IFASo FIFA was issued a Red Flag on corruption charges that seems to have its roots from the CONCACAF region of the Federation of which Jamaica is a part.

The investigations seems tight, not air tight as they are still unfolding. There is a saying where there is smoke, there is fire. The allegation of corruption has been alive for years and the awarding of Qatar of the 2022 World Cup brought those flames of corruption burning higher than before.

Qatar’s 2022 has come under worldwide pressure as allegations of human rights, slavery as well as deadly work conditions pile like refuse on the organizing committee. In the latest episode of Qatar’s disregard for human rights, they refused to allow Nepalese workers to return home to attend the funerals after their country’s deadly earthquake.

Surely such draconian decisions do not fare well with the world’s favorite game. FIFA has been quiet on these allegations and artist have now chided corporate sponsors in the wake of their seeming consent by silence of the atrocities. They have re-created their logos with visual images of human slavery and suffering . VISA is one such sponsor

VISAHYUNDIECorporate sponsors HYUNDIE and  VISA have come under criticism for their support of Qatar.

The corruption goes deeper than what it appears on the surface and it will be interesting to see who else is indicted as the case unfolds.

As Jamaica is a part of the region indicted and we all know the Jamaica federation has its own troubles, let us hope the administration gets its book in order and not be so careless as to root whatever there is to root, through the US financial system as surely if there are improprieties, they will be uncovered.

Indeed there are many that accuse the local federation of its own transparency as it relates to its own administration and the way a national team is selected. The JFF receives a lot of support from sporting organizations worldwide in many aspects of its football objectives and the corruption today uncovered not only deals with bribery of FIFA’s internal affairs but also of sporting companies that are involved with the payout of millions of dollars to solicit deals.

Let us hope that the local officials are as clean as a whistle as it relates to the multi million dollar bribery scheme that sees the greasing of palms here and there, nepotism flourishing over here and over there , all at the expense of the people that love the game.

We can hope and we can dream. The reality is corruption is like a snow ball, once it starts it keeps rolling. If our federation is free from corruption, then let them be free to operate with an open conscience. But if, like the CONCACAF President and others charged , our federation is also tainted with bribes at the cost of the blood of football fans in our country, then let them be on notice that they too should also face the red flag , and they will be investigated, charged and made to answer not by the people, but to the people of Jamaica and the world.

The accused in the bribery

the accused

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