Leaders Must Lead

I thought I would post my comments in my blog to this age-old question. The question asked was how to stay cool, calm and collected on the day of an event.

My response was :  Writing more comments after all the ones posted seems futile as they all have merits for you to stay calm and collected. The funny thing is in Event planning there is never a calm and collected moment. I am assuming you have THE BEST team beside you. Well USE THEM. No man is an island in event planning. It takes a village to make an event successful. So use your team and be the last go to person not if but when the problem starts. The matter could be as small as the AC is not on to the disaster in Christchurch New Zealand but no matter what you have to be in control after months or weeks of planning as you are the visionary and your team is creating the vision. So be just that – the vision. Dont blink, don’t compromise, don’t get side tracked. Stay focused and the team will be focused. And when the last lights are off , props and sets cleared, tables rolled back , banquet facilities returned to storage it is only then that you will truly feel relaxed. Take a big breath in, let it all rush out of your lungs and get ready for the next chapter. All the best.

My response was from years of experience being an Event planner. The most important thing is you are the leader. Leaders must lead.  They must be the vision, that bright light in the dark pointing the rest of the team to the goal. So far all new event planners don;t get alarmed. Stand up and lead.