Dark Shadows- very dark

I grew up watching the movie Dark Shadows in my formative years and yes it was far from ‘scary’ as most Dracula movies were but it was entertaining. Was a big sitcom in the B&W TV days and the turn of the color television. But after some 15 odd years here comes Johnny Depp in the latest version of the movie and to me it was one of those movies – the WTDVD – or Wait Till the DVD Comes Out.
Jokes were corny, plot slow, Johnny Depp a WEAK Dracula f you can imagine a weak Dracula and the real star of the movie was the villain, quite a shocker. Did not enjoy it. Fell asleep actually. So take my advise. Go watch The Avengers for a good action filled movie and WTDVD for Dark Shadows. Save yourself some money !