Naked Black Justice Powerful Message

James C Lewis a photographer from Atlanta decided to do a movement portrayed in nude pictorials of the Black experience in America. Its his way of pointing the racial prejudices that still exist in America.  He went on to say that he has been receiving the most negatives from guess who? the African American community.  Why am I not surprise !

Four years ago when America did the unthinkable and elected their first African American president there were talks of America finally unlocking the shackles of racism from its culture. HA! What a joke that was. All emotions.

Racism is like the flu, it will NEVER get eradicated. Man with all his greatness still has the biggest flaw that he cannot get rid of – his desire to manipulate and oppress the poor. Read between the lines. I am not talking about economical poverty. The poor , the one that we all hear in the Sunday sermons at church from your preacher when he is preaching about the Beatitudes. “Blessed are the poor for they will see God.”

The poor are those who are constantly afflicted for one reason or the other by others who think they are superior. And there are examples of this persecution daily. Racism is one of them.The powerful imagery of James’ Lewis nude models draws attention to this bigotry.

James must not be surprised that his own is raging a fight against his expression. Blacks, like white are inherrently racial because they look outward not inward. James pictorial forces you too look at the problem in raw terms. The problem is those who look at it see what they see -Nudity and not the expression of the image or the problem.

The US will be having its election in November yo elect a new president. Watch and look at the results. If Obama wins I will be surprised why? It will not be the white people who voted him out. The very same people who were crying and rejoicing when he was first inaugurated will be the ones dancing and hoping that Massa will come and give them hope.

I have always maintained that the early settlers did a number on the slaves that has lasted a lifetime. They succeeded to teach us not only English, but the fact that Massa will be their hope and their future and we must NEVER forget it.

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