I guess most of you watched the much anticipated Presidential debate last night. Every network, indeed every local stations were promoting this event. It was must watch TV.

The entire event reminded me of the historic match between Ali and Frazer in what was then called #ThrillaInManila. Who can forget the loquacious Ali in his effort of self promoting the fight said that the fight would be a “killa and a thrilla and a chilla, when I get that gorilla in Manila.”

It was most certainly a thrilla for Ali and he stood by his words to make the event a chilla. 

He won the match and the eventually the series 2-1. 

It was glorious boxing at the time and Ali went on to cement himself as #TheGreatest.

The debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was similar in importance as this would be the first round of a three debate series to decide who would be rewarded with the world’s most coveted job, POTUS. Braggadocios Donald’s camp suggested their athlete was quote The “Babe Ruth of Debater”.  


Team Hillary’s camp described their athlete as quote “hunkered down”, illuminating someone taking this bout seriously as this was her first time stepping into a ring with a pre advertised bully. 

Team Trump mocked Team Hillary. Their candidate was out and about “speaking to the people” on issues, no wonder you see the narrowing of the polls. He is doing what he is supposed to do, talking to the people and especially African Americans who have been fooled and used by HRC for years.”

Battle lines were drawn. The temperature reached fever pitch. 9.00pm was Showtime at Hos Fra University, Long Island New York. Grab your popcorn, ice up the buds. 

Both Ali and Donald Trump have one thing in common. They are good at self promoting. The difference is Ali could back up his rhetoric. Donald Trump umm, not too sure.

The Donald was facing for the first time 2 of the people he disrespect the most – a woman named Hillary and an African American called Lester.

Let’s face it, Donald has certain standards for women. They must be beautiful first by his standards. They must be intelligent but not over bearing and they must know their place, meaning they must always maintain 3 paces behind the AlphaMale. He married 3 times to achieve these standards. 

The Donald deals with many African Americans at various levels and as a New Yorker with “NewYork Values” he can relate to many kind of ethnic groups. But just because he speaks to you does not mean he will invite you over to supper or you can date his daughter.

Lastly this was Donald’s first true debate in the political arena, an Arena he long time thought was lacking the skill of someone who can make deals. America was like his real estate business, a business that needs a good no nonsense manager and someone that will treat every aspect of government as a business entity. Government must make a profit. If needs be, reneging on debts, revaluing assets, cancelling and refinancing debts are all on the table. 

Trump does not see allies as allies. To Trump allies are deficits that are a burden to his profit margin. They must pay for the service America is giving them.

Trump is a business man and sees the world as a business. 

I have made the tough decisions, always with an eye toward the bottom line. Perhaps it’s time America was run like a business.- Donald Trump

Trumponomics is in itself not a bad thing in principle. Any entity including government, should apply basic business models of profit making as a standard of operations. But whist that may be the overriding principle to governance, looking at everything as a business model in government is not necessarily the right thing either. 

Trump’s attempt to sell his version of economics has created un seemingly great divisions of the American society , sending bull horn noises to extremists that are interpreting his message as their gospel to rise and take their place in the society.  

Race is a hard truth that ignite the affected souls on fire. People of Colour are fidgety. Members of the extreme whites are antsy. Trump is in the middle fanning the flames, not literally but through his surrogates and his personal weapon, #Tweets. 

The indiscipline of his message pours from every tweet he creates and like a person suffering from nepotism, makes him easily read. A nepotist judges the world through his eyes so preparing for the match was already a done deal from his perspective as you cannot make anyone, like him, even greater than himself.

He just needs to go over what HE wants to talk about and it will be just fine. He would as usual, set the tone and structure the pace of the debate as he had already done numerous times during the GOP primaries. It worked for him then, it must do so again.

Experience taught me a few things. One is to listen to your gut, no matter how good something sounds on paper. The second is that you’re generally better off sticking with what you know. And the third is that sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make. — Donald Trump.

His experiences taught him nothing and it abandoned him on the night of September 26.. 

On this day September 26, 1777 the Secretary of US Navy authorizes the enlistment of slaves and the history of this enlistment highlighted the racist cause of the Blacks fighting for a country that did not see them as equals. Some 300 years later, It is as if Karma aligned itself with Donald Trump suffering a similar fate when he used similar tactics to embarrass the first black President of the United States to show his birth certificate to a country that was divided on whether he was truly American. 

Hillary had hoped the opportunity would come up for her to use his racist birtherism movement against him, forcing him to come to terms with it before an estimated TV audience close to 80 million. 

Trump did not see it worthy to apologize to the President, of course no true narcissist does that, and neither was it of importance to him, except for political reasons, to end the self propagated rumor that caused this national rift. 

But there was a national pain with this birtherism and the wound was deep. Hillary threw the apple to him.

He ate the bait and it poisoned him. 

Pressed on this by the moderator he made a right swing veering to talk about crime in the inner cities, further admonishing a different sect of African Americans whose circumstances are surely marginalized.

What Trump failed to see was that a part of this marginalization is the effect of Systematic racism on their communities. His politics to remedy this crime and violence is to implement further Systematic racism – #StopAndFrisk.   

– “We have a situation where we have our inner cities, African American, Hispanics, are living in hell because it’s so dangerous. You walk down the street, you get shot,”. Trump Sept.26 Presidential Debate. 

“Stop and Frisk had a tremendous impact on New York City, a very big impact taking the crime down and was stopped by the current mayor..”- Trump Sept. 26 Presidential Debate. 

It had a very very big impact alright in New York City. It is reported that 7 out of every 10 person that were stopped and frisked were people of color and.after a series of judicial gymnastics, the practice was ruled unconstitutional and the new Mayor of New York announced he would overall the policy and make dramatic changes.  

This is fact. This is history. Trump apparently either hates history or ignores facts. 

The bleeding did not stop there. He suffered blows after blows. 

On the payment of taxes, he gloated on paying very little or none at all. “I am a business man” he exclaimed.

On stiffing small business owners out of monies owed to them, he said it was “good business.” 

Hillary was not done as yet. Towards the final 5 minutes Hillary went for the juggler telling the story of Trump treating a beautiful woman, even for Trump’s standards, inhumanely referring to her a Miss Piggy and Housekeeper. She had problems with maintaining her weight as the reigning Miss Universe at the time and she was humiliated by Trump because according to him, quote, ” she ate like a pig”. 

“Trump may not remember me but I remember him all the time. He treated me like trash.” – Alicia Machado.
Hit with his attitude on women, he delivered an uppercut and killed any hope of winning any change of heart from women who were still convertible. He was so defenseless he asked the name of the woman Hillary was referring to and she let him have it-

“Her name is Alica Machado and she became a US citizen and you bet she is voting no in this election”. -Hillary Clinton September 25, Presidential Debate 

It was like the scene from Gladiator when, Caesar came I,to the arena to enquire who was this gladiator who was so successful. When he realized it was the man he ordered killed, he was traumatized.

Trump was traumatized. The ghost of Alica came back to haunt him.

There are three famous last words and after that blow from Clinton we can use them to sum up the night of September 25 in New York.

It is Finished.

The disappointing thing to many was his total unpreparedness. To others it was no surprise. Trump had evolved into an egomaniac and at 70 years old a leopard never changes his spots. 

Billed as an “outsider” but who was in fact an insider caressing the barbarians at the gate, Trump’s attempt to challenge the institution failed by his careless banter and incoherency. As he attempted to raise the temperature of the room by his alpha chauvinism, he seemed crass, rude and rebellious.

He fumed. He sniffed through his nostrils like a person on coke. He just melted away.

There was no question most of the audience wanted him to succeed in challenging the System and The Establishment that for so long no one dared to challenge, but he failed miserably. 

He was like a man walking through the thick bushes of power, armed with the sword of reform in his right hand, the spear of change in his left hand but was blinded by the dirty cloth of Ego. 

Trump was blind. He preaches Law and Order but he forgets that you also need Justice as well because you cannot achieve one without the other. 

He has to learn that. 

But can someone who is set in his ways able to change and achieve nirvana? Can he accept the simple truth that through humility all is given? We have to wait and see in the next two rounds. 

Trump once said ” sometimes in losing a battle you have to find new ways of winning the war”.  

There are 2 more battles. 

The table is set. 

The men are in place. 

It’s your move Mr. Trump. 

Copyright 2016.(c) Kwesi. All Rights Reserved. 


I read a quote recently that said, ” We all Eat lies when our heart is hungry!” Like everyone else I have been watching with clarity the many elections now occurring in many countries. In Jamaica the hungry believed the lies of the opposing party and voted the other liars out of power.

In Canada the Liberals , headed by Pierre Trudeau had a more convincing lie propelling them to power. But the real soap opera in the body politic is about to take shape in the United States with a cast of liars, with the winner being the one who lies the loudest. 

I often wonder why do people want to become elected to be the head of government in any country and frankly I have concluded that they must be damn fools and so too are the voters.  To think that we, and I include myself collectively in this mass, that someone, anyone, will solve any of our real problems is ludicrous at best and sublime at worst. 

Maya Angelo said when someone shows you who they are, you should believe them. As simple as that truism is, the collective WE refuse to accept it. We place ourselves at the feet of these liars hoping that out of the mouth of liars comes a Moses.  Forgive me for being skeptical but who amongst us can throw the first stone inscribed with the word ‘truth’? Who amongst us received the message, according to that famous story, that he or she must lead US to the promised land?

Trump, Hillary and the Bernie are all in a three way race to woo the hungry in America with lies that sting on various levels. Trump has shown his lies to be a reflection of what motivates and drives his greed. Hillary’s lies appeal to her surrogates especially those who ride on the notion of creating an identity of sexual revolution and handing the reigns to a woman. 

And then there is Bernie Saunders, the revolutionary socialist hoping to redefine the modern day imperialist by shaping his lies of economic equality for all. All three camps really believe their respective liars while those like myself look at them, shaking our heads wondering what will it take to make them realize they are once again giving away their own power  of progressiveness and ingenuity , that which they seek in these liars? 

My good friend and poet Klyde Brooks, has crystallized  his thoughts profoundly in a recent post he made on his Facebook page. I co-signed and decided to share it in my post. He said…..

…..” I am not saying that Bernie Sanders’ biography is a fabrication. I am saying that framing him as a political messiah is a fabrication, Bernie was competing to be Pharaoh. Therefore, framing him as Moses does not work for me. There is no seat for Moses in the White House. You are free to convince yourself that he is some sort of savior. I feel justified in seeing him as just another guy who was trying to fulfill his dream of being President of America. I cannot be persuaded to think that his motivation is to save the world. I see his motivation as political ambition, just like Hilary Clinton’s. “Progressive” people in Canada and the rest of the world shouldn’t be seeking to create a virtual messianic image for the guy. To me, that comes across as ideological bankruptcy. The idea of a political messiah is outdated and shortsighted. We need to start looking to ourselves for solutions, not politicians…”
And there lies the answer that WE refuse to accept. The power is US, collectively and not to be placed in any one politician with their lies. The great John Lennon was quoted once saying…..

….”Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives….we are being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I am liable to be put away as insane for expressing that..”. 

Isn’t that what insanity is all about?


(C)  Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved.



Democratic presidential candidates, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, and Hillary Clinton argue a point during a Democratic presidential primary debate at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Bernie Saunders , the old guy from gun toting Vermont is beginning to sound a lot like #RoboMarco. Ok so I have heard the rallying cry, lets burn down the System. Come join me and the rest of the young hopefuls in revloutionizing the US to a Democratic Socialist country. Bang, bang, start the fires, sound the trumet , Lets #BernItDown!

Maybe if I was a 25 year old I would have jumped on the Bernie fire train. After all youth is suppoed to do just that- start the revolution. But older men declare the war and the youth will fight the battle and die. And there lies my porblem with this entire #FeelTheBern movement. It sounds a lot like the famous 200o Congressional  vote he uses as his stumping point, the #IraqToNowhereWar. This war Bernie is promoting will be the exact duplicate . the #BernieWarToNowhere.

He has the ideal, he just does not have the details. He uses the big “IF” last night and that word “IF’ tells me one thing- If Youth knew, If Age could!

Bernie has long ago saw the same frustrations most people have felt and are experiencing and that is the System is rigged. But how do you topple a System built on decades upon decades of virusies of illcit behavior? You take it one virus at a time.

Hillary is governed by careful thought and discipline. Steady as she goes she is in for the long haul. Bernie is guided by personal dreams of Napoleonic overtures of Liberty, Fraternity and Equality and the choas that wined and dined that revolution.

Is America ready for another war? Will Berrnie have the revolutionary army he so glibly alludes to in the debate yesterday? This is yet to see but if history can determine the outcome, I feel Bernie will be charging ahead with his tricolor and suddenly turning around and his revolutionary army is nowhere in sight.

Message to Bernie from Che Guevara: “The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall”.

Bernie to make it fall, you will have to make the entire America believe that the apple can fall, and there lies your problem. You are selling an ideal, not reality and idealism always loses to pragmatism when it comes to elections.

Kwesi. 2016. Copyright. All Rights Reserved.