The London 2012 Olympics although no Beijing in terms of scale, scope and budget is steeping up to setting a few first in the hosting of the games. To mount such a spectacle is no mean feat. That in itself deserves an Olympic medal. And as usual nothing could ever be possible without those persons that are simply called The Volunteers. In every Olympics the Volunteers are the stars of the event . The thousands of them that do it all for self and country is a true testament to the Olympic spirit. Well done London like every country before them that has hosted the games. Now lets turn to the nice things so far in the Olympics after some 5 days.

The FIRE CAULDRON. The Barcelona games is by far the BEST ever produced lighting of an Olympic  flame  period. No one can forget the dramatic crescendo of the single archer and his lighted bow and with one stretch of the arrow lit the torch. it was dramatic. But London went a step further.  If you noticed during the parade of teams  there was an added volunteer with a brass holder in the parade . I was wondering what was their role, maybe it was to place the flag pole in the vessel. No, not so. They were the actual cauldrons for each country that would eventually make up the Olympic cauldron. THAT was special ,unique and different and deserves A+for the organizers. My only comment is that the flame should be high above the stadium so that the entire Olympic park and city can see the effects of the flame. Where the London flame is placed it does not afford that.

The BEACH VOLLEYBALL venue is probably the best location for the sport ever staged in the Olympics and Brazil has to come hard to top that. That was a stroke of genius and a pity it cannot remain permanent. Located on the Prime Minister’s doorstep in central London, Horse Guards Parade provides an iconic location for the London 2012 Beach Volleyball competition Coupled with the music and presenter the venue comes alive and is the perfect spectator sporting venue. The entire venue was built from stalls to sand.

SHOOTING  the Olympic games is a big task. Its the biggest audience in the world and every country has a team of reporters there to relay the results back to their country. Additionally the BBC as the host nation has to provide feeds to numerous networks to bring the coverage live. The London games has succeeded with giving the best close up shots of the games that makes you feel like you are actually there at the games. The amazing under water and over head shots of the swimming and diving competition , the close ups of the canoeing are all unprecedented in Olympic coverage. HD and 3D are the standard here. London 2012 will be the first Olympics to feature live 3D television broadcasts, and 33 “true 3D” cameras will be used to capture more than 230 hours of 3D coverage. So far this aspect of the games has been excellent and  first class. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the viewers when the games move to the Olympic stadium.



The MEDAL Tally after 5 days has been exciting and is a true reflection that the world of sports is a global phenomenon that is for all countries not just the richest or biggest. From the  largest nation China to one of the more obscure ones Uzbekistan some 40 countries have medalled so far after only 5 days . It means the playing field is leveling. Its not just about money, its about heart. The 2008 Olympics had 86 countries that medaled. This 2012   games looks like it will top that.

Every Olympics has its fair share of drama and surprises. London so far has had a few. From the number of athletes sent home for doping to those gone for racial twittering these games are positioned to write its own chapter in the history books. One thing so far is true – no nation will have a gold medal wrapped in a bag waiting to be collected. You have to earn it. The world has suddenly gotten better.  China had to perform to win the diving sweep in medals. If they didn’t a country like Mexico would be right there to take it away from them. So the games has been fair and balanced . Now all attention moves to the Olympic stadium. The games in the  80,000 seat mammoth will be for the purist the real start of the Olympic games. Yes there will be drama, there will  be upsets and tears of laughter and the agony of defeat. From the opening ceremonies London 2012 has shown the world it will be a different Olympics. True to form it has been so far. What lies in the cauldron of the track and field? Let us all sit back and watch as the drama unfolds.








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