Good morning everyone. Do you know that in each one of us lies greatness? Really. Just stop for a minute. Every person on this planet is here for a reason. We may never know why but no one is here by mistake.

Now each person has a super natural grace that can only be found if you dig deep inside your soul and that is what I call greatness. You see greatness sees no color, or creed. No one can take it from you so don’t be afraid of whats inside when you dig deeper.

Richard from the video reminds us of this simple truth. Faced with struggles and hardships he dig deeper and found greatness. He reminds us that greatness is not a 9 letter word that can be bought for only the wealthy. It is a grace given to every person. It allows everyone to start from a level playing field.

Poverty, fear, anxiety, nay sayers and sometimes even your own family are the veil that covers greatness. As the post yesterday reminds us, get rid of the toxic negatives in your life. Whatever you think and you suddenly get up and say I will do this, that is the beginning of greatness.

Nothing is too small or crazy. Everything is in the bag. So walk with your load, stare it in the face and say i Can. Robert’s video is touching and up-lifting. He got his epiphany with his son. He responded and now he is tasting greatness. Remember greatness is not about how successful you are. Its about how many lives you have touched as a result of touching your own life.


It’s Super Bowl time and as usual the best part of the event is the new ads we will see during the event. Budweiser has never let us down and for this Superbowl they have aimed for the juggler of the animal lover. Watch and enjoy.

Budweiser takes a serious tug at the heartstrings in this year’s Super Bowl ad. The 60-second spot follows the story of an adorable 10-week-old golden retriever and a trainer. When the puppy faces separation from home, the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales comes to the dog’s rescue.



Put down the paper, turn off your television. Don’t worry it is only for 5 minutes. I found this gem on a friends   Facebook page and i just had to share it. The caption is powerful I know but it is intended to grab your attention. So please , just give yourself 5 minutes to read this post and then ask yourself how many times have you died. or even better, are you committing suicide now? 




20140129-101831 am.jpg

Watching the ‪#‎Grammys‬ on Sunday taught me one thing..let go of illusions of awards show. Just stop and think about it for a minute…the show is not really about who does the best work, its really a money making extravaganza aimed at promoting its own shallow ideals. We all love music so its easy for us to get caught up in the hype. And so it is with ‘most of these “awards” show. They really mean nothing to the industry it claims to be saluting. The epiphany came to me when a conservative friend of mine on FB said to me..” Why are you watching these shallow people? You know the music you like, you don’t need anyones validation ” his comments hit a spark. He was correct. I am allowing these people to validate my own perception of what I consider good music. So I switched the channel and I can say with all confidence no more awards show for me, no contests, no ‪#‎Oscars‬, no more shallow musing. My epiphany was made more clearer today when another friend posted this quote….

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs in the gutter. There’s also a negative side.”……….Hunter S. Thompson

Friends nothing is more liberating than finding your own truth.



I recently read an article that Jamaica’s economic woes are tied to the “culture” of the people. Let me quote the writer:

.”it does not matter which political party is in power, our success will have dismal limitations. It does not matter how many loans we can access from the International Monetary Fund and multilateral institutions, it will just be for the purpose of feeding our insatiable appetite of instant gratification. It does not matter how many graduates we turn out from our universities, because the economy, in its limping impotence, will not be able to marshal a workforce to absorb them. Culture matters and it is a definitive difference between countries that are prosperous and countries that are not.”

With comparison to the USA the writer was drawing attention  that the difference in culture between the two countries was directly related to their individual success. Let me first agree with something the writer has alluded to and that is one has to develop a culture of success, aggressive leadership, and strong fortitude to achieve success. But where the writer is incorrect in their analogy is  aaligning the lack of success to a seemingly lackadaisical cultural lifestyle, a lifestyle stereotypically Jamaican. 

Every human wants to succeed, There is no human that calls himself a human that does not have that ingrained in his DNA. Which human , with all senses intact, will tell you he is a failure? Who will tell you he is bad at what he does? I have not met that human as yet. Jamaica’s economic problem is among other things , directly pinned to a lack of leadership, clarity of vision and the natural instinct of Jamaicans to think that anything foreign is better than what they have. It is  inextricably pinned to the lack of quality education denied to the masses of the people for various reasons. It is troubling but it is no different from the USA, the difference is Jamaica is smaller so the problem is heightened.

A country the size of Jamaica has a “brain drain” problem and ever since the big departure in the early 80s it has been the cancer that eats at Jamaica’s economic recovery.  Then Prime Minister Manley invited Jamaicans to leave on flights to Miami and they granted his wish. That educated culture  left the country to develop the USA and other countries.

Education breeds an informed and a more refined culture. Culture is not a singular lifestyle unto itself. It is the daughter of a refined and educated mind. If you were to agree totally with the writer then how do you explain the success of our  athletes in the international arena? How do you explain the many other success achieved by Jamaicans in every discipline of life both here and abroad?  I disagree with the writer. Jamaica’s culture is as strong as the US and they want the dream, not necessarily the American dream, but a dream of a quality of life that they can enjoy in Jamaica. No Jamaican living abroad and I mean none, do not aspire and want to come back home to live their last years in  Jamaica. 

Our woes are big and seems to be in the forefront as Jamaica enjoys a high-profile, ironically because of  its culture, yes the same culture that everyone,  including the US , is trying to emulate. We cannot hold the country responsible for  who the people are? Jamaica is who it is. It will never be a US, but it can enjoy the quality of life similar to the US. Jamaicans are not driven by the same morals or ideals as Americans , but they share the word that is sweet on the lips of those that experience it – and that is SUCCESS. Jamaica’s wish to succeed is far greater than fear itself. The writer obviously has limited knowledge that the freedom of fear is also a part of our culture. Success is not final. It is a living thing that keeps on going as long as the believer holds on to his dreams and move towards it .  

An educated culture breeds success but to blame our “culture” solely for the inefficiency and backwardness of the economy is like saying the US immigration is responsible for its crime. No one should be so short-sighted.

Paul Tomlinson © 2014

Here is the letter in its entirety. Feel free to leave your comments.

USA and JA — a difference in culture

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear Editor,

If it were in Jamaica that President Barack Obama was running for a second term, say, as prime minister, he would not have been voted back into office, given the slow pace of the economic recovery he has presided over for the past four years. Although he did not create the dismal economic problems in the first place, he would’ve been soundly defeated at the polls for the sheer reason that our culture is one of instant gratification. We want it here; we want it all and we want it now.

For those who reject the idea that culture has a lot to do with economic prosperity, this is a lesson we should not neglect to learn, and a revelation to purposefully observe. Let me quote my favourite Jamaican journalist, Ian Boyne here: “I am one of those who believe that economic development cannot be divorced from culture; or at least that culture either advances or hinders economic development. I have no doubt that some of our cultural proclivities are inimical to economic development; so no matter which party is in power, we continue to stagnate. It’s not just our corruption. Other countries experiencing corruption grow (China, India and Russia are prime examples).”

Despite 20 million Americans still without jobs today, and although Mitt Romney touts a relatively excellent résumé in business, Americans took the long view, and invested their vote in steady progress, not instant and ephemeral results. They rewarded the president for making significant incremental progress, however slow the pace. What is the difference? Culture. Americans think in terms of what is best for their children and grandchildren. They will give up today’s cash for tomorrow’s certain post-dated cheque. The American culture emphasises wealth creation and long-term rewards, and as a result, their politicians are forced to think long-term rather than in election cycles. Jamaica, please take note: politicians will lift their game when their constituents lift the standard of their expectations and demand the available best.

It is my considered opinion that our best leaders have not yet emerged at the podium of national leadership and the reason is because our culture does not accommodate or embrace what they have to offer to this dying country. They are instead forced to dangle on the under-achievement line of mediocrity or migrate to cultures where the work ethic and durable success are far superior to ours. One of the distinguishing characteristics of a prosperous country is that the future takes precedence over the here and now. The American dream, for example, is not about pursuing a loaf of bread for today’s hunger, it is the pursuit of owning the bakery. Owning the bakery requires strategic planning, goal setting, sacrifices, smart work, delayed gratification, and discipline.

Therefore, it does not matter which political party is in power, our success will have dismal limitations. It does not matter how many loans we can access from the International Monetary Fund and multilateral institutions, it will just be for the purpose of feeding our insatiable appetite of instant gratification. It does not matter how many graduates we turn out from our universities, because the economy, in its limping impotence, will not be able to marshal a workforce to absorb them. Culture matters and it is a definitive difference between countries that are prosperous and countries that are not.

Laval Wilkinson



Your lifestyles is very personal. It is your personal brand. Think about it- we are born drinking milk and formulas, sound like something out of the chemistry lab, then our taste buds are developed and we dislike the bland ‘baby food’. We cry and begin to consume what we are given and so it goes until some of us change our eating habits for one reason or the other.

We are all so different physically and some people can consume all the so called bad food items and still not have problems, while others do. At the end of the day its your personal choice. So what you decide to put in your mouth if it gives you pleasure go ahead but just remember moderation. Moderation is not necessarily good for everything, but in terms of what you consume it usually is a good vice.

Your body has limits so eat with moderation, don’t overstep its limits as then what is pleasurable is no longer a pleasure. Good health and a good life meets at the intersection of moderation.



New year begins but it is still a continuation
What is new about the new year?
A change in the number
Anyone can do that
A child does that in kindergarten
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

A world compartmentalized by economies, race, religion, color,
One world but so many nations
Each breathing their own air of justice and human rights
Do we live on one planet , the human planet Or is it just individual interpretations of human existence? Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

This place called Earth we come to know as our dwelling, our birthright Given to us by the Almighty to be fruitful and multiply
We have made it our individual playground
Creating Kings, Queens, Presidents and Chiefs
Wealthy , super wealthy and something called the Middle Class
Created a class of people marginalized and brainwashed to think little of themselves Thinking they are not worth of love, care, affection
The devaluation of man to create value for the wealthy
Man created these experiences
But on whose directives, on whose authority
What gives Man the right to claim land of the Almighty his personal prize Who tells him to carve out races and class To set nations above nations, people above people, First world, second world , third world what about One World?
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

Wars for land, whose name is written on it?
They fight for wealth race and religion They hang, they maim, they burn , they crucify
Whoever differs from an individual thought is killed or marginalized
The irony of human existence Man Kills to Live One half is obese and another half starving Some allowed to die so others can live Killed or be killed the human theme of life
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

Man has used his infinite graces
To master the fruits of life
Science, Transportation, Communication
Medical, Social, Musical, Theatrical. Urban
But still these fruits are selectively given and
Grudgingly received
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

Where is it written that life will be like this
One of contrast, sorrow, fair and joy?
Where is it written that some will live abundantly
And some will die horrifically?
By whose hand was man given the authority
To choose who lives and who dies
Who eat and who doesn’t
Who works and who doesn’t
Who is wealthy and who doesn’t
Which evil force decides the fate of man?
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed

And yet in the silence
In every Man’s heart
There lies a voice that says to him
As rich as you are or as poor as you think are Whether gluttonous or starving
As educated as you are or as stupid as you think you can be
As religious you are or a heretic as you call yourself to be
You will return to where you came
To the world of ethereal souls
Where wealth, poverty, war, commerce
And all the trappings of human existence
Does not exist
A place where in the silence of his own existence
He speaks not, he thinks not
He sings not, he dances not
He worships not, He loves not
Floating in space,
A soul that has No nation, No color
No religion, No wealth
No hate or No feelings
Great Shit..Nobody Noticed.

Paul Tomlinson(c) 2014