extend their profits just like a child who started to use a play station first will have a fit when the other child takes it from him.

The situation becomes even more family orientated as both Apple and Samsung are ‘family’ in the tech business. One cannot do without the other. They sells products and parts to each other, They know each others product. So both Samsung and Apple are bedfellows, strange as it may be , and they both use technology to advance  their product base, resulting in making human kind a little better.


A design or idea that takes the world to another level should not be allowed to have a patent infinitum. I can think of many ideas that are earth moving and humankind astounding. Can you imagine a patent on the wheel that cars drive or the telephone that we use to communicate? Can Alexander Bell now sue both Apple and Samsung for ‘stealing’ his ‘patent’ or ‘idea’?  Hell no. Apple nor Samsung does not have exclusivity to human development .

The Iphone is not the saviour of humankind neither is the Ipad. Similarly Samsung doesn’t have it either. In the end it is us the consumer that decides who wins this case. It is us who has to tell these 2 companies to remember who make them who they are – not any patent but simply us, the consumer who buys these products because it makes our lives a bit easier. So go to the corner of the room both of you  and I don’t want to hear a peep out of you both!  The same way they spend millions trying to protect their product and patent they should spend it on simple customer service which both Apple and Samsung still do not have the patent on just yet .


The comedy of a true genius

To have the art of comedy is to have the art of a genius. Strong words but ask yourself one question how many persons can give a joke much less take it?  You know the answer. Not much. People forget the true essence of life – and that is to live each day as simply as possible because tomorrow is not promised. We get caught up day by day with the throws of life and we forget the simple things. That is why we have to stop and refocus and come to our senses. The man who cannot smile at himself is sadly lost forever in the dark abyss of  boredom.

Red Skelton constantly reminded us that you must not take life seriously. The son of a former circus clown turned grocer and a cleaning woman, Red Skelton was introduced to showbiz at the age of seven by Ed Wynn, at a vaudeville show in Vincennes. At 10, he left home to travel with a medicine show through the Midwest, and joined the vaudeville circuit at 15.  He was the king of vaudeville, a consummate performer who immersed his whole being into his performance that allowed him to connect with his audience. Red was a master of the art of comedy. He knew the punch lines , he knew the pauses and he always performed with total audience participation.  Some of his famous one liners on marriage are:  

1. I take my wife everywhere,but she keeps finding her way back.

2. Two times a week we go to a nice restaurant, have a little beverage, good food and companionship. She goes on Tuesdays, I go on Fridays.

3. I asked my wife where she wanted to go for our anniversary.”Somewhere I haven’t been in a long time!” she said. So I suggested the kitchen.

4.  The last fight was my fault though She asked me what was on the TV. I said “Dust!”

Classic one liners to this day still being used by comedians. Good clean comedy it allowed the audience to relate and laugh if only for a few moments at themselves. When we loose these values we loose one of our basic ability to be human. We have  to stop, step back and relax no matter how hard or good it is going. Take time to remember  that when we smile we express ourselves in a way no other being on earth can do. A smile opens up our personality. It opens up our soul. It makes us human. it makes us a genius. Protect yourself with a smile.




jusFlex- A new social network launching soon

A new way of networking is coming to the internet. TES Jamaica Ltd. is launching  a location and event tracker service.

jusFlex is an entertainment social tracker giving you information on all entertianment in your city. With this information a user can TAG any event and with his Flexpals  enjoy the experience and even make reviews or post pictures on his Flexline and also integrate with the site’s twitter feed to give live tweets on an event. jusFlex bundles your lifestyle in just one click.

Entertainment is our lifestyle. It is the things we do when we are not sleeping. Socializing, working, shopping, listening to music, going to the theater, watching TV, surfing the internet.  We do thesee things daily wihout thinking about it. Once we have everything to live then everything else is Entertainment.  jusFlex is providing a service where it organises your lifestyle and allows you to share your entertainment experience with the ones you love.

No one lives without Entertainment. Life and entertainment are not isoalted. Entertainment is in life as air is to breathing.  jusFlex is only the channel through which the air flows.

Go to to sign up and be informed on the launch. Like us Facebook and follow us on twitter

Is Bolt a Legend?

The London 2012  games are officially over. Its been 17 days and the world has been drawn to athletics. 17 days when those who are highly favored got the  chance to actually see the games in person and for those who were not so fortunate sat glued to their television sets , myself included . For 17 days we did not move except to take a shower and do the obligatory thing of eating something before we sit and  die before the TV.

The Olympics brings one thing to the viewer- a spectacle of human strength. We sit in awe and watch fellow humans stretch the limits of human boundaries to accomplish feats the the average Joe Blow can only dream of doing. The furthest he will go is pressing the button on the remote. Thats his version of human accomplishment. We sit in awe and we cheer our hearts out when the athletes go higher, faster and stronger than their competitors. We are in love with the TV and with our human self.

Growing up we always heard our parents speak of great stories of human accomplishment. A a Jamaican I never knew who Jessie Owens was but my parents told me what he did in the face of adversity. The story they told me fascinated me at a young age and they spoke of this man having paved the way for black athletes to compete. I was also told of Herb McKinley and Arthur Wint the 2 Jamaican athletes who themselves went to London and did the impossible. From a small island they won the 100 yards and 440 yards at the time. Those were fascinating stories for a young man at the time. Growing up Donald Quarrie, another sporting personality set his mark by wining the 200m in the Olympics the only athlete from Jamaica them to do so. These men from an early age inspired me to take up track and developed a love for it to this day . the stories were inspiring, uplifting and proved that it was possible to accomplish the impossible. They were our local legends that every young man wanted to be like.

We grow up in many places, in our homes , our churches, our extended families and in our schools and in every sector of the society we come across some legendary feats that remain with you forever. In my college years the stories were too vast and too many legends were born out of my College years. My headmaster affectionately called Jango, his vice principal who we were all in awe with his flawless circle drawn by hand in our maths class. Mr Dibbs is a legend. Not to mention the beating our school managed to give other schools in teack and filed and football. Those days were legendary. They actually happened and we can tell our children  of those feats.

Jump to 2012 and there are questions and debates on  Usain Bolt. Is he a legend? That question is like asking if the sun shines in jamaica? People like to complicate simple things. We tend to forget everything that ever happened in the past . To document Usain Bolt’s life is like rewriting history. That is already documented and can be read by anyone who chooses to do so. But the question of him being a legend simple stops me in my track.

Bolt appeared on the scene from he was 17 years old and very few people took notice. Not until 2008 when the world saw this tall athlete smashed the world records in all sprint disciplines and took notice. 4 years later amidst lots of adversity he came back to the world’s largest stage and repeated the feat he set 4 years earlier. He ended with a world record.

Bolt was the first man to do 9.5 in 100m sprinting, a feat most people thought impossible. He went further and set a new 200m mark stunning everyone who witnessed it. He then anchored his team in the 4x100m relay to a world record. 80,000 people stood in awe to watch this man run. The entire world stopped and watch him race. He is the only man in jamaica that stopped production for 10 seconds. He single handedly took on the powerful USA and turned their track programme to dust. He was so fast that no one on the planet could beat him when he puts his mind to it. And he proved it twice. Yes son Bolt did these things in 2008 and 2012 and he had the world as his oyster and the world had him as their fantasy. Thankfully he is alive. Go on line and see his races.

That was me talking to my son telling him of the legendary tales of Usain Bolt.  He inspired me then and he inspired my son now. His stories actually happened. so the question being asked is quite simply dumb founded and one cannot help but think that he is a victim of his own fame. A man does not have to die to be a legend. There are many persons writing their legacy now and who are already legends. Barack Obama, Portia Simpson, Nelson Mandela, Tiger Woods to name a few. They are legends thankfully living inspiring others to take their lead.

People are talking now about Bolt both his enemies and his friends. The unfortunate thing is words of thanks from his fellow men  may not be a free giving as it should be. He has given himself to humanity and there are those who still question him. That is the sign of true greatness and human weakness. Bolt name is written in the pages of the history books as the first of all men to do the impossible. His name will go down in history as being the tallest fastest man in his time and from the look of things it could be a while before another legend comes of age. One thing is certain, BOLT IS A LEGEND. We hope we see many more of him to satisfy our lust for greatness. Greatness is starting something that lives after you. Bolt has started a revolution in track and field that will outlast him. Frankly  it does not seem it will be rewritten for a long , long time. Ask yourself this question, will you be talking about him now or anytime soon? If the answer is yes then he is already a legend, you just don’t want to admit it!

All this broo Ha Ha about drugs

The 2012 London games ended on a spectacular high designed with great planning and dexterity. The London organizers planned the last day with 2 aims in minds- firstly continue the momentum of audience attendance from day 1 and 2 reap the profits on the possible clash of the 2 giants in sprints the USA and Jamaica with the added attraction of Usain Bolt. It all translates to maximizing the profits.

Make no mistake, the organizers knew that their  big ticket draw was Usain Bolt. It was evident and  their assumption worked. From day one the 80,000 seat stadium was packed, one of the first in Olympic history. They also changed the start of the mens 100m, from day 1 to day 2. Meticulous planning was done and from all indications they made a profit from the  track and field programme. There were no controversial empty seats. All seats were taken unlike the aquatic center where they were giving away seats to fill that arena. So much  for who the real star of the games were.  But regardless of who the star was the finger pointing was only directed to one team only- Bolt and his Jamaican compatriots. Ex track star Carl Lewis headed the barrage of accusations of possible  performance enhancing drugs. This is from an athlete who himself tested positive 3 times for drugs and was  covered up by the USOC. So much for his impartiality.

The USA ladies team had a terrific performance on the penultimate day of the games by establishing a world record in the 4x100m  lowering the mark to an astounding 40.82 seconds. A great run one would say especially when you have one of the athletes implicated with a drug baron of athletics. No word, no alarm was made. Everyone turned their eyes the other way pretending that it is not happening and whatever the connection it is only a clean relationship.

Similarly Michael Phelps , the swimming sensation of the games walked away with 19 medals. That is no big news especially in swimming as athletes can enter up to 6, 7 or 8 races and can possibly win them all as is the case of Michael Phelps. But again no word from the powers that be about any possibility of  drugs on Phelps part or his team members.   No outright accusations  made by Lewis, none from Dick Pound. The Bahamas did the unthinkable – they beat the USA in the mens 4 x 400m relay,  an event they have won for the past  20 years. That was the beginning of the falling out of grace for the Caribbean Islands. Before this they had to deal with the USA loss of the blue ribbon events of the games – the Women and Mens 100m and the 200m. Things were not going as planned.  Now on the final day the USA lost the A list of events – the 4 x 100m relay Mens to a world setting record by Usain Bolt and his team members. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back and so the hounds came out barking.

Dick Pound, the Ex head of the WADA was the first semi official person to come out and cast aspersions on the Jamaican team. Complaint number 1 – WADA cannot get access to the Jamaican athletes in their own country. Hogwash. The Jamaican athletes are all star athletes. Everyone knows where they train and can find them in Jamaica or when they travel. WADA has unrestricted access to these athletes and failure to comply for a test can result in suspension. Mr Pound is milking a cow.

Complaint number 2. Jamaica does not have random drug test. Well does the  USAAA do random drug testing and if they do are all athletes free from drugs? These AAA all suffer from the same thing – complacency and nepotism. These organizations are no better than the other so if you complain about one you have to complain about all. Further WADA as an organization have the power to put pressure on these organizations but does it happen and most times it is who pays out the most money to keep the hounds quiet.

All sports are subject to performance enhancing drugs. Performance equals big money. The Jamaican athletes have undergone more testing than most. With the multi million lab they have in London detecting a masking drug should not be a problem and so far none has been found for Bolt or his team mates. So what is all this talk especially after the Jamaican win in the 4 x 100m today?

Pound has his reasons. Is he on the US payroll , only time will tell. What about Carl Lewis? what can possibly be his vice? His legacy is being destroyed by this new upstart.  Bolt is also reaping in millions of dollars from sponsorship , something he was not able to do. There is the broader picture as well. The Caribbean’s take over  from the US is troubling. The power shift means loss of money. Money shifting to the Caribbean athletes means  less marketability for the US athletes. The US is still the biggest consumer market so it is important that it remains at home in the US. So the real problem is not really with Jamaica but with the Caribbean and their so called failure to implement an effective drug policy. Attacking Jamaica is only because it is more high profile.

Sports is big money business and the USA is determined to be on top of the sports world. They will do everything and employ all the necessary means to cast doubts on the successes of the athletes of the Caribbean. All the broo-ha-ha is nothing but sour grapes The US like all the other AAA are all guilty of possible performance enhancing drugs. Its just a matter of the big dog having the bigger bark. No one is moving however so bark all they want. The dog is already out of the pen.

Athletes are mere humans…


Another great story of the Olympics. Felix Sanchez was the world leading 400m hurdles runner in 2003/4. At the Beijing olympics his grandmother died and he did hot perform to his standard. Since then he was left for dead , like a wayward homeless person on the sidelines. He kept a photo of his grand mother in his chest and promised her that he would win the 400m at the London olympics. Guess what -he did. That was why he was so emotional.

It is human nature to hold athletes above the norm, hold them to higher ideals, we cuss them when they fail. It is stories like these that remind us that athletes are human , like you and me. they go through the same emotions, the same bull shit , they do the same thing in the morning like you and me. So before we crucify, me included, we must remember they are only human, subject to failures, triumphs, tragedies, regrets, love, laughter, hate just like you and me.