So today is the day when 2 giants clash in Arizona. It is as if these two were destined to meet , the Defender and the Pretender.

Both teams started the season on shaky ground, finding their rhythm with each fleeting pass of the pig skin. The Defender’s fate although pre-determined, miraculously triumphed to reach the finals, meanwhile the Pretender seemed to have the easier road to travel.

The scenario seems like Deja Vu as 2014 it was the same scenario , David meets Goliath, Goliath being the amazing Offensive power of the Patriots and the Seahawks has to once again prove to the doubters that they are for real, poor little David.

The Patriots have never met a strong Defense like the SeaHawks during the season and the Seahawks has met a strong Offense in the form of the Packers, and Fate put that game to rest- The Seahawks Won!

Both teams have excellent running games, the Patriots have the edge on the passing game. Brady is secure in his pocket. Wilson not so much in his. Brady runs very little, Wilson runs a lot. Brady is spoilt by his exciting receivers and tight ends, Wilson has no such stars except a determined bunch of players. Patriots Defense has a presence, the Seahawks Defense has the Stars. So who wins?

I am supporting the Seahawks as I doubt Wilson will have a terrible game like he did in his last. Brady seems content and we can expect to see him reaching his receivers but if the Seahawks Defense has anything to say about it , they will have to work HARD to catch those passes. If Wilson finds his groove, and I have no reason to think he won’t , he and his band of brothers will make their target hit. Will we see a similar blowout of 2014? I doubt it but then again anyone can have a bad day. Wilson had his in his playoffs. Is it time for Brady to taste the sweet revenge of Karma and have his bad day? We will see. SEA HAWKS 26 – PATRIOTS 23


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