Its Friday all and the beginning of the weekend. Don’t know your plans however whatever they are make sure its fun, its full of love and its safe. Here’ some weekend tid bits for you to chew on till next week. 


Ok so there is a bru ha ha going on between Robin Thicke’s camp and the estate of Marvin Kaye’s camp  claiming Thicke plagiarized the music of Marvin in Thicke’s new hit ‘Blurred Lines:.  Got to tell you I listened to both music and well lets just say someone was in the room when Marvin was recording his song. But you be the judge. The video above is Marvin and the one below is Thicke. hmmm any similarities? 


Ben Affleck to be casted as Batman in the new Superman sequel


hmmm now lets figure this one out…so he is riding a hollywood high from his recent Academy wins..check. He is by Hollywood’s standards a box office pull for teens…check…so by Hollywood’s standards he is the money guy..check. Ah well, Batman has always been a boring, monochromatic, dull, stiff, kind of character to which Ben fits the bill perfectly so yup, I agree with the producers…Dull meets Dull. what do you think?

Steroids, Drugs and Rock & Roll

Great title but in the world of sports a tornado is brewing. Seems its was confirmed that Tyson Gay was positive in his drug bust. Powell, Simpson et al are also awaiting their fate at the labs. not only that, the past director of Jamaica’s JADA spew out venom this week over Jamaica’s lack of testing their athletes. This is beginning to be the story of the year. Lets watch this one and see where the wind takes us. What tangled web we weave?



And the final post it note is one that is poignant for the weekend. Its a documentary about the tragedy 3 families have to endure due to careless texting and driving accidents. Not much need to be said except..please Don’t Tex and Drive..it CAN wait. believe me IT CAN.


Have a great weekend all. 




 If the writer’s intention was to focus on Jamaica’s ‘drug problem’  he has certainly done so but i fear there are a lot of hyped comments and scenarios written in his report. Jamaica’s so called ‘drug problem’ cannot be taken into isolation – it is a much bigger problem than we believe and  NO government is going to 1. put enough resources into the organizations  2. find ‘staff not tainted ‘ to work in the organizations or 3.  deny the fact that they love and crave the  publicity and accolades afforded the country from exploits in Track N filed- so the best thing is to deny the problem exist- everybody does that…EVERYBODY.

Track n field is global of which we are a  major player. It is the human thing to want to create suspicion and rumor because we happen to have the best male and female sprint champions. This article is trying to do just that. 

JADCO, WADA and all the others have a problem. I  still maintain that the recent discoveries and outing of athletes tainted with drugs by the various national drug associations are nothing but an attempt to show the world that look we are working hard at cleaning up the sport and your tax money is not wasted. They would be better served to clean up their associations from the INSIDE ,starting from WADA,  which apparently seems almost impossible to do. The evil that men do are done with such good intentions.  




Life sometimes throw you a ball and you wonder where it came from. Following up on my piece yesterday on the anti doping in sports ( Drugs in Sports- don’t take my skin) , WADA, as is customary prior to any world sporting event, has issued a statement on the status of anti -doping in sports. A fellow blogger wrote what he calls his arm chair piece on the matter  from the article that WADA released . So as not to edit anything I cut and pasted as sent to me.

On the eve of the Moscow World Athletics Championships.

Arm-chair review-
The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada), Wada, Wada, Wada… (Sounds like a song) did highly critical report into global sport drug testing and it turned out to be “a shocking wake-up call” said the WADA Boss David Howman. The study highlights failures in ALL aspects of the anti-doping system and recommends wide-scale reform.

They found that “only 1% of the athletes tested each year are found to be taking banned substances – the SAME percentage as in 1985 (obviously too many people getting paid to do nothing at WADA)

So last year Wada set up a special working group to investigate why more cheats are not being detected.” As per Dick Pound “There is a lack of commitment on the part of many, many national anti-doping organisations.”

Last year Turkey carried out 120 tests on its 450 athletes, while Jamaica did 68 tests, (How many athletes does represent Jamaica?) but Greece managed NONE at all. I noticed that some of the “big countries” were not mention in the BBC report.

***WADA why not try this:
1) Each and every athlete listed in all the Federations should have their Biological Passports updated with four (4) tests per calendar quarter in order to continue to be a part of that Federation.
2) Five days before a major event the participating athletes gets tested by WADA themselves.
3) The athletes get tested on ALL finals if you come first or last again by WADA. (Since they cannot be trusted or your testing methods cannot be trusted either).
4) Institute LIFE BANS and records wiped. PERIOD. Giving short term penalties, going thru the court system etc. is not admissible.

My Final Thoughts:

The road to a clean and drug free sports is laced with cruel intentions. If the players are cruel then the system is cruel. The Olympic movement has the opportunity to ride above politics and do something right for a change. However the Olympic charter, as independent as it seems, is still pegged to a lot of government and their lobby groups making it impotent to act freely , decisively and in the best interest of the athletes and sport it represents.

If you want to fight a war on drugs WADA sit down at your kitchen table and talk to your family- all of them- athletes, commissions, national bodies , everybody. It is bigger than what you think it is. WADA is fighting the enemy it knows- the athletes,but there is a bigger enemy stabbing at its back.

Until it changes it stand from being the antagonist to a protagonist working with the athletes and the national commissions, educating, motivating, offering solutions , as well as exposing the perpetrators and without fear publicly deal with the national commissions that only appear to be a commission on paper ,  then WADA’s role will simply be nothing but a high priced doping agency that will continue to be a case of the tail wagging the dog. 

What are your thoughts on the matter on the eve of World Championships?

DRUGS IN SPORTS- Take my Skin, not my Blood

DRUGS IN SPORTS- Take my Skin, not my Blood

Journalist Michael Grant has written an interesting piece on the global reaction and effect the latest doping news has on Jamaica’s reputation and the sports. I wrote my comments to his piece. I open the discussion to hear your point of view as well.

My Response…..

Good angle the writer has chosen . Fair enough we must await the results of the investigation before rushing to  judgement which is a constant human flaw. Seems to me that athletes are by nature prisoners in their sports as the list of items they CANNOT ingest gets bigger every day.

Question is what role is  WADA playing to educate and help the athletes as this writer fairly ask? Playing the gotcha game seems to me more of a gestapo organization than one that works with the athletes. So what is the WADA  charter? Is it to KILL or PROTECT? They will tell you they protect and play its role in educating the athlete. Have you seen the banned list of substances? If these athletes fall sick, they had  better pray or fast.

My belief is this – sure WADA is there to ‘protect’ the image of the sport especially since the East Germans and the US have shown it necessary to do so. But make no mistake its not clean as a whistle as one would hope it to be. Why? Because it is set up by the very people whose long term goal is to garner fame for their country while killing any one that challenges the status quo. Jamaica has dared to challenge the status quo so it is not surprising the reaction from WADA and other doubting Thomas’s.

The line that defines what is legal and what isn’t is as vast as the differences of people that make up WADA. The athletes will be best served if one of their own is directing that agency because when there is an infraction at least WADA won’t take their blood and skin, only their skin.

What are your thoughts on WADA and drugs in sports?


With only 2 days to go 9 athletes have tested positive for doping violations and have been sent home. 9 athletes gone and the games have not started officially as yet. Events the size of the games  will always have problems associated with it and London 2012 is not special as it has a few problems to deal with on a day to day basis- the olympic lane and the taxi cabs, the right to protest from protestors who are silenced by the police , the weather and we know how the Brits can be sarcastic with all the fuss in their city for the next 2 weeks. Yes there are and will be daily problems to deal with. But the much ballyhooed WADA did not expect to deal with its problems so early.

The 2012 Olympics has been touted to have the best anti doping testing ever in the history of the games. I witnessed a recent documentary of the anti- doping state of the art facilities for London and even I was impressed. It gave me the shivers just looking at the procedures. So why would an athlete even consider taking drugs and think that they would not be caught?   Why take the risk? There are a lot of answers and frankly we will never know the real reason. There will be the usual “I  did not know” or “I did not willingly take any drugs”  excuses but the fact is you were caught.

The problem is not all athletes will undergo this testing. Athletes in what is called the high risk sports will definitely undergo the testing. That means OUR ATHLETES, all of them will be going through not one but probably a test a day in London. We can hardly forget Usain Bolt’s statement that he and his fellow team mates underwent so many testing in Beijing they could not find their main artery after all the blood test done.  This is what makes the system a double standard.

If WADA is to be fair   and by extension the London Olympic committee and the IOC then surely to combat this drug problem plaguing the sport every athlete professional and amateur  should be required to have a biological passport that will be used for tests and guarantees against drugs .An athlete biological passport is an individual, electronic record for professional athletes, in which profiles of biological markers of doping and results of doping tests are collated over a period of time. Doping violations can be detected by noting variances from an athlete’s established levels outside permissible limits, rather than testing for and identifying illegal substances. Similar to a persons travel passport this bio passport will be used as one of the major determinant of the athletes history.And everyone should be checked and cleared BEFORE , DURING the AFTER the games.

Will it be more intensive, yes. Will it require more resources , probably. But the end justifies the means and save from all the scandal and embarrasment it would level the playing field and prevent someone from thinking they can beat the system.

The games of London is poised with all sorts of possibilities. It could top Beijing in terms of quality of performances. It could be the breakout games for a lot of top athletes and new ones too. It could see more world records broken.  All this is based on COULD. But if this news is any indication of what the London games is metamorphing to be then we had better brace ourselves. We could be in for a bumpy and drugy ride.