“Today, the United States is taking historic steps to chart a new course in our relations with Cuba and to further engage and empower the Cuban people,” the White House said in a written statement.


The beautiful City of Havana

The news today that after over 50 years the US is to resume diplomatic relations with Cuba is not only  welcome news of political weight but good regional and humanitarian news for the millions of Cubans estranged from their families. It  is good for the region as another one of our countries have a direct line of communication with arguably the biggest open market in the Western hemisphere. More trade, more open economy, more exchange of ideas, more jobs, more progress.

Humans, although the most intelligent of the specie are also the most stupid at times. Our emotions complicate the simplest of situations which is often aligned to our prejudicial and political interest. I expect to hear the emotional outcry of the Cubans in America holding fast to their vitriol, hoping it will somehow change anything and everything in Cuba. Their poison is only killing them. Imperialism has not worked. Sabotage and Non-communication has not worked. Cuba has withstood the resistance from the US and their blood money for 50 years. I have always maintained, a leader has to do what he has to do. Cuba needed Castro. Cuba needed its revolution. It has made them more resilient and  given them powers they did not think they have. The world has changed and continues to change. So too must be US embargo. It is nothing but an Emotional political non-starter accomplishing nothing.

Breaking the Hear No Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil deadlock is not only sensible politics, if there is such a thing, it is also the right politics. Change is often a bitter pill to take, but like all pills unless taken the pain never ceases. The people of the Hemisphere welcomes this decision and now watch as the US Congress does the right thing and lift the law of strangulation and oppression that has only oppressed its own people and granted the millions that have taken the desperate trek by boat and land a road filled with thorns and the uncertainty of survival.

Change can only take effect if the deliverer and the receiver both taste the same fruit from their embrace. Cuba is seen as a Communist state by many but to me it is much more; it is a country of 11 million people deserving more, deserving to share and exchange all they have to give. I have visited Cuba 11 times in 5 years and not once have I experienced a country of fear. So too are millions of people that visit as well. We all can’t be wrong. Cuba is more than  politics. It is a country  that is desperate to to say to the world, This Is Cuba, This is our Country, This is our Humanity. Open the floodgates of freedom and watch the miracle begins.

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