namaste A friend of mine wrote this little thought on her blog and I thought I would share it . It speaks of religion. Yes it is a topic a lot of people run away from discussing or even contemplating. Lets face it, from birth we grew into our parent’s religion, told to go to church on sundays, participate in the annual Christmas plays and if you are like me  in the Caribbean, the experience is extended to bible knowledge in schools. We were throughly brainwashed  to believing that growing up with some faith and religion was necessary to salvation and a passport to heaven. And oh yes, the deity we are praying to and following is white. I have no offense or prejudices, but who says Jesus was definitively white? Where was it written?

As we get older we get wiser or dumber, depending on the side of the scale you hang unto, and as adults we decide if we will continue in faith  with the “whitening of our soul” or you take the chance and dive deep into whatever you consider your religion. Its called growing up. Many of us do not.

For me religion is simple- it is within me, period. Me, my body, my whole self, the way I interact, what I do daily in the presence of others determines my religion. And yes I have an anchor that I need for reflection, enjoying the calm, listening to the voice that speaks within me. I call that anchor Father, others call him by whatever name suits them. So my religion does not need the vast temples, the need for celebratory sunday worship or the so called communion with others. Call it selfish, I call it loving and understanding me.

My friend’s thought is a reminder of this simple truth- your religion is not encased in temples or pretty frocks or sunday worship. Your religion should give you faith, should give you comfort, should give you strength and should give you peace. If it doesn’t then you are only a follower of a fad, one that will only lead you where all fads take you – nowhere!

Namaste: Paul.


“Our conscience determine our religious realities whether they reflect reality or not…” Andy Stanley. The way your religion was presented to you when you were young basically tells you your wrong and right. So if it was presented without value, without that super duper thing called love and instead with all the fanfare of sacred space and memorized verses and the bow down, thou are holy and they are sinners, then it will be kind of hard for you to build peace at any level. Most of all, it will be difficult for you to love anyone else but yourself.

If your religion doesn’t make you feel free, you are lost. The ‘temple model’ hasn’t worked for any religion, not even Christianity!

There you have it. Thing on these thoughts for a minute. Enjoy your day.


namaste 1

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