In a world that is slowly being depleted of its resources there are a few that is making an effort to draw our attention to our suicidal activities. Without a doubt there is no argument. Our natural resources are dwindling, the climate is changing as a result of our industrial revolution, urbanization , over -crowded cities and out of control population growth, deforestation, beach and ocean reclamation and finally our natural talent of creating waste that has left a large footprint in our space as well as the space of the animals, whom we share Earth with.

We conveniently forget we are not here alone neither is the environment replaceable and like many other conflicts in our history, there are detractors, perpetrators and unbelievers. We are at a crossroads and these people from the Maia Earth Village are showing us how we can change. It begins with the idealist dream at the point of starting over, but not walking backwards in our footprint. Rather it is calling on us to change ourselves.

This is a lifestyle that is not for everyone or the faint at heart. It is for the person who desires to stop, take a pause of their life that is consumed with the energies of the world, cleanse ourselves of the toxins we consume in our bodies and start afresh on a coconut fast. Yes a fast. Fasting is the cleansing of the body, to allow the internal organs and biological functions to heal using the healing remedies of the coconut. It is from this cleansing that mankind can truly understand and stop this galloping race to destruction of our resources. When we change and take care of our body, we do the same for the World, knowing that the world and us are one.

I hope you are as touched as I was in this spiritual change. You can get more information from their website.(MaiaEarthVillage)


A recent report had me thinking. The wonderful area of Jamaica called Negril was experiencing beach erosion. I read and shook my head. My observations were correct. I asked myself..Is Negril fucked?

I am a child of the 60s, the generation of pot smoking adults and peace showing signage on cars and clothing, with big hair and big googled glasses and everybody chanting..’one love” and peace. The 60s were euphoric and Jamaica had a particular spot where these pot smokers congregated like bees over a pollen sack. It was Negril, tucked away over 7 miles of pristine sand and jacuzzi tempered waters.  Hippies, as they were called, were not looking for luxury or fine hotels. They just needed a spot, any spot of land to pitch their tent and if the land offered a beach, the better.

Negril was perfect for this free smoking crowd. The traditional tourist went East, the hippies went west. They were not accepted at the time as ‘normal’ people by their peers and neither were the Rastafarians in Jamaica at the time. The 2 social derelicts formed an enchanting union  where rastafarians with long flowing locks were seen with blond looking females strolling along the beach, romancing at liberty, sometimes with little or no clothing.  Negril  offered a Woodstock atmosphere and the little fishing spot became popular, attracting every type of crowd, crowds that were not only residents of the area , but also sharks, commonly known as ‘investors’, who were willing to feed on this open buffet of potential earnings.

When I got older to visit and go to places with my friends Negril was the spot of choice. In the 80s when the area was experiencing an economic boom it was the place to go and see all the weird things in life. We did not have a US Visa at the time so the closest to anything foreign was Negril. Every day seemed like a big party. I was enjoying the area, the beach, seeing the unusual pairings with ‘reggae’ babies in tow. Cabins and hotels were building at a rapid pace. Hedonism was the most popular Hotel and they catered to the sexaully liberated clientelle. The beach was a 7 mile orgy of hidden places, where sex was the norm. Negril was addictive. Negril was regarded as a place not in Jamaica.

I must admit i did not pay attention to the hotel boom  but as I grew older I realised that Negril did not have the same effect it once had , not only for myself but my friends.  It became sterile, crowded, urbanized, chock-a-block with hotels all along the beach.The atmosphere was not as open as in the 80s. The sharks claimed every inch of the beach, limiting access to the public. Large groups of people especially, from Kingston, would go and spend the entire day on the beach no charge. But slowly the personality was changing accompanied with bureaucratic jargon and power wielding owners declaring their spot of the beach, driving the people away. Negril was no longer owned by the people of Jamaica. It was now owned by capitalists, hungry loving, politically joined at the hips, we don’t give a f**k sharks who were hell bent on squeezing every little bit they could out of the area.

Negril beach shoreline

In this Sept. 14, 2014 photo, (AP Photo/David McFadden) (The Associated Press)

My initial observations were not unusual but factual. When I visited my place of employment at the  time, the beach shorelines were literally non existent. As seen in the picture to the left, guests were actually walking not on the beach but on Hotel’s property . Walking the beach was still legal, thank God, and sentries were posted for every Hotel to prevent any intruders from sneaking in, an attempt that often proved futile.

My second observation was there are times when overnight Hotel managers would wake up to tons of seaweed strewn all over the beach. At the Hotel where I worked it took 3 trucks 20 trips to clear the weed.

My 3rd observation was hurricane had its usual devastating effect but you can be assured damages of untold cost would be experienced by most if not all the hotels on the beach and those across the highway.  The little patch of beach left for public use was also now a garbage haven, plastic bottles and sundry were strewn , some floating in the water, green areas were literally patches of shrubbery, the decline was slowly dripping like a leaking faucet. The shore water levels have risen several feet in the past decade as well as grey water activities that have contributed to the dilemma. See report conducted by UWI. 

These observations were the early 2000. I have not been to Negril since so to see this report brings home the message to me that Capitalism and the excessive urbanization  of Negril , not climate changes, is the direct result of the erosion of the finest piece of real estate in Jamaica added to the fact that under successive governments and political bribery the sharks managed to circumvent every law tabled in Jamaica for their excessive development under the disguise of providing ‘jobs’ , a fallacy that will cost the taxpayers of this  country Billions of dollars.

Caribbean Eroding Beaches-1None of this is surprising. Politicians like to use the masks of providing jobs as a political tool to cover the face of the ignorant. Their friends get the permits , often going over regulatory bodies heads and are allowed to drill, dig, scrape, erect 400 odd rooms on the patch of beach at will. Why not? A room in Negril is a fantastic hideaway for a politician and his side piece. Our country unfortunately is  not adept at science and even when science is shouting at us to change our modus operandi, the sharks put on their luxury shades and look towards the East. Its none of their business. Hotels are full , We are making money.

I have a friend who happens to be an ex employee of the regulatory body of beaches in Jamaica . I sent him the report and I asked him why has this happened? Give me an explanation why the regulatory body did nothing to curb this tsunami heading our way?  Here is his response..

…”Interesting article below about erosion of the ‘famed’ Negril beach.  Apparently we are just waking, and being half-asleep, are about to panic because the reality to which we are awakening is slightly unfocused and not entirely soothing.

When I joined the Natural Resources Conservation Division (precursor to the NRCA and NEPA) in 1982, a beach monitoring programme was already in place.  Places such as Sunset Beach (Kent Avenue, Montego Bay), Black River, and Negril were areas of concern, displaying significant rates of erosion.  Many areas along the coastline had groynes and breakwaters, notably areas of St. Thomas.

Developers in Negril knew from that time that there were significant rates of beach erosion, because the lot sizes shown on titles for beach lots did not match the reality on the ground.  The Government of Jamaica knew, because, if for no other reason, various agencies involved in the planning and development control processes had to address issues of beach erosion and the consistent refrain from landowners to reclaim their ‘lost’ beach frontage.  There was consistent and fierce opposition from the private sector and the public to any attempt by the public sector to reduce the building footprint on the beach side of the highway.  In fact, a number of the conservation zones established in the first development plan for Negril were subsequently removed.  Room density was shifted from the eastern (swamp) side of the highway to the beach side.  Hoteliers raked the sand each morning, against all advice.  Poor land management practices were embraced by all.

Now the rush to put in place breakwaters in Negril.  I hope the government and other parties know what they are doing.  The Kent Avenue erosion studies suggested that sand movement on Jamaica’s north coast had two overlapping cycles, one annual, and the other a 5-7-year cycle.  Place breakwaters of groynes at the wrong time during the cycle, and the sand (that builds up off the beach) never returns.  Hopefully any hard engineering intervention will be preceded by rigorous technical analysis.

I also hope this knee-jerk reaction will not be the sum of the intervention.  Most people knew in the mid-1980s and 1990s that no hotels should be build along the beach.  Hazard maps alerted all to the threats, public sector technocrats attempted to ‘manage’ the land use processes, and the private sector (often with the aid of their political allies) pushed for increased use of the most vulnerable areas of the coastline.  This is not about saying ‘I told you so’, but a reminder that we are still ignoring facts and warnings.  Climate change damage assessments indicate that most coastal areas in the Caribbean will be severely impacted by sea level rise and other threats.  In some countries, it is estimated that up to 90% of the tourism infrastructure will be negatively impacted.  Projections of replacement cost for hotels run into the billions (US$).

The statement attributed to the vendor that tourism will be lost if the beach erosion continues reflects much of the thinking regarding Caribbean tourism.  However, the projected damages to coastal resources and infrastructure will not be adequately addressed by tossing a few million dollars at the problem.  All countries need to become serious about land use/physical planning.  We also need to start re-thinking the tourism product development and marketing strategies.

You all know this already.  Wonder when the public will start taking this seriously.  Wonder when the media will become serious about informing the public about the gravity of the looming challenges..”

So here we are at the cross -roads of I told you so. We knew of the inherent problems. To have sharks aided by their political cronies, having little regard for the environment and its effects on the country and the people of Westmoreland is a special kind of madness. All this was eminently avoidable if we only took our country’s well being first and listened to those scientist who advised otherwise. A learned  economist Joseph Stiglitz said , “Should you let a group of foolish lawyers, who put together something before they understood these issues, interfere with saving the planet?”  I think not!

So the question now confronts us, at what cost? At what cost are we prepared to ‘fix’ the problem. Estimates now stand at 77 million dollars, 77 million dollars of taxpayers money that hoteliers want the government to shore up. I say no way. Why must we allow these sharks to hop of the plunging train scotch free? I am not against development but the end does not justify the means. Development is encouraged but not without planning and thought taking into consideration why we are improving and even more importantly whom it serves.

We have some choices to make. I say let the sharks, not the government  pay the 77 million for the fixing of the erosion ofCaribbean Eroding Beaches-2 Negril and the government  pay the pending escalating cost that will definitely be associated with the project. Our lack of planning and economic jigsaw is at war with life in Jamaica and by extension the world. We cannot change nature. The beach will do what it has to do. What we can change is our callous approach and disregard for the environment and our broken system of government. It takes you . It takes me. It takes us demanding from our politicians their position on climate change.

Change or be changed . Make no mistake this changes everything. Climate change is not about the climate changing naturally, it is about us and the way we interact with the climate. We MUST change. Until we understand this simple fact and look ahead to better not only our immediate lives but the lives of our future generation Jamaica, like Negril, is Fucked.

© 2014 Paul Tomlinson 


The world is occupied by over 7 billion people, that’s right, Billion with a capital B and there are quite a few of these people that are unnecessary.  You can spot these people most of the time as soon as they open their mouth. The radical, extreme, ignorant , most times incorrigible, asinine comments they make forces you to stop and breath. Makes you ask yourself why? Why do we have these people in the world?

One thing I have learned is that it takes a lot of different people to make this world turn. There is no such thing as a single culture, neither is there a notion of a common worldview. This is a significantly difficult concept for a lot of people to understand.  A world-view seems to suggest a single understanding of the world shared by all people. A common concept of a worldview that seems plausible is the notion that all men are created equal and should enjoy liberties , free to roam and thrive as the animals on the land and creatures in the sea. But even that notion is swatted like a bothersome fly.  There are several different meanings and understanding of worldview, in other words there are as much worldview as there are people on this planet, 7 Billion of them.

The world is now becoming one socia basket allowing one worldview to connect with another openly, allowing us to interact with millions. We can facebook, tweet, youtube or whichever one of the 205 social networks worldwide we choose , we can access for better or worse to a worldview that you can agree or disagree. Agreement gives you a sense of zen like feeling , allowing you to not feel alone with your thoughts in this world of billions.  And there are other views, those views steering in a direction that is unknown to man making you wonder if this person is one of us. In other words, is he human?

The speaker in the attached video is one such person. His worldview was so abhorrent it made the brother responding to his diatribe describe him as an “intellectually circumcised baboon”.  And that he is. Here is this educated lecturer with his Phd  with a worldview concocted with his head up his you know where , admonishing of all people Jamaicans as he seems to suggest that it is Jamaica and its afrocentric  culture, indiscipline and poverty that has created a society that let me quote him here…” militates against education, where white people want to become black, a particular destructive nihilistic gangster culture that has become the fashion….”

I am not shocked by his views. Frankly I am shocked that others on the panel did not take him on in his tracks schooling him on his rabid and ignorant views of both Jamaica and its culture and the history of the world that was created by the likes of his kind. He, along with many before him and those that will come after him, conveniently forget  which race  started this entire history of mankind against mankind, race against race, poverty and wealth, mass incarceration for profit, do you need me to go on?


Just recently I had a discussion with a colleague on the shape of the human existence  as we know it  today and I asked him the question WHAT IF?  What if the so called “civilised nations” had not explored the seas ? WHAT IF the civilised nations had used their own citizens for trade and produce, working the fields themselves? WHAT IF the civilised nations having met the Africans and other races decided to do business with them on fair economic terms encouraging the buying and selling of produce and not people? WHAT IF the civilised nations, along with Africans jointly discovered other lands in this vast world and agreeing to colonize and propagate freely and constitutionally allowing each race their fair share of allotment ? A lot of WHAT IFs and hypothetical scenarios. I suggest to you the consequences would have been different. Worldview would have taken on a different reality. The history of the world would have been rewritten, inclusive of the great contributions and advancement made by Africans and all races, not just the predominance of  caucasians as we were told  from childhood, by an education system designed by caucasians.

But we can dream and a few of us can respect  the contributions of our forefathers and the sacrifices they made to get us to the place we are today. The sad outcome is that some of  our own people, Jamaicans and every african descendant worldwide, devour that rich history and deliver it as feces at the feet of their brothers and sisters.  They have eaten the bait and continue to be doctrinated and controlled by the caucasians standards and version of civility, education and  commerce. In fact some of them  have become “mini whites”, exploiting their own for rewards that goes to the caucasian coffers, as he controls everything, everything that makes money he has a hand in it. Some of our brothers and sisters are unfortunately lost .

Thankfully a lot of us are not lost but  awake, alive and alert like the brother who responded to his views. A lot of us are intelligent enough to understand that his racist views, supported by many in this crazy world, are nothing but words coming from the lips of a walking garbage can, that spills filth as he speaks and like all filth we either step on it, cover it with dirt and bury it or  simply burn it, forcibly removing it from the face of the civilised world. Watch the video and when you are finished I hope you applaud as loudly as I did.

© 2014 Paul Tomlinson


I am a lover of technology. Actually I live technology. Inside my head I have created this country where  I live. a country called Chrystallia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, west of South and North America, it is a country so large it stretches from the north Pacific ocean to the south. It has 3 time zones, larger than South America and the US, Chrystallia is a country that mesmerises those that has the opportunity to visit.

In the world but not of the world, Chrystallia is governed by a Chairman and a board, parliament by other standards, made up from the greatest minds that live in our country. The history of the country is one shaped from battles of sovereignty from the Greeks and the many world generals that tried to colonize the country. Through blood and tears the people of Chrystallia fought for their right to be a sovereign nation and from the day of Incorporation,  March 29, 1859 , Chrystallia has as its charter to build a nation like no other on Earth where poverty is extinct and the nation’s citizens will be the primary assets of the country.

chrystalliaChrystallia is run like a business, not a typical country with cost and revenue paramount to the economy. Like any business it has a budget and covers all its cost before embarking on expenses. The country is profitable, dynamic, totally automated, zero unemployment, it operates on a 24 hour economic cycle where every business is operated on a 24 hour basis ensuring total employment and constant economic activity. No one works for more than 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. No one goes to the bank as every home is connected to the economic grid to conduct any and every activity. No cash his exist in Chrystallia, payment is by a chip implanted in citizens wrist. We do not have drug problems, medical problems, environmental problems, religious, social or political crises. Chrystallia is an ideal country where even visitors are managed, all requiring visa to enter from ‘Ports’ situated in all the continents of the world. No one is exempted, not even Presidents or Prime Ministers. We occupy a space in the world but not of the world. Our country is protected by super intelligent robotics with advanced machinery never seen by the outside world , 10 million in number, transportation by high speed rails and flying cars. We get involved in world conflicts only if one of our citizens are killed or captured by outside forces. Our motto is simple – A Chrystallian’s  blood is the blood of the country, a country  fought hard by its people.  Shed one drop of it,  and you declare war on Chrystallia.  We retaliate first THEN ask questions after.

In my world life is good, not devoid of problems but good as we fix the problems that exist and plan for every conceivable scenario. My world is not real or seemingly possible by human standards but that is to be expected as human standards are affected by the very humans, limited only by their propensity to change daily and their innate need to obey their baseless inhuman feelings. Is it utopia? Maybe it is but not one void of the realities that in our world everyone is accountable, everyone is discoverable by a chip placed on their personage, everyone  has to follow laws and like all business if it is broken, we fix it .

Chrystallia is a rare place. Some people have called us aliens, others say we are devoid of humanity and its realities. At 100% fully automated and technology driven our country is like Google and all the other fully automated companies of the world on steroids. But automation does not replace humanics.

This is where we differ from the rest. Simply put, in Chrystallia everything starts with humanics, the age-old Greek ideal of the balanced individual. We believe from our Greek heritage, that a person’s emotional, intellectual and physical lives are one, connected by our shared human birth into this world. The humanics philosophy calls for the total education of the body, the mind and the spirit as our shared humanity supersedes our individual existence

We uphold that value to be true, as the Americans hold to their value that “all men are created equal”  to be paramount to their existence.   In Chrystallia its not  about the automation, wealth and the utopian economy. People of Chystallia create a zen by balancing their bodies, mind and emotions to each other, understanding that there is nothing without the total whole of the sum of the people that exist. No person stands alone in Chrystallia hence we hold to be true that all men need each other, period.  Its about advancement, upward mobility and exceeding intelligence but it is also about balance.

Prince Ea, a resident of the US,  has seen this problem that is destroying the fibre of the people he shares his humanity. It is called a world of robotics, a world devoid of human feelings, touch, sight, hearing and emotions. He cries out from where he stands as he sees a  generation living a human caste system, driven by automation without management . He asks can you auto-correct humanity? Can you hit the backspace key and manually delete the errors of a society consuming robotics and turning themselves slaves to the world of machines?

The_Matrix_PosterReality as we know it , is heading for a dystopian society where Prince Ea sees his world slowly being consumed by machines and social media as the link that feeds them, the link that perpetuates the dream that all is normal. He sees a world where hellos and goodbyes are removed  from the vocabulary , replaced by tweets and messages. He sees a world where machines rule, waging a war on humanity that made them , only to conquer and turn the rebellious humans to nothing but social media zombies. We have seen this before. It was in 1999. Thanks to NEO and those awaken from the dream, The Matrix was a wake up call.

A whole generation is missing out on the human need to touch, see, hear and feel. A whole generation is growing up not knowing how to go on a date with each other.  A generation is walking into the sentient of machines and not knowing it is only a matter of time when they are wired literally to live, to speak, to do, to feel and to respond. Pretty soon machines will be the new terrorists.

I have let  you into my world. Chrystallia is open ready for visitors but there are caveats. Those that wish to travel and see our world must sign an application of humanity, one that states that in our world we are enlightened by our intelligence but governed by our humanity: our compassion, brotherly love, consideration, understanding, benevolence, charity,generosity and magnanimity.  Sign it and enter the world of Chrystallia. Don’t be fooled by the utopian lifestyle. Our humanity makes it real. We will never reach the point where our automation surpasses our human interaction. We strive to create a place for human existence, not a place for idiots.

© 2014. All Rights Reserved.