If Bob Marley were alive today, he would have been 70 years-young. Courtesy of Loop News

Happy Birthday Bob Marley!

Today, Loop News is sharing some fun facts you probably didn’t know about the late King of Reggae.

1. At birth Marley’s name was, Nesta Robert Marley. However his first name and middle name were switched around because the name ‘ Nesta’ was thought to be a girl’s name, in order to ‘preserve his masculinity’ his name became Robert Nesta Marley.


2. Bob’s birthday was original listed in his birth certificate as April 6, this is because his mother took a while to officially register him. However, his birth certificate was later corrected to reflect Bob’s actual birthday, Feb 6, 1945.


3. As a pupil Marley excelled in Mathematics.

4. Bob as a child discovered that he had the skill of reading palms. His mother first thought was that his newely found skill was a joke-it turns out she was  wrong . In his early adult years many people visited Bob to have their palms read. However,with his transition into music he gave up the practice, once telling a lady who had asked him to read her palm, “ I’m not reading no more hand, I’m singing now.

5. Bob left formal schooling early to pursue a career in welding. However after a piece of metal flew into his eye he quit the job.

6. The singer once cited that his experience interacting with jailed inmates, while being incarcerated for the possession of marijuana, lead him to write songs with a more political messages.


7.In 1963, a then 18-year-old Bob Marley penned his international debut, “Judge Not”. Unfortunately the single due a misspelling on the tape’s label was credited to Bob Morley.

8. Bob is said to have been very kind with his money. Often using his own funds to sponsor community projects and homes for friends and family.

9. Bob was named ” Robert” in honour of his father’s brother- Bob’s uncle.


10. In Bob’s mind, guess what the abbreviation BMW stood for. Yep, you guessed it. BMW is the abbreviation for Bob Marley and the Wailers.


Loop News Service

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