I am one that usually vilify my country when things go wrong but when things are right, I am the first to go on the mountain top and announce the good news. Here is one such news. Jamaican Scientist Dr. Henry Lowe , whose work on prostate cancer is well known, yes well known despite the shut out from the powers that be, was awarded a Patent on his cure and medicine for prostate cancer.

This is special, very special and once again proves we are as small as we want to be. Size matters only if you think small. The fight for cancer is a worldwide battle that some want to use to rake in billions at the expense of people dying. Dr Lowe’s work is from the heart, from a place where he was affected by friends and loved ones dying of cancer so finding a cure was for him a labor of love..

Let us raise little David high enough to challenge Golliath, challenge the System and challenge the status quo. The cure for cancer is not a luxury, it is a human need . No man should use this need to profit for their personal gains. Something is wrong when we let people die for money. I applaud Dr. Lowe and hope through his work many will live to enjoy the gift of life.

From Jamaica’s Gleaner publication

Renowned Jamaican scientist and entrepreneur Dr Henry Lowe has been awarded a second patent from the world’s leading United States Patent Office on the anti-cancer activities of the ball moss. The patent was issued on May 6 and titled,” Methods for inhibiting prostate cancer by kinases and angiogenesis inhibitory mechanisms.” Dr Joseph L. Bryant of the University of Maryland shares the patent with Dr Lowe.

The patent states that the ball moss isolates have been demonstrated to inhibit the growth and viability of prostate cancer cells by selectively inhibiting certain types of proteins called kinases, which signals the directive for cancer cells to grow and spread. The mechanism also prevents angiogenesis, which is the growth of new blood vessels to feed the cancer tumours.

According to Dr Lowe, his passion for prostate cancer research, “is not only because it has impacted negatively on the health of family members and friends, but also because it is one of the major cancers which cause death and harm to the majority of black males, throughout the world, particularly here in Jamaica.”

Not only has he been doing laboratory and clinical work on prostate cancer with ball moss isolates and alpha prostate formula, Lowe is the lead author in the development of a book, The Prostate Cancer Guide – a resource for Jamaican men and their families, which was sold out and is being updated for a second publication.

Three years ago, at the launch of the Bio-Tech R&D Institute (which he founded) Dr Lowe promised to develop a nutraceutical called alpha prostate formula, with ball moss as the major ingredient in the formulation. This product was developed as promised and is now being sold internationally as a nutraceutical for the management of prostate health. Alpha prostate formula also boasts the distinction of being the only such product in the world.

Dr Lowe has published 12 peer-reviewed research papers on ball moss in leading academic journals and his discoveries and publications make him the world’s authority on this subject. He is the first person to have discovered that the ball moss has major bio-medicinal properties.



    • Likkle but we Tallah wah! Most definitely Dr. Lowe. Keep progressing as you have been. The world needs to know cure is a remedy for many not surviving cancer because of unrecognizable cure. May the lord lead you and guide you to prevent the loss and provide the cure to many who so richly deserve it.


      • My Concern is that in spite of Jamaica’s’ high unemployment rate the Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica LTD has outsource their online banking services to Columbia. While doing my monthly online bank activities and had to contact some to get added information . I was curious of the accent of the person who I spoke with , I took the liberty by asking Him where is, he Columbia he replied . I consider this a serious matter this is so wrong , what can we do? ,let’s send a message the banks , companies operating in Jamaica and the Government of Jamaica that these practices are self-defeating . Train the youth to do the jobs , how can we build a Nation base on these practices . It’s quite possible that a Jamaican could leave Jamaica to live in Columbia and get a Job as a online staff servicing the Bank of Nova Scotia in Jamaica but could not get that Job while living in Jamaica. My Action is to withdraw all services from Scotia Bank Jamaica LTD . What are yours ?


      • I too am concerned with this considering the high unemployment in Jamaica certainly we can do better. I wonder if Scotia Bank was asked about this but then when I consider the state of journalism in Jamaica I can almost answer that question.

        But you are correct this is bad. I will see what I can do and shed some light on this matter. Thanks for the feedback and information.
        – Kwesi


  1. Congrats on a job well done. God has given you the knowledge and gift, and you have shared this with all. Thank you and continue the great research for the well being of all humanity. Thank you brother.


  2. Corruption and greed are engaged as brutal diseases take over and our scientists are lost in a maze when the answer to the cured are right in front of our eyes and men like Dr Lowe who trusted in God and give the praise eyes are open and he has become a blessing to humanity .when you trust in God this is your reward. More power Dr Henry Lowe and continual blessings.


  3. Anybody with a cancer issue please leave a pm Message on my Facebook account. I could help if you just trust me.
    So please search Kartonidjojo Andy on FB and leave a Message on your situation.


  4. As one of your past students, I am extremely proud to say that I know this man. He is noble, humane and as humble as they come. Inside of that body lies a wealth of intellectual and powerful thinking. I am extremely proud that he has disseminated that vast knowledge in the cure of one of the most devastating attack on the black male population. Thank you Dr Lowe and may God continue to richly bless you.


    • Worthwhile research for better quality of life. Typical research paradign of Jamaican and West Indian based scholarship. Keep lifting health science research to the higher nm plain.

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      • I think that’s probably the first time in my life I’ve been accused of that. No, I’m not, and I did read the article. But then, neither am I stupid, and I can detect bu**sh*t at 50 metres. It’s a skill worth acquiring 😉
        With cancer treatments, it’s double-blind, randomised trials that count, patents tell you absolutely nothing (there’s a fella who has a patent on “Immortality Rings”; doesn’t mean they work, it just means you can’t make ’em to same design).
        You might like to read up a little on this stuff. Or perhaps not. But when you have prostate cancer, you soon learn to be sceptical, I promise you.


  5. Thank you and congratulations Dr. Lowe. I’m glad to know that there are great people like you and your staff who wants to cure illnesses. And, does not want to profit first and allow patients to die from their illness. Peace, Love and Blessings to you


  6. Congratulations Dr. Lowe. I’m so glad to see that we still have people like you who do not want to profit from people’s illness. Peace, Love and Blessings to you, your family and staff.


  7. (this indomitable spirit for taking “the road less traveled”) May I borrow this line , and say taken a journey on a road yet to be build, knowing you are the only engineer and the end is yet to be determined. It takes courage , sense of humanitarian willpower to sustain and maintain focus on this unfinished Journey .
    This is truly good news which will be welcome through out the universe. Jamaica may be the size of a full stop on the world map but paints a big picture of hope for years to come. We have garnered the world attention by the performances of our world class Athletes Rum , beer and the many other products over the years .,

    Congratulation for this breakthrough. I am a proud National. I do hope stories of the magnitude will help the course of thinking among the next generation . It’s not about where you are is where you want to go in life. I am not just proud I am Excited


  8. Heartiest congratulations to Dr Lowe for his success in prostate cancer research. His perseverance and belief in the work he undertook has been vindicated. The world is certainly
    better for the result of his research. Carry on Dr Lowe there are more worlds to conquer.


  9. I join the myriads of well wishers world wide to congratulate Dr Lowe for this brilliant feat in the field of medical science. I hope people generally and Nigerians in particular will take advantage of this latest development in the treatment of postate cancer.


  10. I write this note with tears in my eyes as I lost my father in law to this dreaded disease. How I wish u were there but God knows best. Thank u doc I wish to no some precautions don’t want to experience it.

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  11. Why is it that black men seems to be more susceptible to prostate cancer? Checking out
    some of the symptoms almost terrify me.
    like getting up out of bed three to four
    times per night to have a pee. There
    is however, correlation between consuming
    a lot of liquid prior to going to bed and
    urinating during the night. It is rather
    frightening to think that such frequency
    is the onset of prostate cancer. To make
    matters worse, it appears that at
    least one of my testicle is growing and
    is real uncomfortable; so much so that
    I am considering jockstraps to alleviate
    the discomfort. I have not yet consulted
    a doctor.
    I sincerely hope that this newly found
    cure developed by Dr Lowe, will also be
    useful for testicular cancer. If not, he
    will do his utmost to find a cure for it as
    meek. There is hope for the afflicted.


  12. That is why men need to peruse knowledge given to them by god. Stop crying lime babes. Pass G
    OLIATH and achieve,achieve. Congrats “DOC” YOU DID SOMETHING FOR THE WORLD.



  14. Blessings to our Uncle Dr Lowe, son of the great man David Lowe(grand dad).who raised us to trust in the Lord. The Lord has truly bless his seed.


    • I am not surprised that Dr Lowe is of Jamaican decent. I find that Jamaica has some of the best & caring Doctors in the world. I base my reponse on personal experience with relatives that have had medical treatment in Jamaica. Congratulations to Dr Lowe!


    • What a courageous human being! Thank you, Dr. Lowe for your commitment to such a noble cause.This a society where the “so-called powerful” have mandated that they cut, medicate, radiate, “chemo ate”, people’s bodies. There is a danger in this accepting that this is the best and/or only treatment for cancer. What about prevention and alternative and complimentary therapies? I salute this enlightened doctor, this indomitable spirit for taking “the road less traveled”. Each of us has come to earth to do “a great work”, however seemingly insignificant, to help heal the planet. May this Jamaican’s achievement propel us to seek, find and fulfill our unique “sacred contract”.

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      • If he was ‘white’ he would have received a Nobel Peace Prize FOR MEDICINE or for Science. If anyone on here disbelieves me, go on check which race of people CONTINUOUSLY receives the prizes in that category. Then show me how many of them have had the POTENTIAL that Dr. Lowes treatment PROMISES.

        Dr. Oyiba basically overalls Einstein theory and never received a damn thing, despite NUMEROUS recommendations from EVEN his WHITE PEERS. Dr. Cheik Ante Diop a scientist from Senegal who tested the remains of Egyptian mummies and proves that the Egyptians were BLACK and Negroid..what did he get?. These people ALWAYs shift the qualifying standards to suit them.

        I bet that if his treatment or preventative medicine has overwhelming success, you will see ‘ the them’ coming on board…NOT TO HELP BUT TO STEAL THE ENTIRE PROCESS AND PRODUCT. They will rename it after. YOU HAVBE BEEN WARNED.

        Tired of their hypocrisy. may the ancestors guide my brother Dr. Lowe in ALL his endeavours to TRULY HELP THE HEALTH OF MANKIND. Others will watch people die because of money and the THIRST FOR MORE WORLD POWER. Damn disgusting set.

        Whatever happened to the medical book about black people. The had one for black people and one for ‘white people’. A plastic valve may work on a metal pipe BUT they are not the same.

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