Life sometimes throw you a ball and you wonder where it came from. Following up on my piece yesterday on the anti doping in sports ( Drugs in Sports- don’t take my skin) , WADA, as is customary prior to any world sporting event, has issued a statement on the status of anti -doping in sports. A fellow blogger wrote what he calls his arm chair piece on the matter  from the article that WADA released . So as not to edit anything I cut and pasted as sent to me.

On the eve of the Moscow World Athletics Championships.

Arm-chair review-
The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada), Wada, Wada, Wada… (Sounds like a song) did highly critical report into global sport drug testing and it turned out to be “a shocking wake-up call” said the WADA Boss David Howman. The study highlights failures in ALL aspects of the anti-doping system and recommends wide-scale reform.

They found that “only 1% of the athletes tested each year are found to be taking banned substances – the SAME percentage as in 1985 (obviously too many people getting paid to do nothing at WADA)

So last year Wada set up a special working group to investigate why more cheats are not being detected.” As per Dick Pound “There is a lack of commitment on the part of many, many national anti-doping organisations.”

Last year Turkey carried out 120 tests on its 450 athletes, while Jamaica did 68 tests, (How many athletes does represent Jamaica?) but Greece managed NONE at all. I noticed that some of the “big countries” were not mention in the BBC report.

***WADA why not try this:
1) Each and every athlete listed in all the Federations should have their Biological Passports updated with four (4) tests per calendar quarter in order to continue to be a part of that Federation.
2) Five days before a major event the participating athletes gets tested by WADA themselves.
3) The athletes get tested on ALL finals if you come first or last again by WADA. (Since they cannot be trusted or your testing methods cannot be trusted either).
4) Institute LIFE BANS and records wiped. PERIOD. Giving short term penalties, going thru the court system etc. is not admissible.

My Final Thoughts:

The road to a clean and drug free sports is laced with cruel intentions. If the players are cruel then the system is cruel. The Olympic movement has the opportunity to ride above politics and do something right for a change. However the Olympic charter, as independent as it seems, is still pegged to a lot of government and their lobby groups making it impotent to act freely , decisively and in the best interest of the athletes and sport it represents.

If you want to fight a war on drugs WADA sit down at your kitchen table and talk to your family- all of them- athletes, commissions, national bodies , everybody. It is bigger than what you think it is. WADA is fighting the enemy it knows- the athletes,but there is a bigger enemy stabbing at its back.

Until it changes it stand from being the antagonist to a protagonist working with the athletes and the national commissions, educating, motivating, offering solutions , as well as exposing the perpetrators and without fear publicly deal with the national commissions that only appear to be a commission on paper ,  then WADA’s role will simply be nothing but a high priced doping agency that will continue to be a case of the tail wagging the dog. 

What are your thoughts on the matter on the eve of World Championships?

Management is a Lifestyle

I was in the gym today having a casual discussion with a friend about some common interest in entertainment. The discussion centered around  a scenario that some people find it difficult to manage especially when the new manager was the buddy of the same people he is managing just a week ago.

The problem the new manager has is effecting the transition. from being a member of the team to now being a leader of the team. That transition comes with a lot of sacrifice that he is not ready to give up. If you read all the management books in the world they will all tell you about the pros and cons of this scenario. It is well documented. But what the books or professors fail to tell the student is that management is a lifestyle. Some people may disagree but when you think about it look at all the leaders in the world, past and present and see what is the common trait in all of them. The answer – A lifestyle.

The leader or manager can party with the team, they can have a drink with the boys. They  can go shopping with the girls. It is encouraged. What is not allowed is the leader cannot be one of them. He , and I am using the collective HE,  has to know that he is the leader so whilst he can go shopping or drinking he cannot get drunk. He cannot spend all his money and be broke. He has to be sober and sane enough to say to the team enough is enough, time to go and go he must. This is the lifestyle i am talking about. It is showing your team how disciplined you are despite the distractions of the drinking , partying and shopping.

To have discipline is to create a lifestyle of strong mental fortitude. A lifestyle that will always come to manifest itself when the team is looking at you. They are looking to you for direction. If your lifestyle is one of party, wild abandonment and carefree then you are not managing the team. You are merely one of the boys and the team will look for a leader who has a lifestyle that they can emulate and follow. A leader cannot hide.

So this is my first blog for the website. Management is a lifestyle. I invite you to comment on this topic.