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Bolt- Living his Dream is a 5 minute photo-movie depicting his rise to fame in the pursuit of his goal. It gives the viewer an insight on Bolt’s personal struggles from the 2011 World Championships when the unthinkable false start occurred., and his subsequent rise to legendary status .

Set to the beautiful music of Ken Ward “When you Believe” sung by Leslie Page , the images used are from the thousands of various photographers that have chronicled Bolt’s rise to dominance in athletics.

The movie serves to inspire the thousands of athletes and anyone that have similar struggles . Hopefully it will help them to understand there is no shortcut to success. The message is -No dream remains a dream until you the dreamer believes it is possible and then go make it work. It will be lonely, dark and sometimes treacherous but never give up, never look back. Believe.

Good things come to those who believe, better come to those that posses patience and the best to those who never gave up Enjoy the journey.