Its Friday all and the beginning of the weekend. Don’t know your plans however whatever they are make sure its fun, its full of love and its safe. Here’ some weekend tid bits for you to chew on till next week. 


Ok so there is a bru ha ha going on between Robin Thicke’s camp and the estate of Marvin Kaye’s camp  claiming Thicke plagiarized the music of Marvin in Thicke’s new hit ‘Blurred Lines:.  Got to tell you I listened to both music and well lets just say someone was in the room when Marvin was recording his song. But you be the judge. The video above is Marvin and the one below is Thicke. hmmm any similarities? 


Ben Affleck to be casted as Batman in the new Superman sequel


hmmm now lets figure this one out…so he is riding a hollywood high from his recent Academy wins..check. He is by Hollywood’s standards a box office pull for teens…check…so by Hollywood’s standards he is the money guy..check. Ah well, Batman has always been a boring, monochromatic, dull, stiff, kind of character to which Ben fits the bill perfectly so yup, I agree with the producers…Dull meets Dull. what do you think?

Steroids, Drugs and Rock & Roll

Great title but in the world of sports a tornado is brewing. Seems its was confirmed that Tyson Gay was positive in his drug bust. Powell, Simpson et al are also awaiting their fate at the labs. not only that, the past director of Jamaica’s JADA spew out venom this week over Jamaica’s lack of testing their athletes. This is beginning to be the story of the year. Lets watch this one and see where the wind takes us. What tangled web we weave?



And the final post it note is one that is poignant for the weekend. Its a documentary about the tragedy 3 families have to endure due to careless texting and driving accidents. Not much need to be said except..please Don’t Tex and Drive..it CAN wait. believe me IT CAN.


Have a great weekend all. 




 If the writer’s intention was to focus on Jamaica’s ‘drug problem’  he has certainly done so but i fear there are a lot of hyped comments and scenarios written in his report. Jamaica’s so called ‘drug problem’ cannot be taken into isolation – it is a much bigger problem than we believe and  NO government is going to 1. put enough resources into the organizations  2. find ‘staff not tainted ‘ to work in the organizations or 3.  deny the fact that they love and crave the  publicity and accolades afforded the country from exploits in Track N filed- so the best thing is to deny the problem exist- everybody does that…EVERYBODY.

Track n field is global of which we are a  major player. It is the human thing to want to create suspicion and rumor because we happen to have the best male and female sprint champions. This article is trying to do just that. 

JADCO, WADA and all the others have a problem. I  still maintain that the recent discoveries and outing of athletes tainted with drugs by the various national drug associations are nothing but an attempt to show the world that look we are working hard at cleaning up the sport and your tax money is not wasted. They would be better served to clean up their associations from the INSIDE ,starting from WADA,  which apparently seems almost impossible to do. The evil that men do are done with such good intentions.