Big boys playing cowboys and crook


A  verdict  was finally reached in the Apple-Samsung law suit on who took whose ‘patent’ and made billions from the copy. Apple is crying that Samsung used at least 10 patent in their phone and tablet technology and Samsung counter claiming that Apple stole one or two of theirs. Seems like 2 spoilt kids at each other’s throat and we the consumer is in the middle trying to keep these two from hitting each other . As parents we know all too well this scenario.

I for one appreciate and respect a patent and for a company that spends millions of dollars developing patent I can understand their hound dog attitude. However patent is also the symbol of the capitalist to extend their profits just like a child who started to use a play station first will have a fit when the other child takes it from him.

The situation becomes even more family orientated as both Apple and Samsung are ‘family’ in the tech business. One cannot do without the other. They sells products and parts to each other, They know each others product. So both Samsung and Apple are bedfellows, strange as it may be , and they both use technology to advance  their product base, resulting in making human kind a little better.


A design or idea that takes the world to another level should not be allowed to have a patent infinitum. I can think of many ideas that are earth moving and humankind astounding. Can you imagine a patent on the wheel that cars drive or the telephone that we use to communicate? Can Alexander Bell now sue both Apple and Samsung for ‘stealing’ his ‘patent’ or ‘idea’?  Hell no. Apple nor Samsung does not have exclusivity to human development .

The Iphone is not the saviour of humankind neither is the Ipad. Similarly Samsung doesn’t have it either. In the end it is us the consumer that decides who wins this case. It is us who has to tell these 2 companies to remember who make them who they are – not any patent but simply us, the consumer who buys these products because it makes our lives a bit easier. So go to the corner of the room both of you  and I don’t want to hear a peep out of you both!  The same way they spend millions trying to protect their product and patent they should spend it on simple customer service which both Apple and Samsung still do not have the patent on just yet .


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