The British PM Mr.Cameron has visited our island after staying away for many years and in true parochial style has opened up his barrel of goodies for the little wayward children, telling us to “Take and Forget’

Its amazing what pieces of silver can do. It glitters and it sparkles and with comforting words it covers all the stains of relationships past. Big daddy comes with barrel and it shows that he still cares. Mr. Cameron its funny but I cannot remember you telling the Jews the same message you told us, to “forget and move on”!. 

Mr. Cameron its not so much a written apology that we seek. The Lord knows apologies mean nothing as often it comes from an empty place. Rather what was missing from your tone Mr.Cameron was the ‘ Come to Jesus Moment” of looking the people of Jamaica in the eyes of its representatives and declare that Britain was wrong. That their intensions were real but the end did not justify the means. That Mr. Cameron was missing and it is to that acknowledgement or lack thereof that some of us find you and your visit repulsive.

Your plans to build us a fancy prison was like a tsunami that covered the rest of your pitiful hand-me-downs. Mr. Cameron we are moving forward and in case you have not noticed this is a different world circa 1800’s. Give us technology, give us more facilities for education, give us rural development, give us the opportunity to stand up ,like you have stood on our backs for centuries, to lead in the Caribbean and become a nation of opportunities and of dreams that our children can be proud of. You have abandoned this bastard child for years leaving us to fend for ourselves, starting over from scratch while your country basque in our wealth plundered from the blood of our ancestors.

No Mr Cameron, WE WILL NEVER FORGET how it all started and your country’s role in our beginnings. No Mr Cameron we cannot forget our past as this past is shaping our future. Our lives are worth more than your 300m pieces of silver and your prison. 

Thanks but no thanks. Our youth will be forever reminded that their fore- fathers did not die in vain. That our children’s children will forever remember that the blood of many flowed in the land of their birth, makes Jamaica more than just an island where corrupted politicians come to prostitute with gold coins.

 We are grown now Mr Cameron, we are not that little black child you left 53 years ago. #JamaicanLivesMatter and our lives are worth an apology. We are mature enough to move on without an apology and we have not complained. But seeing you step on this hallowed ground , desecrating the blood of the maroons and thousands of Africans asking us to “move on” is sacrilege and your words palpable absurdity. Go home Cameron, you are not welcome here.