.A good friend wrote this piece. Thought i would share it with you. Have a loving day family.

Though you are wise, knowing a lot of stuff has not brought you lasting happiness. Though you understand the signs of the times and can predict the future, this has not brought you a great joy.  Though you have overcome serious personal challenges you still feel vulnerable. Though you have given generously to those in need, and even suffered as a result, this has not brought you much fulfillment. It all has a hollow ring. But today you are growing up.

When you were young you depended on the affection of others to experience LOVE.  And when you were with your Lovers it was like looking at each other through a very dark glass. Oh how you both stumbled in the dark, finding only fleeting glimpses of LOVE!  Back then you only saw a piece at a time. And this was fine. Children learn a little at a time. Now you are grown and you can see more clearly.

Today realize that your darkened glass is really a mirror. You and LOVE are face to face! And you are the face of LOVE. LOVE has waited patiently for you and knows you as its SELF. LOVE is gentle, it is an energy as soft as a baby’s touch, yet strong and lasting enough to fuel eternity.  LOVE sees no evil and knows no differences. LOVE wants for nothing. LOVE experiences itself as everything.  It grows everything and rejoices in its creation. LOVE is invincible.  All knowledge is dated and no prediction is ever certain. But know this: LOVE will outlast all knowledge and predictions. LOVE is the only real thing.

Three great principles evolve the cycle of your LIFE. The first is HOPE: your deep desire to experience more. The second is FAITH: your ability to materialize all your desires. The third and the most important is the source of the two. It is LOVE: recognizing within your SELF the source of all LIFE.

1 Corinthians 13

by Olubode Shawn Brown

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