Athletes are mere humans…


Another great story of the Olympics. Felix Sanchez was the world leading 400m hurdles runner in 2003/4. At the Beijing olympics his grandmother died and he did hot perform to his standard. Since then he was left for dead , like a wayward homeless person on the sidelines. He kept a photo of his grand mother in his chest and promised her that he would win the 400m at the London olympics. Guess what -he did. That was why he was so emotional.

It is human nature to hold athletes above the norm, hold them to higher ideals, we cuss them when they fail. It is stories like these that remind us that athletes are human , like you and me. they go through the same emotions, the same bull shit , they do the same thing in the morning like you and me. So before we crucify, me included, we must remember they are only human, subject to failures, triumphs, tragedies, regrets, love, laughter, hate just like you and me.


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