Life in any large metropolis can be exciting for all its modern facilities it offers and on the other hand challenging for those that fall below the poverty line, with very little to look forward to or hope. Kingston Jamaica is no different. Life is tough in the inner cities and there comes a time the desire to survive is as detrimental as the air you breathe. Tough people know how to survive in tough times.

This short documentary, from director, writer and producer Gabrielle Blackwood  from Trinidad & Tobago and was featured in the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival ,  depicts the immoral decision two youths from the inner city of Kingston have to make in order to survive. it is gripping, chilling and riveting. It holds nothing back. It tells you what most people don’t want to hear. It shows the extent humanity goes to survive. It is tough. It is hard. It is real.



TWO KINGSTON street boys, Brinks and Moses, make a living selling stolen items from freshly laid graves. One night in the graveyard they discover a stash of buried firearms. Brinks decides to sell the guns to an unscrupulous customer despite Moses’s objections – with serious repercussions.

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