It is often said that If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. Risk, that word that creates fear in people is probably the one word that defeats many a great start up before they even begin .What is life without taking chances? There are 3 types of people. 1. Spectators with Neutral Attitudes– They watch life happen and observe others. They play it safe and try to avoid risks. They are afraid of change. They often are tired or detached. and their defining word is: Maybe. They coast through life and live in a world of  I doubt it, I might, I don’t know and I’m hesitant.

2. Critics with Negative Attitudes – They comment on life and complain. They critique after the fact, imposing their “expertise” and finding fault in others. They don’t like  change.and appear frustrated or pessimistic. Their defining word is: No! Their prevailing action: Stop! Their world is full of negatives – I can’t, I won’t, No way and You made me.

3. Players with positive Attitudes– Players actively participate in life and embrace opportunities. They take risks and are willing to make mistakes. They enjoy learning and change. They usually are confident and optimistic. Their defining word is: Yes! Their prevailing action: Go!  Their world is full of  I can, I will, I’m sure and I choose to. We have met people in each category and what you do with them is your funeral but when you stick with the players in category 3 – then you know your life can only go upwards to experience ultimate possibilities that life offers. I want to share with you this possibility that I speak about , the ultimate possibility of experiencing heaven on earth.


There is an unusual place hidden in  the hills of Camrose St. James Jamaica called Ahhh, Ras Natango Garden and Gallery. Unusual it is as the owners Tamika & Ian Williams  bought a cliff of land laden with rocks and boulder and for 20 odd years along with their son and the local community, created soil by soil, branch by branch, stone by stone a piece of paradise. The picture above is your daily view; you step out on the verandah , you take a deep breath and you exhale…. Ahhh.…that’s how the place got its name. You don’t wait to exhale. You just do.  There is no stench of worries, fear, bitterness , back stabbing and all the other human vices at this place. You just breath and marvel at the heavenly creations in front of your eyes. Over 50 species of ferns, exotic flowers from Jamaica and other places like Japan and Hawaii and if you are lucky you will see at least 18 of Jamaica’s endemic species of birds. C.S .Lewis the arthur of the Chronicles of Narnia probably visited this place because what he described in his book is not a fantasy, it’s real . Narnia exists at Camrose St James.


To say it is a garden only is furthest from the truth. Ian is a self taught artist. As a youngster from humble beginnings he did not listen to the voice within him that said ‘you cannot paint’, because he did and by all means he painted, and that voice  was silenced. Tamika, his wife also happens to be a gifted artist and creator and the blessings flowed to their son. The stars were aligned in their favor. From art made with Egg Shell as pictured above to fascinating arts-capes of life in Jamaica, the unbelievable shell craft ,hand painted fabric and exotic beaded jewelry  I tried hard to find something that said “Made In China or Indonesia” just to challenge them , and I came up blank. It is in this gift of employing everything they have at their fingertips to their craft that a large part of the genius of the place consists. The place is an art lovers paradise and the purist that seeks true hand craft this is their karma.


Lost time is never found again. I arrived at 11am and when it was time to leave it was 3:45pm. Where did the time go? I don’t know and I didn’t care. Time stood still.  The place transforms time and you change. You walk through the gardens on your guided tour , you enjoy a delicious fruit juice, all your senses are employed . You see , you smell , you touch, you taste and you hear the chirps of the birds, experience the quick flutter of the hummingbird’s wings, the aroma of the roses and dandelions, the awesome beauty of the japanese orchid, the hide and seek of the local turtles, the soft touch of the nectar from the cedar tree that hardens and turns to the precious stone Amber, you are set  in motion as the place unveils its face inspiring you with bewilderment and exhilaration. Time is not money. Time is beauty inspired by Natures surroundings.


It started to rain while I visited and for 15 minutes Mother  Nature bathe her creation with unpolluted water from the heavens. The panoramic view was suddenly covered with grey. As if by unseen stage hands the scene was changed and the valley was covered with a thick mist. It floated away and revealed a new page of Ahhh…the entire scene seemed to have a fresh coat of nature’s paint , and the hills and valleys became alive.


It was time to go and I was thankful for the day I had experienced. I took my bag turned around and suddenly in the skies a rainbow appeared leaping with flames of many colors over me. God did not choose a decorator for the rainbow. He did it himself. Ahhh was the canvas to which he painted his masterpiece. It was at that point I wept inside.

There are a lot of people who want to die and go to heaven. Sometimes you wonder if anybody will ever go to heaven.But this experience makes you believe that Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. You experience Heaven. Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven should be waiting for us in our graves – or whether it should be ours here and now and on this earth? The answer you seek is at Camrose St. James at this little place called Ahhh Ras Natango. Let God be the judge of who goes to heaven and hell. But while you wait I invite you to experience what I experienced and when you do you will see that God has 2 dwellings, one in Heaven and the other at Ahhh, Ras Natango Garden and Gallery.

ImageCall. Its a free shuttle to and from the gardens.