jusFlex- A new social network launching soon

A new way of networking is coming to the internet. TES Jamaica Ltd. is launching http://www.jusflex.com  a location and event tracker service.

jusFlex is an entertainment social tracker giving you information on all entertianment in your city. With this information a user can TAG any event and with his Flexpals  enjoy the experience and even make reviews or post pictures on his Flexline and also integrate with the site’s twitter feed to give live tweets on an event. jusFlex bundles your lifestyle in just one click.

Entertainment is our lifestyle. It is the things we do when we are not sleeping. Socializing, working, shopping, listening to music, going to the theater, watching TV, surfing the internet.  We do thesee things daily wihout thinking about it. Once we have everything to live then everything else is Entertainment.  jusFlex is providing a service where it organises your lifestyle and allows you to share your entertainment experience with the ones you love.

No one lives without Entertainment. Life and entertainment are not isoalted. Entertainment is in life as air is to breathing.  jusFlex is only the channel through which the air flows.

Go to http://www.jusflex.com to sign up and be informed on the launch. Like us Facebook www.facebook.com/jusflexjamaica and follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/jusflex.

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