Soldiers Deck of Cards

This will be taking you way back to your childhood days but I can vividly remember my Dad played this song called Deck of Cards one Sunday evening. It was a slow song with a religious undertone. If you were a member of my household you would understand that you had no choice but to listen to these songs every Sunday , like it or not because my father ruled the sunday airwaves in the house. And most households at the time fathers and mothers had their day when it was all about their songs.

So hearing the song Deck of Cards by Tex Ritter was educating for me as I listened to it and the words were compelling. What a beautiful song I remember saying and the song remained with me all those years. That was about 1980 or there about.

Circa 20 years later May 30 2012. I received an email from a friend and the title said Soldiers Deck of Cards. Immediately my interest peaked and I opened the youtube link  My thoughts immediately went to my growing up days and the video played and there it was , the same topic as the good old Tex Ritters’ version but this time it was all modern and fresh. What can this guy do or say about this popular song. After watching  the  video you can see why . You see the video not only dealt with the same topic of what a deck of cards meant, but it took it a step further and added this pictorial at the end of the song. Tex Ritter I am sure smiled in heaven when he sees this video as did I also smiled when I saw the video. No wonder the video had over 3 million hits.

The deck of cards still remains a solemn poignant pause of what it means to be a soldier not only on the battle field but a soldier of your own home. Thank you Mom for the link. Love ya !

Talk Shows

Recently I have had a lot of time to watch daytime entertainment on Cable and it seems like Ellen is nw the new talk show queen after the great Oprah.  She is big on give aways, she reaches a vast audience and her audience loves her..ok maybe its all the freebies they get. Regardless its entertainment. The question is – is Talk show a part of the Jamaican TV programming as yet and if it is who are the stars?

Talk show is popular and it is funny nowhere in Caribbean Television programming is there a talk show and Caribbean people like to talk so much and get in peoples business. It makes you want to go hmmmm. So I will do some home work and see if there are any Caribbean talk show around that I can feature. If you do let me know.


Porn is more honest than Religion

I recently opened up a discussion on my FB page on the topic Porn is more honest than religion. I decided to show the various  comments and you can make your own conclusion. I deliberately left the names of the persons who made the comments as that is really not important. What is important is to see the progress of the comments.

First response: lmao!!

Second response: I am laughing too hard to make an comment.

Third response: i plea the fifth bro….

Fourth response: Both have their own spin on dishonesty. Exaggeration fi kill.

Fifth response: Absolutely not. Porn can be edited by anyone and cannot withstand the tests of time. Religion is steadfast and can stand the tests of time

Sixth response: But Porn like Religion is the oldest form of entertainment. Would you agree? So it has stood the test of time.

Seventh Response: Steadfast with lies/greed 4 for earthly rewards/money. Lynval tell me about being spiritual. Religions are fraud, filled with rituals for self interest demising each others. Christians/Jews/Catholics/etc. can’t agree on anything yet it seems as if they worships difefrent Gods.

Eigth response: Agree with u. Porn has stood more test of time. Here d thing, sensitive topic. No one will have d balls to challenge truthfully cause of religion, yet in their thoughts d answer is different.Porn rule over religion. More people gravitate to porn than religion. After wi tun age fifty and d body can’t keep up sexually, wi become religious.Most ah the i generation seems to be more godly now than b4.

Nineth response: . That seems to be the ‘natural’ trend of people. the older they get they seem to turn to a new social lifestyle and get very involved in the church. Caribbean people like African Americans do not like to challenge religion. It is how they were brought up. Accept everything from the pulpit. And we have seen where a few have violated the sanctity of the pulpit. At some point in most people’s lives Porn becomes their ‘religion’ as what they get from it is spiritually more fulfilling than the hypocrisy of the church. Ok I said it .

Tenth response: Thats the sad state of the world we live in

Eleventh response:  – sad state indeed. Can people be so predictable

Twelfth response: Even the bible condems religion in these last days ….Read 2 timothy 3 1-5 its very telling

Thirteenth response: Jesus said “that many will say to him in that day didnt we cast out demons and do lots of powerful works in your name and he will say to them get away from me i never knew you workers of indiguity”

Fourteenth response: I think people are content to know that as long as they can say “Lord forgive me” that is enough for them to be the hypocrite they are.

Fifteenth response: Thats because God is not a real personality to them..he represents the lies they have been taught at church …great entertainment!!!!!

Sixteenth response: you will be surprise how much people cant logically explaiin the reason for their faith and beleif systen its because they dont open their minds and think

Seventeenth response: Its also why I said they do not want to question their religion. They were told to get dressed and go to church from they were children and they are still doing the same routine..get up and go to church !

Eighteenth response: That’s because it’s religion to them and not relationship. It’s about the “doing” and not the gift of love from God. God hates religion…he wants relationship ♥

Nineeth response: Heres a definition of religion which I find quite consistent to this world’s madness: religion means get on your knees, put your hands together, shut your eyes and if you feel my hands going through your pockets, don’t panic. Its only the spirit of god moving amongst you…..hahahahaha. Religion is marketing, BIG business at the highest level. Control, power and BIG money. Like someone said earlier, its about RELATIONSHIP, NOT RELIGION.

Twenty responses: I desire mercy, not sacrifice. Matthew 9:13 Just sayin’

Twentyone responses:  There is no honesty in porn at all. Edited. Fake moan. Fluffer needed to get the action going. Nope don’t think so. Religion is not too honest either. What’s honest is the way both make you feel : fulfilled. Hehehe

TwentyTwo responses: What a “fire starter” u r eh eh eh I have noticed No one has come to the defense of PORN…

TwentyThree responses: Well I disagree Mark, despite the ‘fakeness’ in porn, the objecvtive is an honest one, like James said, well maybe not necessarily fulfillment but perhaps arousal…most porn flicks can achieve that. Religion on the other hand promises a one way ticket to heaven, when the real objective is power and multiple bank accounts, each having multiple zeros, at least more than 7. So yes, porn is more honest in fulfilling its objective.

TwentyFour responses: Thanks the two biblical naming people 😉 for the support on the otherside

TwentyFive responses: Religion also has a lot of moas, fluff and edited moments. The fulfillment u get from religion I subjective I believe. To the religious fanatic it is mind blowing, almost to the point of orgasmic. They are filed with the spirit andthey pray all day for everyone’s sins. They live their life in a cocoon surrounded by the spirit to prevent the heathens from disrupting their inner peace. But there is another name for people like that… They are called Pharisees. And we know what happen to them. On the other hand Porn gives the absolute fanatic the same inner peace and he too lives in his cocoon . There is name society gives him or her…..narcissusts. Both are capable of being true to people they love. The difference is one holds no judgement…the narcissist. So who is more honest in this instance?

TwentySix responses:  Chapter A Day, keeps the Porn away….point and case……..Sodom and Gomorrah ……… no offense to those who differ, my opinion, not law.

TwentySeven responses: ‘ve been reading all this discussion and so far, some people have the definition of the word “religion” mixed up. Religion is defined as a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when consideredas the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. Simply put, people believing and worshiping whatever (or whomever) it is they believe created the universe and is the all powerful one(s) in charge so rules are made to act according. That being said the answer what the main question, I must say that this is neither true nor false. The answer lies in the person watching porn, or the “religious fanatic”. I personally think that porn is totally a play on the sexual psyche of humans. A way for a man to fantasize and think, “how cool would it be if my hot and sexy neighbor came over to borrow sugar and we ended up having sex as a result” or (insert porn scene or fantasy here). Religion itself is near flawed in it’s delivery and one just has to sit down with a bible and study (not read, STUDY) it to find the truth. And it is in there. So Porn watchers and church goers, keep doing your thing. If you ask me, this new generation is fucked already anyway.

And so you have it. Various takes on a similar topic. What do you think? 

Naked Black Justice Powerful Message

James C Lewis a photographer from Atlanta decided to do a movement portrayed in nude pictorials of the Black experience in America. Its his way of pointing the racial prejudices that still exist in America.  He went on to say that he has been receiving the most negatives from guess who? the African American community.  Why am I not surprise !

Four years ago when America did the unthinkable and elected their first African American president there were talks of America finally unlocking the shackles of racism from its culture. HA! What a joke that was. All emotions.

Racism is like the flu, it will NEVER get eradicated. Man with all his greatness still has the biggest flaw that he cannot get rid of – his desire to manipulate and oppress the poor. Read between the lines. I am not talking about economical poverty. The poor , the one that we all hear in the Sunday sermons at church from your preacher when he is preaching about the Beatitudes. “Blessed are the poor for they will see God.”

The poor are those who are constantly afflicted for one reason or the other by others who think they are superior. And there are examples of this persecution daily. Racism is one of them.The powerful imagery of James’ Lewis nude models draws attention to this bigotry.

James must not be surprised that his own is raging a fight against his expression. Blacks, like white are inherrently racial because they look outward not inward. James pictorial forces you too look at the problem in raw terms. The problem is those who look at it see what they see -Nudity and not the expression of the image or the problem.

The US will be having its election in November yo elect a new president. Watch and look at the results. If Obama wins I will be surprised why? It will not be the white people who voted him out. The very same people who were crying and rejoicing when he was first inaugurated will be the ones dancing and hoping that Massa will come and give them hope.

I have always maintained that the early settlers did a number on the slaves that has lasted a lifetime. They succeeded to teach us not only English, but the fact that Massa will be their hope and their future and we must NEVER forget it.

Dark Shadows- very dark

I grew up watching the movie Dark Shadows in my formative years and yes it was far from ‘scary’ as most Dracula movies were but it was entertaining. Was a big sitcom in the B&W TV days and the turn of the color television. But after some 15 odd years here comes Johnny Depp in the latest version of the movie and to me it was one of those movies – the WTDVD – or Wait Till the DVD Comes Out.
Jokes were corny, plot slow, Johnny Depp a WEAK Dracula f you can imagine a weak Dracula and the real star of the movie was the villain, quite a shocker. Did not enjoy it. Fell asleep actually. So take my advise. Go watch The Avengers for a good action filled movie and WTDVD for Dark Shadows. Save yourself some money ! 

Leaders Must Lead

I thought I would post my comments in my blog to this age-old question. The question asked was how to stay cool, calm and collected on the day of an event.

My response was :  Writing more comments after all the ones posted seems futile as they all have merits for you to stay calm and collected. The funny thing is in Event planning there is never a calm and collected moment. I am assuming you have THE BEST team beside you. Well USE THEM. No man is an island in event planning. It takes a village to make an event successful. So use your team and be the last go to person not if but when the problem starts. The matter could be as small as the AC is not on to the disaster in Christchurch New Zealand but no matter what you have to be in control after months or weeks of planning as you are the visionary and your team is creating the vision. So be just that – the vision. Dont blink, don’t compromise, don’t get side tracked. Stay focused and the team will be focused. And when the last lights are off , props and sets cleared, tables rolled back , banquet facilities returned to storage it is only then that you will truly feel relaxed. Take a big breath in, let it all rush out of your lungs and get ready for the next chapter. All the best.

My response was from years of experience being an Event planner. The most important thing is you are the leader. Leaders must lead.  They must be the vision, that bright light in the dark pointing the rest of the team to the goal. So far all new event planners don;t get alarmed. Stand up and lead.

Management is a Lifestyle

I was in the gym today having a casual discussion with a friend about some common interest in entertainment. The discussion centered around  a scenario that some people find it difficult to manage especially when the new manager was the buddy of the same people he is managing just a week ago.

The problem the new manager has is effecting the transition. from being a member of the team to now being a leader of the team. That transition comes with a lot of sacrifice that he is not ready to give up. If you read all the management books in the world they will all tell you about the pros and cons of this scenario. It is well documented. But what the books or professors fail to tell the student is that management is a lifestyle. Some people may disagree but when you think about it look at all the leaders in the world, past and present and see what is the common trait in all of them. The answer – A lifestyle.

The leader or manager can party with the team, they can have a drink with the boys. They  can go shopping with the girls. It is encouraged. What is not allowed is the leader cannot be one of them. He , and I am using the collective HE,  has to know that he is the leader so whilst he can go shopping or drinking he cannot get drunk. He cannot spend all his money and be broke. He has to be sober and sane enough to say to the team enough is enough, time to go and go he must. This is the lifestyle i am talking about. It is showing your team how disciplined you are despite the distractions of the drinking , partying and shopping.

To have discipline is to create a lifestyle of strong mental fortitude. A lifestyle that will always come to manifest itself when the team is looking at you. They are looking to you for direction. If your lifestyle is one of party, wild abandonment and carefree then you are not managing the team. You are merely one of the boys and the team will look for a leader who has a lifestyle that they can emulate and follow. A leader cannot hide.

So this is my first blog for the website. Management is a lifestyle. I invite you to comment on this topic.

Insider’s Tip

I recently participated in an open discussion on the topic of how do you direct the natural need of persons attending a meeting or convention to sit at the back of the room leaving the front seats empty. My response was :

“For me people will instinctively want to go to the back as it is the place where they feel most
comfortable. It’s like they are hiding in an open box hoping not to be seen. I never try to reinvent the wheel on this one. Use lighting to your benefit and only light the area of seating as the audience comes in. Yes have your staff there and as the room fills the lights go up. Using only one door for entrance also helps to ‘herd’ the attendees 
in and as the room fills close that door and use the rear door to fill the seats to the rear. As a Wow moment at some point in the conference offer the first row of  persons a small gift for being the first attendees. It encourages them. It could be anything but it must be small and inexpensive. It really is all about the acknowledgement rather than the gift.”

People will be people and nobody wants to sit at the front,  maybe an exception or two but most tend not to want the spotlight. Tips- set your room up so there are no back seats. Put the stage in the center and have the seats flow around the stage. It gives the speaker the opportunity to be closer to the audience, it is good theater in the round and it makes everyone feels equal , remember Arthur’s round table. Same concept. Always make your audience feel comfortable. That is the start to a successful meeting without the first word being spoken.

I invite you to share your thoughts or ideas on this topic.

The Best Committee- the committee of Sleep

I get inspirational quotes daily and the one I received today was this. “It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.”– John Steinbeck

When I read the quote I smiled and said to myself ..opps my secret has come out . I have the same committee and they are the best committee that I have ever worked with. In general I hate committees. It’s a bunch of people who gives an excuse for working on a project and really the only person that works is the one with the idea . Committees are a waste of time especially if consisted of a lot of ‘talkers’ and not ‘doers’.

So I tackle my problems alone and especially when they are entertainment related I look at all the problems that will come up for the event and just let it flow. This usually happens when you have special events and you check the history of the  events and you need to plan a similar event for the current year. My rule of thumb is never to repeat myself so I always put myself under due stress of coming up with new ideas to an event that I did just 12 months earlier. But I want  something new-like a transfusion of new blood to give the event new life , after all its a new year. So I call my committee for a meeting and go to sleep.  I keep thinking about it but I turn it over to my committee of sleep to take care of the details. And wouldn’t you know it the next day the problems just seem to automatically disappear and I start to flow.

My committee has never disappointed me as it always delivers. Somehow the committee tackles all the problems and delivers a step by step analysis of how to tackle these circumstances. That is my secret to the many events that I have planned that others wonder how did I come up with that idea. Its simple – my secret is my committee, the committee of sleep. The only committee that does what it says and get the job done.

How about you. Do you have a similar committee? Would love to hear your opinion.