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The ongoing saga of the beautiful treasure chest of Jamaica , the #PortlandBight or Goat Islands, continues to remain a sore point between  those who know and cares as against those who are set to gain some drippings from the millions of dollars to be spent by the Chinese.

There are numerous NGOs and local agencies that have studied the government’s proposal and they have  determined the project will have significant environmental problems and long term damages.

Development is good but at what cost? Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives. He is dependent on the planet and by extension the environment where he lives, careful not to trash it for unbridled development of the society.  Man is responsible for the environment and he must be vigilant of nefarious ideas that threaten it.

The Jamaican government must be careful as the fool’s gold is twinkling in their eyes, parading as development. If the government is not convinced of the protected danger and long term damage this project will create, then the government must be remodeled. It must be stopped.

What Jamaica needs is human development and the emphasis must be on education. Education is not a tool for development – individual, community and the nation. It is the foundation for our future. It is empowerment to make choices and emboldens the youth to chase their dreams.

Eternal vigilance must not stop. it is the price for eternal sustainalble development. Read the story below.

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The Jamaican government is pursuing a $1.5bn Chinese port development inside the island’s biggest nature reserve, the Portland Bight protection area, threatening the famous Jamaican iguana (Cyclura collei) and putting fragile coastal areas at risk, international environmental groups say.

The Portland Bight protected area extends over 200 miles of land and 524 miles of sea, containing the uninhabited Goat Islands, 30,000 acres of mangroves, and four dry limestone forests. The area was set aside as a nature reserve in 1999, and the Goat Islands, which are uninhabited, were being prepared as a sanctuary for the Jamaican iguana.

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The proposed project would involve flattening the Goat Islands and extensive dredging. It will also involve an industrial park to manufacture cranes for export across the Caribbean, and the Jamaican government at time, called for a coal power plant at the site.

Environmental experts warned the port could wipe out local fishing communities, damage beaches, and expose the coastline to greater risk of hurricanes and other storms. It is also claimed that the port would endanger 50 species of plant found only in Jamaica, including 17 that are endangered.

Let us “see the bigger picture”. China has been endearing itself to the Caribbean over the last several years. Are we missing an imbalance somewhere? Data shows that while exports of raw materials to China remain steady, imports of manufactured goods from China to the Caribbean has increased. China brings its own companies and workers.


Transplanting Chinese workers translates into new populations of animals to be consumed. In Barbados, Chinese workers were caught red-handed, decimating one of only two known nesting colonies of Little Egrets in the entire western hemisphere.

Already in Jamaica, before the influx of Chinese workers that will accompany the port development, Chinese residents have created a market for poached crocodile meat, an animal listed under Jamaica’s Wildlife Protection Act.

Money talks, bullshit walks, they say.


Namaste. #AllForUS2016: You. Me. Let’s #Think, #Act, #Speak, #Love like #Humans.

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