SIGH…..sometimes you should just sit back and watch the bulldog try and catch its own tail.

Recently the #NBA is in the news with  super power #China over a tweet from the General manager of  the #HoustonRockets. The tweet touched a Chinese nerve as he dared to take sides with #HongKong in the ongoing spate with big bully, sorry I meant BROTHER, China. In a series of dramatic soap opera misgivings, the NBA has made statements trying to deflect and contort themselves into pretzels not to offend their Chinese host.

Yes the NBA has 2 pre-season games in China at the very same time as #twitter-gate. China, the wealthy bully with millions of dollars invested in the NBA instructed the NBA not to speak to any reporters and also to tell their players to just Shut Up and Dribble. The NBA, with their tail behind their legs did just that and made another statement that this was ‘unprecedented’ and felt their players should not be pulled into this Geo-political brouhaha so NO STATEMENTS to anyone , total blackout to the media.

Capitalism was defeated by Socialism. What a striking turn of events. It was #FidelCastro who once asked where is the success of Capitalism when all the talk was about the failure of Socialism.  I now put the same question to the NBA , where is the success of Capitalism? Where is your much hyped #FreedomOfSpeech for all Americans?

Capitalism knows only one color: that color is green and everything  else is  subservient to it, hence, race, gender and ethnicity cannot be considered within it.

China ,whose political belief by definition is the opposite of Capitalism knows this and has stuffed it in the face of the NBA. China knows The NBA loves money , it WANTS money and only sees green, hence they use them like pawns, controlling their narrative AND telling the salivating, hungry NBA puppy dog they cannot speak. What the Chinese have done is they took the  much ballyhooed American First Amendment Rights and stuffed it up their derriere..and that’s putting it nicely!

The power of money is brute force. It is the power of the bludgeon and the bayonet. The NBA is by no means the compass of which you measure the overall system of Capitalism but in truth this is what politics looks like. Politics always looks the other way when those that are affected are not the ones paying the bill.

It is enough that the NBA knows that China is a market with immense opportunities so to avoid losing they turn around and bend over.

The people who has the product  decide nothing.

The people who is paying for the product decide everything.


Kwesi: October 2019. Copyright .All Rights Reserved



James decision has stirred up the NBA’s apple cart. Nope, wait a minute. It has not stirred it up, it has turned the entire league on its butt and everyone is scurrying to stand up.
Lebron James Nike 2010

In today’s basketball there is no loyalty to the sport much less to team. Team sports  is really how much money I can get for my team of personal needs. The sports has slowly moved away from true entertainment for the fans and has now become the personal stock exchange between the insiders , owners, and players, the buyers, with the fans selectively investing in the team that has the biggest value. Some people may call those fans waggonist. I prefer to call them investors!

The fans love it and they buy it. They lap it up like dogs hungrily drinking water from their dog bowl. How so? because they still pack the arenas and retail numbers have not fallen. So now the sport is all about economics; the investor, the buyer, the stock, the gains, the losses, the agent, the options, the offer.

Basketball Stock market is now in turmoil as suddenly you have a bull market created by the LJames decision which now affects every team’s offer and every players acceptance of that offer. Prices are astronomical. Quality of the product , untouched.

LJames is doing what is necessary in today’s basketball, peg your talent to the market. He may have a good argument for that but some other players cannot. Everyone now make their claim according to their value, perceived or real and the owners shell out millions of dollars for a talent that in reality is a dull and poor investment.

In the end  we witness the falsification of modern day basketball, falsely parading as a game when it really is the new Money Market for sports. We can only hope that somewhere in the illusion of the sports, there will be some quality and modicum of integrity and sustainability teaching the younger kids that team sports is not about perceived value of the ME, but the total value of the sum of the MEs to make one powerful and enduring total called a TEAM.

I think the Spurs has it right. Why change the chemistry by diving into a market of whores and thieves where everything sold is either fake or has no value?

The LJames decision has proven once again that he may be the best player in today’s league but certainly not the Legend he so hungrily desires.  With all the skills he possesses he has not learned one thing ,  something called LOYALTY. Money does not make a championship  team. Hard work, persistence, failure and then perfection is the DNA for every champion. In the end he may get his money but will he get another ring? Time will tell as well as the activity of the market. If you cannot win it physically then buy it by all means necessary.

Paul Tomlinson,




What do you call people who walk quietly to slavery? Who allow themselves to be insulted without standing up for themselves beyond wardrobe adjustments that in reality are nothing but a public show of shame? What do you call people that pretend that these ridiculous gestures actually hold some weight rather than face the fact that we are the laughing stock of the entire planet, and as long there’s the chance that someday maybe we’ll be rich there’s nothing that we’re going to do about it?

Long piece but interesting read.