The Lance Armstrong Saga


Have you been watching at least for a while the Lance Armstrong coming out charade? It amazes ,me that there are persons who actually believed that he was genuine and legit. I had my doubts from the 3rd time he won the tour much less 7 times. Am I saying it was impossible…YES…for that sport, yes it is …at least 7 in a row.

But his cheating does not interest me. Its the other people who KNEW and HELPED him along the way including USADA…oh yes don’t believe their hands are all clean. Lance could not have accomplished what he did without a core of corrupt core team. They all contributed and earned their kickbacks and created the monster. Similarly it is with baseball and track and all sports. The stakes are high. Get rich and famous quick and as technology gets sophisticated so too are the way drug is administered.

So fly on Lance, I don’t forgive you. I am interested in all the other persons name that was not called. If we are interested in stopping drugs in sports then we must declare a war on drugs in sports. But the pussyfooting around accomplish nothing. It endears more Lance Armstrong personalities and emboldens the pockets of the accessories to the crime. The worse crime is faking it  and faking it has been the tradition far too long.

Sports is useful, its necessary, it has it purpose. but behind every great sports hero their is a cloud of uncertainty. Behind every great sporting event lies a great crime. Don’t punish Lance.He has to live with himself for the rest of his lie. Punish his accessories, his promoters. They are the criminals. They are the creators of the lie. A lie cannot live.