I have tried to refrain from commenting on the salacious news flying like a meteorite on social network regarding The Big Man in Rio , not on his latest accomplishments mind you, rather his bedroom and party antics on his birthday. 

A social liberal like myself found it personally disgusting to even read what I call this social gossip as it was, and still is, no concern of mine. But looking at the entire picture, especially as it seems the story is still taking flames, I had to give the Big Man my 1 cent worth of advise as this brain of mine keep seeing visions of history repeating itself. 

A wise man, Abraham Lincoln said this on publicity…..“What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself“. I am going to speak as clearly as possible to Usain and for those who are also consciously or unconsciously living in a similar spotlight. 

Usain, by your own words you have always maintained you have one goal to accomplish and that was to prove to yourself that you are the greatest in the sport of track and field. Many people will not remember and neither many will forget, when you , a youth champion, was placed in the jaw bone of competition in 2004 at the age of 18, Athens Greece and you placed a disappointing last, not even making it to the second round. We commiserated with you and with faith looked ahead to the next Olympics. It was there that the world began to pay attention. 

Your success skyrocketed to enormous fame and with fame comes wealth. Rio was the stage the world was waiting to see a God amongst men manifested and It was at that point you single handedly became a living legend in the eyes of your county men and the world. 

No one has ever made being successful so achievable than you and immediately the hashtag of #BeingLikeBolt was the only motivating theme for every athlete of all genre in Jamaica. You became a national treasure.

With fame comes enormous responsibility and Usain as we say in Jamaica the horse gone through the gate , brother you have no choice in this. You are who you are. Usain , know this buddy. For every birthday a man celebrates , it is not to only drink and party all night with wild abandonment, it is also for him to celebrate the REASON he was born and WHY he was born. 

At 30 you know the reason and you know the why. So Usain, guess what, you are different. You are not like the common man and the faster you realize that what you do is now everybody’s motivation , the quicker you will realize why this latest social media hype can be a cost in the long run that you will regret. 

You are young and a wealthy man but don’t ever think that the hand that put you on a pedestal cannot break you down. How many times have we seen this happen to athletes like yourself? You are 30 years wiser. Use it. Enjoy yourself to the max, but do not give more than what you want them to see. Be careful of how you use that light that shines on you every second of the day. 

With every thing comes a price and guess what buddy, being a legend has its price. If you are not prepared to pay it, then watch your legacy fade away. Usain don’t listen to the so called “blood brothers ” who will jump and shout ” mek them gwan and mine dem bloodc**t business”. Guess what , they did not create your legacy and they have not nor will they walk the path you took to create your legacy.

You want to see your blood brothers fly? Look around for them when you really need their support. It never fails Usain, friends are like flies. They are always there when the food is plenty. When food done, friends done. 

Do not compromise your legacy Usain. If you keep searching for Adventure, it is ridiculously easy to find but weigh the cost Usain, as you will have to pay for the ride.. Do not get over exposed. Stay humble even when you are partying. You are not like any other man. Know that , accept that and live your life accordingly. 

Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.  John Wooden

(C) 2016. Kwesi.  All Rights Reserved. 

84 thoughts on “WHAT KILLS A SKUNK? 

  1. Leave the young man alone he has done his part a harmless little fun he did not hurt anyone he was not convicted by a court of law. When did two consenting adults having sex becomes a crime come on people a simple youth turn supper star is not easy to give up his roots he still harbors his animal instinct and after a conquest the urge to celebrate and feel good whichever way he chooses. Freedom and happiness the ultimate goal of life why trample Usain rights to freedom and happiness just to satisfied your selfish desires when we all are guilty of worst scenario even though we’re not expose “Let he that is without sin cast the first stone.” I rest my case hypocrites you should all be ashamed.


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  3. Watch yuh back. Remember you are black and that you beat America’s best more than once. One little mistake and they will tear you to shreds faster than they were Defoe di g the lying American swimmer before he confessed. Have fun, you deserve it; but be very careful who you let into your inner circles and where you chose to let your self feel free.


  4. I agree with all the previous comments. The media build him up, and guess what, when he allows others to trample and pull him down, guess what, They will be there to assist with his down fall. Usain now needs to use his brains and don’t just focus on the flies that are surrounding him , and think thsee flies are not after something! !!!!


  5. Well, it goes to prove that what I was thinking others have already thought and written. I was so disappointed with what was a great Olympics for the big man turned out to be a negative obituary. What you have to remember the media can build you up and they can destroy you, all the great work can be undone in a moment. I am temporarily a bit numb with what I have seen and yes everything that has been written is what I agree with, Big man you are young, but you must remember there are a lot of young people aspiring to be like you, please be that example that world are looking too.


    • Some of what you are saying is quite right, but I raise my children not to emulate anyone. I also say to them that they can admire anyone, but always let JESUS CHRIST be their role model. We parents have to discipline our children and stop them from idolising mankind, because they will become disappointed.

      No celebrity is their to raise no one’s children. God has given us parents the right to raise our children in his faith.


  6. Well written, well thought out…well meaning! For what it’s worth, here’s a thought I shared earlier in the week on said saga.
    “Stalwart character traits have met their demise under the female frock tail in the past, and no doubt presently. If “the strongest man” (Samson); “the wisest man” (Solomon) & “a man after God’s own heart” (David); were brought low (no pun intended) by women (no disrespect to my fellow women, but some women are only around to cause a man to fall); why does Usain St. ‘Legend’ Bolt thinks he’s exempted? We have an enemy to mankind & it’s not the “white media” (though they play an integral part)… He (the enemy) will employ whatever machinations necessary to keep us in bondage/mental slavery. Some have sided with him thinking that temporal prosperity is the be all and end all of our lives; but have been unpleasantly surprised by the misery of such gains (google list of famous stars who’ve become extinct…list is unending). Usain is no doubt a mega blessed and talented young man…he has a whole host of nations that look up to him (especially those who are melanin rich); it is time to buck the trend of, “he’s only human”; “each to his own”; “judge not”, etc… Even though we’re entitled to make mistakes, we’re also entitled to stop making them. I LOVE USAIN, I want him to be the BEST at everything that is GOOD…THE BEST ROLE MODEL OF THE MODERN WORLD, because of this, I’m disappointed with the plethora of compromising photos of him and divas (Devilish, Imps, Vultures, Assassins…Snakes)…Assassins, because of them, his character will eventually die…things need to change. A boy must grow up and become a man…that is how nature set up; therefore, my Beloved Usain, the childishness must now be outgrown and maturity in morality must be reached. If you’re in a relationship with Kasi, doan let nuhbaddy have nuttnn ovah har man… Show some respect, to your high achievements, your parents, your woman, your fans & lastly but by no means the least, The God that you keep looking up to just before you get on your marks…Selah!” MicHall


  7. Well spoken Sir. These people cannot defeat you on the track and history has certainly proven they can defeat you off it. I hope Mr. Bolt gets to see this article because itnis well written.


  8. I love this article. The writer is not saying is shouldn’t live his life, alot of us are missing the point. Usain is not any ordinary man, he is a living legend, he has acquired celebrity status, he is a young black man who is rich and famous. For those reasons alone people will try to tear him down, and destroy his legacy. An ordinary 30 year old man can afford to live a carefree life, but unfortunately Usain doesnt have that kind of luxury. Every step and decision that he makes has to be calculated and well thought out, simply because the world is watching and waiting for him to fall. He needs to surround himself with people who are not afraid to tell him the truth, and people who will give him sound advice.


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