Straight talk with Ninja Man

Winford Williams hosts the just released Ninja Man to a sit down interview to get his take on as you can expect his latest problems and to ask him his views on the other legal battles affecting some big names in the dance hall community.

What you have is Ninja Man in a no holes barred interview in his own inimitable style. What you see is what you get from Ninja, straight talk. He does not cloud the facts, no pretty words to disguise any meaning. You get a man who is comfortable in his own skin telling you his take on problems that affect him. His comments on the Dudus case is particularly interesting as you would think he knew how that situation would end despite the players involved. But like him or not it is good theater. Let me know what your thoughts are on this controversial personality. Video courtesy of OnStage Production.ONSTAGE TV Website

Ninja Man part 1

Ninja man Part 2

Ninja Man pt 3.