Neo Makeba
The Great House was the seat of authority on an estate. It was the home of planters, or attorneys who acted for the absentee owner. The size and profitability of the property and the wealth of the owner determined the size of the house.

Rosehall Great HouseRose Hall is a Georgian mansion in Montego Bay, Jamaica, noted for the legend of the White Witch of Rose Hall. The estate, and the adjoining plantation “Palmyra”, was passed down to John Rose Palmer from his great uncle. Rose-Hall estate had about 650 acres.

Edinburgh Castle, an estate and now ruined great house in St Ann, was built by Jamaica’s earliest recorded serial killer, Lewis Hutchinson, a Scottish immigrant to Jamaica and, the first recorded serial killer and most prolific.

Halse HallHalse Hall is a plantation great house in Clarendon, In 1655, following the English capture of Jamaica the site was given to Major Thomas Halse who came fom Barbados. He raised hogs, grazed cattle and built Halse Hall. In 1969 it was purchased by Alcoa Minerals of Jamaica. It is the oldest English building in Jamaica which is still used as a residence (pictured second).

Potosi is a former sugar estate in Trelawny, Jamaica, named after a fabled Bolivian silver mine. In 1836 there were 224 enslaved Africans on the estate, and owner John Tharp received £4,494 17s 8d compensation when they were emancipated.


Roxborough is a former estate and now a small community south of Mandeville in Manchester, Jamaica. It was the birthplace of Jamaican National Hero and politician Norman Washington Manley. The estate was originally called “Roxbro Castle”. Over the years the great house became derelict until it was destroyed by fire in 1968. The building was recently restored by the Jamaica Tourist Board.

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