I thought i would share with you this incredible docu on Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic young man who is also a savant. Read and watch this incredible story of human feat and extraordinary skills. Autistic people have special abilities because they have less to focus on, unlike normal born like us, we focus on so many things like our problems, plans, solution etc, while autistic people live in a peaceful world with a peace of mind. They don’t divide their brain into many tasked because it is genetically deactivated, as a result, they became super talented to a specific area.


Stephen Wiltshire is a 33-year-old autistic man with an extraordinary talent. He is one of less than 100 people in the world who is recognized as an autistic savant. Whereas some savants excel in mathematics or music, Stephen is an accomplished artist, and is capable of producing highly accurate drawings of buildings and cities after seeing them just once. Although Stephen is today a quiet and confident young man, he endured a difficult childhood as family and teachers struggled to cope with his autism – a condition that was, at the time, very poorly understood and rarely diagnosed.

Cityscapes and buildings quickly became Stephan’s artistic focus, possibly because they represent the kind of stability, solidity and repetition that autistic people often crave. In a short space of time, Stephen became internationally renowned for his strikingly detailed and technically accurate drawings, and since his teenage years he has traveled the world sketching famous buildings and cities.

Now Stephen is about to face one of his greatest challenges yet. He has five days to draw a four-meter-long panorama of London based on a 15-minute helicopter ride above the capital. Can he accurately reproduce the skyline of his home city solely from memory?


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