Once again the waggonist have lost their bet on Bolt. The media sensation created was part promotion, part crucifixion despite not having tried the accused. 

Bolt and his team withdraw from public distraction and went under ground. This added fuel to the whirling fire of death by the coronation of Gatlin, based on his visible assault on the track of all his opponents. But even Gatlin knew Bolt was not to be taken lightly. 

Bolt was in the finest shape of his life for a 29 year old. Proper diet, less partying, maximum training meant he was heading to the starting blocks like the finest Ferrari. A champion does not need regular races, he only needs proper wheels. 

On Sunday August 23,2015 at 8.15am est, the world got their answer, the waggonist jumped for joy and those who never jumped ship shouted above the fickle crowd, #YamBeatsDrugs. Was there any doubt? What Was all the fuss about? 

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