The little movie that could -Taken 2

If most of you had seen Taken last year you would probably wonder like me why this movie did not make it to the big screen. The movie was a hit. It made so much money and got so many good responses  that the producers decided to do a sequel. The good news is the sequel is here .

Former CIA man Bryan Mills finds his family under threat once again from another posse of Albanian kidnappers… and this time, it’s extremely personal.

Rade Serbedzija plays the father of one of the goons offed by Mills in the first Taken film, and it’s he who orchestrates the attack on his family. This time, it’s his wife (Famke Janssen) they snatch, and Mills is every bit as angry as he was last time.

Fortunately his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) manages to evade the kidnappers, but she still ends up in the firing line when Mills enlists her to help him save her mother.

The action is set in historic and beautiful Istanbul and judging from the trailer Taken 2 promises to be another smasher. The movie is scheduled to open in October in the UK and certainly in the US as well.

Taken 2 Movie Trailer