Page 365 of 365. 365 days ago I decided to embark on a journey to write a book, each page reflecting the daily experience and shared it with my friends. As simple as it was, it was a project not without its trials, joys and tribulations. 

Each page reflected my daily musings on encounters, thoughts, readings, relationships, spirituality, visuals, hurts, pains, emptiness, happiness, strengths, weaknesses, love & life. The book was a digital library of my human experience. 
And so we have come full circle. #TheBlueDot spins, with me and the 7 billion inhabitants on it. #TheBlueDot smiles, as it always does, at the joys mankind has created through collective love , communion, and giving. 
And like humans, #TheBlueDot also feels pain. Like a mother she cries at our failings and grieves at our hate. What have I done, she ask? Where did I go wrong, she opines? 
#TheBlueDot is in pain. She is hurting, she is hoping that her children will realize this is our only home, and every home is a safe place. But a place without #Love is a cold place, a dark abyss. 
And so #TheBlueDot hurts, everywhere, everywhere, Everywhere.

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