My friend ‪#‎DonnaKassin‬ from ‪#‎TheRealProposalMagazine‬ is a relationship expert. It is not debatable that one of the reasons for our inter-personal problem is how we communicate.
This generation is at terrible odds for failed marriages and relationships and one of the reasons is that it has become the ‪#‎GadgetGeneration‬. Relationships these days are powered by the quality phone you possess, how internet popular you are, the alluring and hypnotic pop culture craze and the ultimate relationship crasher, the prying of your partner’s text and images on their gadgets.
People have forgotten how to speak to each other, how to conduct a simple one on one. The newest invention of 2015 was the new craze of breaking up digitally with someone. Wow. There goes common courtesy.
When the world forgets to talk, then we forget to listen. When that happens we fight, we war and we hate just because we forget to use our instinctive ability to talk.
On every first day everybody has a resolution of sorts , but instead of that childish activity, make it a New Years Revolution. Let’s talk! It is what we do. Your power is not in the digital world, rather it’s in the now, the person in front of you.
The great ‪#‎NelsonMandela‬ was quoted to say…”if you talk to a man in a language he understands, that will go to his head. But if you talk to him in HIS language, you reach his heart.”
New Rule for 2016: Don’t talk to ‪#‎Gadgets‬. Talk to the Heart. Start with yours and then touch the person in front of you.

Namaste. #AllForUS2016: You. Me. Let’s #Think, #Act, #Speak, #Love like #Humans.

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