streetboysIt is said the poorest people are those that due to their economic reality will have the highest statistics of child abuse, broken homes, lack of good health care, limited education, lack of financial resources and  affected by crime and violence. When you see this video this data is proven once again that the poor plays Russian roulette as a daily activity. Their lives are measured in days, and if at the end of 24 hours you survive, it is a good day.

The street boys in Jamaica are not unusual to this island. They are everywhere in the world. It is a societal scrounge that is often great  political talk but never seems to  gather strength to find a  solution.  There are certain problems society face that are solvable. This is one of them.  We wonder why we have the problems we do? Well this is one reason. Where justice is denied, poverty enforced, ignorance prevails and where one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them , neither persons, property, life or society is safe. It takes a mind of exceptional courage and fortitude to avert the danger.

Can this be a problem solved? Watch and share your views.